DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 02 · Volume 43 · February 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21638

Original article

Denis, B.; Bottlaender, J.; Weiss, A. M.; Peter, A.; Breysacher, G.; Chiappa, P.; Perrin, P.: Some diminutive colorectal polyps can be removed and discarded without pathological examination
Xie, X. J.; Li, C. Q.; Zuo, X. L.; Yu, T.; Gu, X. M.; Li, Z.; Ji, R.; Wang, Q.; Li, Y. Q.: Differentiation of colonic polyps by confocal laser endomicroscopy
Ignjatovic, A.; East, J. E.; Guenther, T.; Hoare, J.; Morris, J.; Ragunath, K.; Shonde, A.; Simmons, J.; Suzuki, N.; Thomas-Gibson, S.; Saunders, B. P.: What is the most reliable imaging modality for small colonic polyp characterization? Study of white-light, autofluorescence, and narrow-band imaging
Kim, B. C.; Chang, H. J.; Su Han, K.; Sohn, D. K.; Hong, C. W.; Park, J. W.; Park, S.-C.; Choi, H. S.; Oh, J. H.: Clinicopathological differences of laterally spreading tumors of the colorectum according to gross appearance
van den Broek, F. J. C.; Fockens, P.; van Eeden, S.; Stokkers, P. C. F.; Ponsioen, C. Y.; Reitsma, J. B.; Dekker, E.: Narrow-band imaging versus high-definition endoscopy for the diagnosis of neoplasia in ulcerative colitis
van den Broek, F. J. C.; van Es, J. A.; van Eeden, S.; Stokkers, P. C. F.; Ponsioen, C. Y.; Reitsma, J. B.; Fockens, P.; Dekker, E.: Pilot study of probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy during colonoscopic surveillance of patients with longstanding ulcerative colitis
Katsinelos, P.; Kountouras, J.; Chatzimavroudis, G.; Zavos, C.; Terzoudis, S.; Pilpilidis, I.; Paroutoglou, G.: Outpatient therapeutic endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is safe in patients aged 80 years and older


Meining, A.; Feussner, H.; Swain, P.; Yang, G. Z.; Lehmann, K.; Zorron, R.; Meisner, S.; Ponsky, J.; Martiny, H.; Reddy, N.; Armengol-Miro, J. R.; Fockens, P.; Fingerhut, A.; Costamagna, G.: Natural-orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) in Europe: summary of the working group reports of the Euro-NOTES meeting 2010

Case Report/series

Hirdes, M. M. C.; Vleggaar, F. P.; Van der Linde, K.; Willems, M.; Totté, E. R.; Siersema, P. D.: Esophageal perforation due to removal of partially covered self-expanding metal stents placed for a benign perforation or leak

Case report/series

Ben-David, K.; Lopes, J.; Hochwald, S.; Draganov, P.; Forsmark, C.; Collins, D.; Chauhan, S.; Wagh, Mihir S.; Carreras, J.; Vogel, S.; Sarosi, G.: Minimally invasive treatment of esophageal perforation using a multidisciplinary treatment algorithm: a case series

Letters to the editor

Matsushita, M.; Shimatani, M.; Ikeura, T.; Takaoka, M.; Okazaki, K.: ERCP for altered Roux-en-Y anatomy: a single-balloon or short double-balloon enteroscope?