DOI: 10.1055/s-00034612

Yearbook of Medical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 23 · 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39310

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de Assis Moura, Lincoln; President of IMIA: The Other Side(s) of Health Informatics
Degoulet, Patrice; Fieschi, Marius; Goldberg, Marcel; Salamon, Roger: François Grémy, a Humanist and Information Sciences Pioneer
Lehmann, Christoph U.; Séroussi, Brigitte; Jaulent, Marie-Christine: Big3. Editorial
Koutkias, V.; Thiessard, F.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Special Section: Big Data - Smart Health Strategies
Bricon-Souf, N.; Conchon, E.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Health and Clinical Management: Trends on Integrating Framework of Applications or Data
Kushniruk, A.; Kaipio, J.; Nieminen, M.; Hyppönen, H.; Lääveri, T.; Nohr, C.; Kanstrup, A. M.; Berg Christiansen, M.; Kuo, M.-H.; Borycki, E.: Human Factors in the Large: Experiences from Denmark, Finland and Canada in Moving Towards Regional and National Evaluations of Health Information System Usability
Kuziemsky, C. E.; Monkman, H.; Petersen, C.; Weber, J.; Borycki, E. M.; Adams, S.; Collins, S.: Big Data in Healthcare – Defining the Digital Persona through User Contexts from the Micro to the Macro
Declerck, G.; Aimé, X.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Human Factors and Organizational Issues: Reasons (not) to Spend a Few Billions More on EHRs: How Human Factors Research Can Help
Nakaya, J.; Kimura, M.; Ogishima, S.; Shabo, A.; Kim, I. K.; Parisot, C.; de Faria Leao, B.: Future Direction of IMIA Standardization
Lyseen, A. K.; Nøhr, C.; Sørensen, E. M.; Gudes, O.; Geraghty, E. M.; Shaw, N. T.; Bivona-Tellez, C.; the IMIA Health GIS Working Group; on behalf of: A Review and Framework for Categorizing Current Research and Development in Health Related Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Studies
Toubiana, L.; Cuggia, M.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Health Information Systems: Big Data and Smart Health Strategies: Findings from the Health Information Systems Perspective
Redmond, S. J.; Lovell, N. H.; Yang, G. Z.; Horsch, A.; Lukowicz, P.; Murrugarra, L.; Marschollek, M.: What Does Big Data Mean for Wearable Sensor Systems?
Voros, S.; Moreau-Gaudry, A.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Sensor, Signal and Imaging Informatics: Sensor, Signal, and Imaging Informatics: Big Data and Smart Health Technologies
Kohn, M. S.; Sun, J.; Knoop, S.; Shabo, A.; Carmeli, B.; Sow, D.; Syed-Mahmood, T.; Rapp, W.: IBM’s Health Analytics and Clinical Decision Support
Griffon, N.; Charlet, J.; Darmoni, S. J.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Knowledge Representation and Management: Managing Free Text for Secondary Use of Health Data
Staccini, P.; Douali, N.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Consumer Health Informatics: Social Media and Patient Health Outcomes
Frey, L. J.; Lenert, L.; Lopez-Campos, G.: EHR Big Data Deep Phenotyping
Lecroq, T.; Soualmia, L. F.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Bioinformatics and Translational Informatics: Managing Large-Scale Genomic Datasets and Translation into Clinical Practice
Daniel, C.; Choquet, R.; Section Editors for the IMIA Yearbook Section on Section on Clinical Research Informatics: Information Technology for Clinical, Translational and Comparative Effectiveness Research
Dogac, A.; Yuksel, M.; Ertürkmen, G. L.; Kabak, Y.; Namli, T.; Yıldız, M. H.; Ay, Y.; Ceyhan, B.; Hülür, Ü.; Öztürk, H.; Atbakan, E.: Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructures in Turkey
Hasman, A.; Hersh, W.; Lorenzi, N. M.; Shortliffe, E. H.; van Bemmel, J. H.: Commentaries on the IMIA Award of Excellence Lecture by Reinhold Haux

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