DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 16 · Volume 81 · November 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-005-30484

63rd International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA2015)
GA 2015 – Book of Abstracts
Budapest, Hungary, 23–27, August 2015

President: Prof. Dr. Judit Hohmann, University of Szeged, Hungary – Dr. Dezső Csupor, University of Szeged, Hungary

You, BI; Kim, YS; Hwang, JW; Kim, SE; Jeon, NJ; Dong, X; Park, PJ: Antioxidative effects of enzymatic hydrolysates of Umbilicaria esculenta
Naidoo, D; Aremu, AO; Gruz, J; Ondřej, B; Doležal, K; Van Staden, J; Finnie, JF: Phenylpropanoid metabolism and pharmacology of the blood lily, Scadoxus puniceus, a highly traded South African medicinal plant
Nedelcheva, A; Svinyarov, I; Bogdanov, M; Hristov, M: Ethnobotanical study on Valeriana officinalis in Bulgaria
Knudsen, DJ; Simpson, B; Crocoll, C; Weinstein, P; Møller, BL; Semple, S: Cytotoxic activity of the native Australian plant Acacia ligulata
Boka, VI; Sklirou, A; Angelopoulou, M; Konstantas, A; Argyropoulou, A; Pratsinis, H; Bilalis, D; Kalpoutzakis, E; Aligiannis, N; Kletsas, D; Trougakos, IP; Ralli, M; Skaltsounis, AL: Development of anti-ageing natural products based on biodiversity of the Greek flora by employing environmentally friendly technologies and anti-ageing biological research
Valli, M; Pilon, AC; Pinto, ME; Dametto, AC; Cunha, BL; Bortoletto, L; Felix, N; Kuriki, T; Figueira, LD; Andricopulo, AD; Castro-Gamboa, I; Bolzani, VS: The establishment of a natural products database from the Brazilian Biodiversity
Sakavitsi, ME; Ngueu, ST; Tchoumtchoua, J; Njamen, D; Laudenbach-Leschowski, U; Diel, P; Halabalaki, M; Skaltsounis, L: Targeted isolation of prenylated isoflavonoids from Erythrina excelsa using LC-MS and HSCCC techniques
Paula, RC; da Silva, SM; Frezard, F; Faria, KF; Campana, PRV; Silva, AF; Pieters, L; Silva, CG; Almeida, VL: In vitro antileishmanial activity of Brazilian plant species
Ateba, SB; Njamen, D; Zehl, M; Gatterer, C; Kählig, H; Krenn, L: New phenolics from Eriosema laurentii
Ketterle, K; Miersch, J; Schwaiger, S; Stuppner, H; Vollmer, G; Wober, J: Estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties of tropical African plants traditionally used in folk medicine
Navarro, BF; del Carmen Ortiz García, M; Marin, BN; Rodríguez, ML; Hernández, AV: Antibacterial activity of Matricaria chamomilla flower and leaf extracts
Lumlerdkij, N; Boonrak, R; Pongsitthichok, S; Sriruk, N; Wipanso, H; Heinrich, M: Cytotoxicity of medicinal plants used in cancer prevention in Thailand
Palici, IF; Liktor-Busa, E; Zupko, I; Touzard, B; Chaieb, M; Urban, E; Hohmann, J: Antimicrobial and antiproliferative activities of some North African desert plants
Koutsoulas, A; Böszörményi, A; Héthelyi, ÉB; Háznagy-Radnai, E; Tóth, J; Czigle, S: Analysis of volatile constituents of Sideritis raeseri
Ayrle, H; Schmid, K; Disler, M; Bischoff, T; Stucki, K; Zbinden, M; Vogl, CR; Hamburger, M; Walkenhorst, M: Plant species reported from Swiss farmers to treat bovine respiratory diseases
Santos, KP; Martins, L; Balanco, JM; Motta, LB; Furlan, CM; Fogaça, A; Righi, AA: Cytotoxic effect of Croton sphaerogynus extracts against Rhipicephalus microplus cell line
Mosimann, P; Leiber, F; Boos, J; Mayer, P; Walkenhorst, M: A herbal feed additive reduces the urea content in milk of dairy cows
Valle, AC; Fernandes, S; Camargo, ME; Magalhães, AL; Lazzari, A; Melo, FR: Plants from Brazilian savannah possessing activity against bacteria causing dermatophilosis in animals
Werne, S; Novoa-Garido, M; Weisbjerg, M; Molina-Alcaide, E; Lind, V; Heckendorn, F: In vitro effect of seven seaweed extracts on gastrointestinal nematodes
Baisalova, GZ; Pankrushina, NA; Erkasov, RS; Shengene, MS; Kulanova, KK; Spanbayev, AD; Orazbaeva, RS: Virus inhibitory activity of methanol extracts of Halimodendron halodendron Voss.
