DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 10 · January 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-42222

Research Article

Jones, Barbara E.; Collingridge, Dave S.; Vines, Caroline G.; Post, Herman; Holmen, John; Allen, Todd L.; Haug, Peter; Weir, Charlene R.; Dean, Nathan C.: CDS in a Learning Health Care System: Identifying Physicians' Reasons for Rejection of Best-Practice Recommendations in Pneumonia through Computerized Clinical Decision Support
Mishra, Vimal K.; Hoyt, Robert E.; Wolver, Susan E.; Yoshihashi, Ann; Banas, Colin: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Patients' Perceptions of the Patient Portal Experience with OpenNotes
Dharod, Ajay; Bellinger, Christina; Foley, Kristie; Case, L. Doug; Miller, David: The Reach and Feasibility of an Interactive Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aid Delivered by Patient Portal
Dziorny, Adam C.; Orenstein, Evan W.; Lindell, Robert B.; Hames, Nicole A.; Washington, Nicole; Desai, Bimal: Automatic Detection of Front-Line Clinician Hospital Shifts: A Novel Use of Electronic Health Record Timestamp Data

Letter to the Editor

Quirós, Fernán Gonzalez Bernaldo de; Baum, Analía; Lira, Antonio: Active Participation and Engagement of Residents in Clinical Informatics

Research Article

Grossman, Lisa V.; Masterson Creber, Ruth M.; Ancker, Jessica S.; Ryan, Beatriz; Polubriaginof, Fernanda; Qian, Min; Alarcon, Irma; Restaino, Susan; Bakken, Suzanne; Hripcsak, George; Vawdrey, David K.: Technology Access, Technical Assistance, and Disparities in Inpatient Portal Use
O'Leary, Teresa; Weiss, June; Toll, Benjamin; Brandt, Cynthia; Bernstein, Steven L.: Automated Generation of CONSORT Diagrams Using Relational Database Software
Nelson, Scott D.; Rector, Hayley H.; Brashear, Daniel; Mathe, Janos L.; Wen, Haomin; English, Stacey Lynn; Hedges, William; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Ozdas-Weitkamp, Asli; Stenner, Shane P.: Rebuilding the Standing Prescription Renewal Orders

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Matney, Susan A.; Heale, Bret; Hasley, Steve; Decker, Emily; Frederiksen, Brittni; Davis, Nathan; Langford, Patrick; Ramey, Nadia; Huff, Stanley M.: Lessons Learned in Creating Interoperable Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Profiles for Large-Scale Public Health Programs

Case Report

Tsai, Raymond; Bell, Elijah J.; Woo, Hawkin; Baldwin, Kevin; Pfeffer, Michael A.: How Patients Use a Patient Portal: An Institutional Case Study of Demographics and Usage Patterns

Research Article

McAlearney, Ann Scheck; Fareed, Naleef; Gaughan, Alice; MacEwan, Sarah R.; Volney, Jaclyn; Sieck, Cynthia J.: Empowering Patients during Hospitalization: Perspectives on Inpatient Portal Use
Hose, Bat-Zion; Hoonakker, Peter L. T.; Wooldridge, Abigail R.; Brazelton III, Thomas B.; Dean, Shannon M.; Eithun, Ben; Fackler, James C.; Gurses, Ayse P.; Kelly, Michelle M.; Kohler, Jonathan E.; McGeorge, Nicolette M.; Ross, Joshua C.; Rusy, Deborah A.; Carayon, Pascale: Physician Perceptions of the Electronic Problem List in Pediatric Trauma Care