DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 04 · Volume 14 · August 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-57799

Research Article

Chiereghin, Angela; Pizzi, Lorenzo; Squillace, Lorena; Bazzani, Carmen; Roti, Lorenzo; Mezzetti, Francesca: The Positive Effect of an Online Appointment Portal on a Breast Cancer Screening Program
Plombon, Savanna; S. Rudin, Robert; Sulca Flores, Jorge; Goolkasian, Gillian; Sousa, Jessica; Rodriguez, Jorge; Lipsitz, Stuart; Foer, Dinah; K. Dalal, Anuj: Assessing Equitable Recruitment in a Digital Health Trial for Asthma
Garabedian, Pamela M.; Rui, Angela; Volk, Lynn A.; Neville, Bridget A.; Lipsitz, Stuart R.; Healey, Michael J.; Bates, David W.: A Multiyear Survey Evaluating Clinician Electronic Health Record Satisfaction
Burningham, Zach; Jackson, George L.; Kelleher, Jessica L.; Morris, Isis; Stevens, Melissa B.; Cohen, Joy; Maloney, Gerald; Sauer, Brian C.; Halwani, Ahmad S.; Chen, Wei; Vaughan, Camille P.: Use of a Medication Safety Audit and Feedback Tool in the Emergency Department Is Affected by Prescribing Characteristics
Jones, Nicholas W.; Song, Sophia L.; Thomasian, Nicole; Samuels, Elizabeth A.; Ranney, Megan L.: Behavioral Health Decision Support Systems and User Interface Design in the Emergency Department
Larraga-García, Blanca; Castañeda López, Luis; Monforte-Escobar, Fernando; Quintero Mínguez, Rubén; Quintana-Díaz, Manuel; Gutiérrez, Álvaro: Design and Development of an Objective Evaluation System for a Web-Based Simulator for Trauma Management
Lanzola, Giordano; Polce, Francesca; Parimbelli, Enea; Gabetta, Matteo; Cornet, Ronald; de Groot, Rowdy; Kogan, Alexandra; Glasspool, David; Wilk, Szymon; Quaglini, Silvana: The Case Manager: An Agent Controlling the Activation of Knowledge Sources in a FHIR-Based Distributed Reasoning Environment
Laursen, Martin S.; Pedersen, Jannik S.; Hansen, Rasmus S.; Savarimuthu, Thiusius R.; Lynggaard, Rasmus B.; Vinholt, Pernille J.: Doctors Identify Hemorrhage Better during Chart Review when Assisted by Artificial Intelligence
Jackman, Kevon-Mark P.; Ohene-Kyei, Elise Tirza; Barfield, Ashle; Atanda, Fopefoluwa; Smith, Raina; Huettner, Steven; Agwu, Allison; Trent, Maria: Patient Portal Privacy: Perspectives of Adolescents and Emerging Adults Living with HIV and the Parental/Guardian Role in Supporting Their Care
Evans, Laura; London, Jack W.; Palchuk, Matvey B.: The Detection of Date Shifting in Real-World Data
Zhang, Tianyi; Gephart, Sheila M.; Subbian, Vignesh; Boyce, Richard D.; Villa-Zapata, Lorenzo; Tan, Malinda S.; Horn, John; Gomez-Lumbreras, Ainhoa; Romero, Andrew V.; Malone, Daniel C.: Barriers to Adoption of Tailored Drug–Drug Interaction Clinical Decision Support
Helman, Stephanie; Terry, Martha Ann; Pellathy, Tiffany; Hravnak, Marilyn; George, Elisabeth; Al-Zaiti, Salah; Clermont, Gilles: Engaging Multidisciplinary Clinical Users in the Design of an Artificial Intelligence–Powered Graphical User Interface for Intensive Care Unit Instability Decision Support

CIC 2022

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Reynolds, Tera L.; Cobb, Jared Guthrie; Steitz, Bryan D.; Ancker, Jessica S.; Rosenbloom, S. Trent: The State-of-the-Art of Patient Portals: Adapting to External Factors, Addressing Barriers, and Innovating

Special Section on Patient Engagement in Informatics

Reno, Jenna E.; Ong, Toan C.; Voong, Chan; Morse, Brad; Ytell, Kate; Koren, Ramona; Kwan, Bethany M.: Engaging Patients and Other Stakeholders in “Designing for Dissemination” of Record Linkage Methods and Tools

Case Report

Goldhaber, Nicole H.; Reeves, J. Jeffery; Puri, Dhruv; Berumen, Jennifer A.; Tran, Minh; Clay, Brian J.; Longhurst, Christopher A.; Fergerson, Byron: Surgery and Anesthesia Preoperative “Virtual Huddle”: A Pilot Trial to Enhance Communication across the Drape
Saver, Barry G.; Marquard, Jenna L.; Gummeson, Jeremy; Stekler, Joanne; Scanlon, James M.: Buy or Build: Challenges Developing Consumer Digital Health Interventions