Gabriel, N; Gabas, G; Magalhâes, AL; Gonçalves, G; Silveira, S; Santiago, Z; Melo, G; Duarte, I; Fernanda, M; Melo, FR: In vitro antimicrobial activity of Annona muricata against Staphylococcus intermedius
Magalhães, AL; Melo, G; Gabriel, N; Gabas, G; Gonçalves, G; Mazocante, G; Duarte, I; Lazzari, A; Melo, F; Mulinari, F: Susceptibility of animal pathogenic bacteria to an ethanolic extract from jambolan (Syzygium cumini) leaves
Gabas, G; Gabriel, N; Magalhâes, AL; Mazocante, G; Gonçalves, G; Silveira, S; Santiago, Z; Lazzari, A; Fernanda, M; Melo, FR: Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of an ethanol extract from Genipa americana
Melo, G; Mazocante, G; Santiago, Z; Silveira, S; Duarte, I; Ciarlini, D; Melo, FR; Mulinari, F: Antimicrobial activity of Eugenia dysenterica against Staphylococcus intermedius
Ramsay, A; Williams, AR; Quijada, J; Hoste, H; Thamsborg, SM; Mueller-Harvey, I: Potent anthelmintic activity of galloylated proanthocyanidins from shea meal (Vitellaria paradoxa)
Fási, L; Wéber, E; Czigle, S; Sztojkov-Ivanov, A; Liktor-Busa, E; Blunden, G; Hohmann, J; Háznagy-Radnai, E: Isolation of iridoids and flavones from the anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and antimicrobial extract of Melampyrum barbatum
Hamzaoui, M; Angelis, A; Laskari, V; Termentzi, A; Hubert, J; Fokialakis, N; Aligiannis, N; Renault, JH; Skaltsounis, AL: Separation of neutral and acidic triterpenes from Mastic gum using Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC-CO2)
Piwowarski, JP; Kiss, AK; Granica, S; Moeslinger, T: Influence of urolithins on inflammatory response of RAW 264.7 murine macrophages
Atay, İ; İlter, AZ; Bağatur, Y; Telci, D; Kırmızıbekmez, H; Yeşilada, E: Evaluation of in vitro anti-inflammatory effects of the remaining water subextract of Cistus laurifolius leaves
Shu, JC; Kuchta, K; He, YJ; Deng, YM; Lin, Y; Ye, GR; Lv, X; Liu, XY; Kobayashi, Y: Curcumin induces apoptosis in hepatic stellate cells via inhibition of the MyD88 pathway
Kim, YS; Hwang, JW; Kim, SE; You, BI; Jeon, NJ; Dong, X; Park, PJ: In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of the chloroform fraction from Trapa japonica pericarp
Atay, İ; İlter, AZ; Bağatur, Y; Telci, D; Gören, AC; Kırmızıbekmez, H; Yeşilada, E: Isolation of anti-inflammatory compounds from Sambucus ebulus leaves through in vitro activity-guided fractionation
Görick, C; Buchholz, T; Melzig, MF: Olive, boldo, roselle, and rosemary support diet
Foubert, K; van Dooren, I; El Abbes Faouzi, M; Theunis, M; Pieters, L; Cherrah, Y; Apers, S: Cholesterol lowering effect in the gall bladder of dogs by Herniaria hirsuta
Kim, YS; Hwang, JW; Kim, SE; You, BI; Jeon, NJ; Dong, X; Park, PJ: Hepatic protective effect of Trapa japonica pericarp in vitro and in vivo
Silva, LR; Teixeira, R; Alves, MG; Silva, B: Endopleura uchi: a medicinal plant with antidiabetic potential
Corradi, E; Räber, N; De Mieri, M; Gafner, F; Potterat, O; Butterweck, V; Hamburger, M: Metabolite profile of Salix reticulata methanolic extract and its antiproliferative effect on immortalized human keratinocytes
Sousa, D; Xavier, C; Lima, C; Pereira-Wilson, C; Fernandes-Ferreira, M: Cytotoxic activity of water extract fractions of Hypericum androsaemum L. on colorectal cancer cells
Sibul, F; Orcic, D; Nadjpal, J; Mrkonjic, Z; Franciskovic, M; Majkic, T; Bekvalac, K: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of white lupin (Lupinus albus) aerial parts
