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Ashirov, Timur; Alrayyani, Maymounah; Song, Kyung Seob; Miljanic, Ognjen; Coskun, Ali: Cyclotetrabenzil-Based Porous Organic Polymers with High Carbon Dioxide Affinity
Weldeab, Asmerom O.; Kornman, Cory T.; Li, Lei; Starkenburg, Daken J.; Zhao, Xueying; Fagnani, Danielle E.; Sadovy, Sara J.; Perry, Scott S.; Xue, Jiangeng; Castellano, Ronald K.: Structure-Assembly-Property Relationships of Simple Ditopic Hydrogen Bonding Capable π-Conjugated Oligomers
Scherf, Ullrich; Geisler, Isabell; Forster, Michael; Misimi, Bujamin; Riedl, Thomas; Schedlbauer, Jakob; Lupton, John: Reductive coupling synthesis of a soluble poly(9,10-anthrylene ethynylene)

Issue 02/2021

Issue 01/2021

Issue 04/2020

Issue 03/2020

Hauschild, Miriam; Borkowski, Michal; Dral, Pavlo O.; Marszalek, Tomasz; Hampel, Frank; Xie, Gaozhan; Freudenberg, Jan; Bunz, Uwe H. F.; Kivala, Milan: 5,7,12,14-Tetraphenyl-Substituted 6,13-Diazapentacenes as Versatile Organic Semiconductors: Characterization in Field Effect Transistors
Liu, Bin; Sun, Huiliang; Koh, Chang Woo; Su, Mengyao; Tu, Bao; Tang, Yumin; Liao, Qiaogan; Wang, Junwei; Yang, Wanli; Meng, Hong; Woo, Han Young; Guo, Xugang: Effects of the Electron-Deficient Third Components in n-Type Terpolymers on Morphology and Performance of All-Polymer Solar Cells

Issue 02/2020

Issue 01/2020

Voll, Constantin-Christian A.; Markopoulos, Georgios; Wu, Tony C.; Welborn, Matthew; Engelhart, Jens U.; Rochat, Sébastien; Han, Grace G. D.; Sazama, Graham T.; Lin, Ting-An; Van Voorhis, Troy; Baldo, Marc A.; Swager, Timothy M.: Lock-and-Key Exciplexes for Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
Li, Hua; Shu, Haiyang; Wang, Xin; Wu, Xiaofu; Tian, Hongkun; Tong, Hui; Wang, Lixiang: Solid-State Fluorescence Enhancement of Bromine-Substituted Trans-Enaminone Derivatives

Issue 01/2019