DOI : 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 10 · Volume 79 · July 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-25305

Natural Products at a Crossroad: Current and Future Directions
2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pharmacognosy
St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 14 – 17, July 2013

Chairmen: Mark O'Neil-Johnson, Scientific Organizing Committee – Ray Cooper, Local Organizing Committee – Issue Editor: Mark O'Neil-Johnson

Long, SA; Dowd, PF; Wicklow, DT; Gloer, JB: A New Diketopiperazine from Trichothecium Crotocinigenum
Madariaga-Mazón, A; González, M; del, M; González, C; Cerda, CM; Mata, R: Absolute Configuration of Acremoxanthone C, a Potent Calmodulin Inhibitor from Purpureocillium lilacinum
Youssef, DTA; Shaala, L; Badr, J; Hussein, G; Bamane, F: Bioactive Compounds from the Marine Sponge-derived Fungus Penicillium Species
Malak, LG; Bishay, DW; Abdel-baky, AM; Moharram, AM; Cutler, SJ; Ross, SA: Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from Geosmithia langdonii
Hwang, CH; McAlpine, JB; Cai, G; Cho, SH; Choules, M; Gao, W; Lankin, DC; Napolitano, JG; Suh, JW; Yang, SH; Cheng, J; Kim, J; Pauli, GF; Franzblau, SG; Jaki, BU: Bioautography for Rapid Detection, Isolation, and Identification of Anti-Tuberculosis Leads
Del Valle, P; González-Andrade, M; Macías-Rubalcava, ML; Mata, R: Calmodulin Inhibitors from Aspergillus stromatoides
Leyte-Lugo, M; Figueroa, M; del Carmen González, M; Mata, R: Calmodulin Inhibitors from the Endophytic Fungus Sporormiella minimoides
El-Elimat, T; Figueroa, M; Adcock, AF; Kroll, DJ; Swanson, SM; Wani, MC; Pearce, CJ; Oberlies, NH: Cytotoxic Polyketides from an Unidentified Fungus (MSX 45109)
Pearce, CJ; Clark, JN; Veasey, L; Tillotson, M; Darveaux, B; Lawrence, M; Oberlies, NH: Discovering Novel Parasiticides Active Against Brugia pahangi from Filamentous Fungi
VanderMolen, KM; Raja, HA; Oberlies, NH: Effects of Media on the Fungal Metabolome
Suaza, ER; Jiménez, PA; Coy-Barrera, ED: Evaluation of Alkylresorcinol Production by Pseudomonas spp.
Pearce, CJ; Veasey, L; Tillotson, M; Darveaux, B; Lawrence, M; Sica, V; Oberlies, NH: Mevalocidin: A Fungus Metabolite with Herbicide Activity and Potential for use in Organic Farming
Raja, HA; Kaur, A; Figueroa, M; El-Elimat, T; Cech, NB; Faeth, SH; Oberlies, NH: Mycology and Chemical Investigations of Fungal Endophytes from Medicinal Herbs (Milk Thistle and Goldenseal)
Metwaly, AM; Kadry, HA; El-Hela, AA; Mohammad, AEI; Cutler, SJ; Ross, SA: New Secondary Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Alternaria phragmospora
Cannistra, JC; Wicklow, DT; Dowd, PF; Gloer, JB: New Peptides from a Fungicolous Isolate of Fusarium merismoides
Figueroa, M; El-Elimat, T; Raja, H; Falkinham III, JO; Swanson, SM; Pearce, CJ; Oberlies, NH: Novel Xanthone Dimers and Azaphilones from Phomopsis sp. (MSX 54505): Isolation, Structure Elucidation, and Biological Activity
Rivera-Chávez, J; González-Andrade, M; del Carmen González, M; Glenn, AE; Mata, R: Thielavins A, J and K: α-Glucosidase Inhibitors from MEXU 27095, an Endophytic Fungus from Hintonia latiflora
Luo, S; Krunic, AM; Kang, HS; Chen, WL; Swanson, SM; Orjala, J: Trichormamides A and B from the Cultured Freshwater Cyanobacterium trichormus SP. (UIC 10339)
Kim, SH; Kwon, SH; Park, SH; Lee, JK; Bang, HS; Nam, SJ; Kwon, HC; Shin, J; Oh, DC: Tripartin, a Histone Demethylase Inhibitor from a Bacterium Associated with a Dung Beetle Larva
Araujo, AR; Chapla, VM; Lopes, MN; Silva, DHS; Cavalheiro, AJ; Bolzani, V da S: Two New Metabolites from Saccharicola sp. an Endophytic Fungus in Eugenia jambolana (Myrtaceae)