Kim, YO; Kim, HD; Kim, JS; Lee, DG; Cho, IH; Lee, HJ; Lee, JY; Park, CG; Ahn, YS: Osteoprotective effect of extract from Panax ginseng in ovariectomized rats
Abd-El-Motagally Mohamed, M; Ibrahim, MT; Mohamed, HS; Rabee, MM: Anti-inflammatory activity of a new triterpenoidal saponin from Crotalaria madurensis
Huang, HC; Liaw, CC; Hwang, SY; Kuo, YH; Kuo, YH: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidative constituents from Trapa natants
Vontzalidou, A; Meligova, A; Bagouraki, S; Makropoulou, M; Boka, VI; Stathopoulou, K; Mitsiou, D; Kalpoutzakis, E; Aligiannis, N; Alexis, M; Mitakou, S: Greek flora as a source for the detection of natural compounds potentially effective in preventing post-menopausal osteoporosis
Lim, ES; Park, IW; Kang, CH; Han, JH; Myung, CS; Na, MK: Enhancement of glucose uptake by steroidal alkaloids from Veratrum nigrum
Takács, IG; Gyémánt, G; Boros, K; Hohmann, J; Csupor, D: Investigation of α-amylase inhibitory activities of herbal extracts with a HPLC-based assay
Machana, S; Vongsak, B; Saifha, E; Ponglumjeak, T; Boonsaem, P; Bupphalun, S; Chonanant, C; Nuangsaeng, B: Phytochemical screening, total phenolic content and free radical scavenging activity of Bruguiera sexangula and Connarus semidecandrus extracts in Kung Krabaen Bay.
Matloub, AA; Mohammed, RS; El-Hallouty, S; Elsouda, SSM; Gomaa, EZ: Phytochemical and biological activity studies on Enterolobium contortisiliquum pods
Lorkowski, G; Kelber, O; Abdel-Aziz, H; Okpanyi, SN; Nieber, K; Storr, M: Multi-step evaluation of data on the multi-target effect of STW 5
Wilhelm, A; van der Westhuizen, JH; Phungula, KV; van Rensburg, E; Zietsman, PC; Hering, S: An investigation into consumed South African plant species as potential hERG channel blockers
Voß, U; Müller, C; Abdel-Aziz, H; Kelber, O; Nieber, K: Adenosine receptors in inflammation on rat colon preparations
Rocha, MP; Campana, PRV; Silva, AF; Pieters, L; de Almeida, VL; Silva, CG: Evaluation of the antioxidant and anticholinesterase activity of extracts from Aspidosperma spp.
Klein-Júnior, LC; Bannwart, G; Kato, L; Oliveira, CMA; Gontijo, B; Silva, CC; Ferreira, HD; Vander Heyden, Y; Passos, CS; Henriques, AT; Santin, SMO: Kopsanone and N(4)-oxide-kopsanone: two β-carbolinic indole alkaloids with monoamine oxidase A inhibitory activity
Ryu, JH; Oh, HK; Lee, S; Kim, E; Park, S; Jeon, S; Lee, HE; Kim, J; Choi, TJ; Jung, IH; Jang, DS; Jo, YW; Ryu, JH: Ameliorating effect of swertisin in MK-801-induced prepulse inhibition deficits and cognitive impairment
Cioanca, O; Hritcu, L; Trifan, A; Mircea, C; Hancianu, M: In vivo neurobiological activity of inhaled juniper essential oil
Renda, G; Yaylı, B; Sağlam, M; Yazıcı, N; Kadıoğlu, M; Kırmızıbekmez, H: In vivo analgesic activity and phytoconstituents of Scrophularia kotscyhana
Hošťálková, A; Novák, Z; Hrabinová, M; Štěpánková, Š; Peréz, D; Kuneš, J; Cahlíková, L; Opletal, L: Alkaloids from Berberis vulgaris and their biological activity connected to Alzheimer's disease
Pintać, D; Majkić, T; Naðpal, J; Mrkonjić, Z; Bekvalac, K; Lesjak, M; Beara, I: Inhibitory potential of Rosa canina and Rosa sempervirens fruit extracts towards acetylcholinesterase
Kim, HW; Cho, N; Huh, J; Woo, S; Sung, SH: Anti-neuroinflammatory compounds from Athyrium yokoscense
Ficsor, E; Végh, K; Alberti, Á; Resetár, A; Szőke, É; Máthé, C; Balázs, A: Supercritical extraction of main alkaloids from Galanthus elwesii
Bayazeid, OML; Yalcin, F; İlhan, M; Karahan, H; Kupeli-Akkol, E; Kelicen-Ugur, P; Ersoz, T: Analysis of antidepressant properties of some Papaver species by in vivo and in vitro methods
Lee, EH; Jeon, JD; Park, NY; Kim, JH; Lee, K; Kho, Y: Levels of phenolic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Koreans' urine by LC-MS/MS
Mamoucha, S; Tsafantakis, N; Ioannidis, T; Chatzipanagiotou, S; Nikolaou, C; Skaltsounis, AL; Fokialakis, N; Christodoulakis, N: Leaf structure, metabolic profiling and evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of six mediterranean medicinal plants
Engel, R; Szabó, K; Abrankó, L; Sárosi, S; Füzy, A; Takács, T: Effect of fertilization and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on active substances of marjoram
Lorantfy, L; Németh, LF; Kobács, Z; Rutterschmidt, D; Misek, Z; Rajsch, G: Development of industrial scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
Vlachou, P; Stathopoulou, K; Georgousaki, K; Lemonakis, N; Aligiannis, N; Skaltsounis, AL; Fokialakis, N: Exploitation of agricultural by-products for the recovery of bioactive compounds with applications in cosmetic industry
Mándi, A; Antus, S; Proksch, P; Wang, BG; Kurtán, T: Stereochemical study of natural products by electronic circular dichroism
Rutterschmidt, D; Kovács, Z; Lorantfy, L; Misek, Z; Rajsch, G: Taxol purification with Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
Lee, JH; Um, Y; Kim, OT; Hur, M; An, TJ; Kim, YG; Park, CG; Lee, YJ; Cha, SW: Molecular and cultural characterization of a new licorice cultivar
Lorantfy, L; Kovács, Z; Rutterschmidt, D; Misek, Z; Rajsch, G: Extraction and separation of pinosylvins by Centrifugal Partition Chromatography
Kim, YS; Kim, SE; Hwang, JW; You, BI; Jeon, NJ; Dong, X; Park, PJ: Effects of fermented Asterina pectinifera using Cordyceps militaris mycelia on antioxidant
Kho, Y; Park, NY; Lee, EH; Kim, JH; Koo, HR; Moon, C; Lee, K; Choi, K: Levels of markers for smoking and oxidative stress in the urine of Korean adults
Aprotosoaie, AC; Mihai, CT; Voichita, G; Rotinberg, P; Trifan, A; Gille, E; Petreus, T; Costache, II; Miron, A: Effects of Melissa officinalis hydromethanolic extract on DNA damage induced by bleomycin in normal human dermal fibroblasts
Mulsow, K; Enzlein, T; Delebinski, C; Seifert, G; Melzig, MF: Study of the time-dependent uptake of mistletoe lectin by cultured tumor cells
Jedlinszki, N; Beretka, AD; Balázs, B; Csányi, E; Csupor, D: Absorption of lycopsamine from a comfrey ointment through human skin
Emir, A; Emir, C; Bozkurt, B; Kaya, GI; Eminagaoglu, O; Onur, MA; Somer, NU: Analysis of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids in Galanthus krasnovii by GC-MS
Brown, DC; Siow, CY; Lui, EMK; Stebbing, JA; Prashar, S: Active component composition and efficacy variability in North American ginseng
Pluhár, Z; Radácsi, P; Szabó, D; Malekhzadeh, M; Inotai, K; György, Z; Szabó, K; Németh-Zámboriné, É: Effect of water supply on the accumulation levels of phenolic compounds, essential oil properties and antioxidant activity of Thymus vulgaris
Rita, K; Peter, S; György, Z; Wolfram, E; Danova, K: Optimization of an UHPLC method for flavonoids from Hypericum species
Stashenko, E; Mejía, J; Sierra, LJ; Bernal, DC; Gualteros, L; Carrillo, K; Martínez, JR: Flower metabolomics: volatile compound profile, antioxidant capacity and LC-MS-TOF identification of flavonoids in various tropical flowers
Tasdemir, D; Sen, R; Bergonzi, MC; Demirci, B; Bilia, AR; Baser, KHC; Brun, R; Chatterjee, M: Rapid chemical analysis and antiprotozoal effect of the solvent extracts and the essential oil of Artemisia indica
Bozorgi, M; Amin, G; Kasebzade, S; Shekarchi, M: Determinatin of proscillaridin in Drimia maritima from two provinces of Iran
Horváth, G; Ács, K; Jesionek, W; Choma, I; Böszörményi, A; Kocsis, B: Role of thin layer chromatography in detection of antibacterial activity of essential oils
Stathopoulou, K; Stavropoulou, MI; Perantonaki, S; Benaki, D; Makropoulou, M; Voulgaridou, GP; Galanis, A; Pappa, A; Eftaxia, S; Gousia, A; Panagiotidis, M; Gardikis, K; Aligiannis, N: Metabolic profiling of Greek propolis samples and evaluation of their antioxidant, antimutagenic and anti-ageing properties
Czigle, S; Jedlinszki, N; Háznagy-Radnai, E; Csupor, D; Tóth, J: Possible adulterations of Ginkgo biloba food supplements
Franciskovic, M; Anackov, G; Svircev, E; Sibul, F; Simin, N; Orcic, D; Mimica-Dukic, N: Comparative analysis of total phenolic content and biological potential of Urtica dioica L. and Urtica kioviensis extracts
Stavropoulou, MI; Polychronopoulos, P; Zervos, M; Stathopoulou, K; Abatis, D; Boznou, V; Voulgaridou, GP; Pappa, A; Eftaxia, S; Gousia, A; Gikas, E; Gardikis, K; Aligiannis, N: Metabolic profiling of Greek honey samples and evaluation of their antioxidant activity
Inyai, C; Komaikul, J; Kitisripanya, T; Tanaka, H; Sritularak, B; Putalun, W: Immunochromatographic assay for mulberroside A detection using polyclonal antibody against mulberroside A
Durmuskahya, C; Hortooglu, ZS; Toktas, U; Boyali, F; Erdogan, TF; Gonenc, TM; Kayalar, H: X-ray fluorescence spectroscopic determination of heavy metal and trace element concentrations of Origanum sipyleum from Turkey
Engel, R; Veres, K; Hajdú, Z; Szabó, K; Blunden, G; Hohmann, J; Máthé, I: Annual variation of the essential oil production of Artemisia asiatica
Silva, LR; Celaya, L; Oliveira, PF; Silva, B; Viturro, CI: Metabolic and biological prospecting of Aphyllocladus spartioides
van Dooren, I; Foubert, K; Vlietinck, A; Pieters, L; Apers, S: Development and validation of a method for standardization of infusions of Herniaria hirsuta
Németh-Zámboriné, É; Szabó, K; Pluhar, Z; Szabó, D; Malekzadeh, M; Radácsi, P; Seidler-Lozykowska, K: Effect of the growing location on herb yield and active substances of Melissa officinalis and Thymus vulgaris
Tsafantakis, N; Raptaki, I; Kyriakopoulou, K; Katsanou, E; Lemonakis, N; Skaltsounis, AL; Machera, K; Fokialakis, N: LC-HRMS based chemical profiling of Opuntia ficus indica and assessment of its antioxidant, whitening, protective activity and toxicity
Simin, N; Borisev, M; Nikolic, N; Svircev, E; Pintac, D; Lesjak, M; Beara, I: Effect of traffic pollution on physiological parameters, phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of Rosa canina
Malekzadeh, M; Radácsi, P; Rajhart, P; Németh-Zámboriné, É; Szabó, K: Evaluation of intraspecific variability of biologically active compounds of Melissa officinalis
Jedlinszki, N; Dósa, E; Kálomista, I; Galbács, G; Csupor, D: Milk thistle in Wilson's disease: what is the pledge of safety?
Sung, J; Ko, H; Hur, O; Lee, J; Jeon, Y; Lee, H; Baek, H; Gwag, J; Ryu, K: Variation of antioxidant activity and polyphenol content in safflower (Carthamus tinctorious) germplasm collection
Kaynar, E; Emir, A; Bozkurt, B; Kaya, GI; Onur, MA; Somer, NU: Quantitative determination of protopine in Hypecoum procumbens subsp. atropunctatum