DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 13 · March 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-53094

Research Article

Patel, Jay S.; Vo, Hoa; Nguyen, An; Dzomba, Bari; Wu, Huanmei: A Data-Driven Assessment of the U.S. Health Informatics Programs and Job Market
Gaughan, Alice A.; Walker, Daniel M.; Sova, Lindsey N.; Vink, Shonda; Moffatt-Bruce, Susan D.; McAlearney, Ann Scheck: Improving Provisioning of an Inpatient Portal: Perspectives from Nursing Staff
Unberath, Philipp; Mahlmeister, Lukas; Reimer, Niklas; Busch, Hauke; Boerries, Melanie; Christoph, Jan: Searching of Clinical Trials Made Easier in cBioPortal Using Patients' Genetic and Clinical Profiles
Safranek, Conrad W.; Feitzinger, Lauren; Joyner, Alice Kate Cummings; Woo, Nicole; Smith, Virgil; Souza, Elizabeth De; Vasilakis, Christos; Anderson, Thomas Anthony; Fehr, James; Shin, Andrew Y.; Scheinker, David; Wang, Ellen; Xie, James: Visualizing Opioid-Use Variation in a Pediatric Perioperative Dashboard
Lee, Joy L.; Kara, Areeba; Huffman, Monica; Matthias, Marianne S.; Radecki, Bethany; Savoy, April; Schaffer, Jason T.; Weiner, Michael: Qualitative Analysis of Team Communication with a Clinical Texting System at a Midwestern Academic Hospital
Baysari, Melissa Therese; Wells, Jacqueline; Ekpo, Ernest; Makeham, Meredith; Penm, Jonathan; Alexander, Nathaniel; Holden, Alexander; Ubeja, Raj; McAllister, Sue: An Exploratory Study of Allied Health Students' Experiences of Electronic Medical Records During Placements
Morse, Keith E.; Brown, Conner; Fleming, Scott; Todd, Irene; Powell, Austin; Russell, Alton; Scheinker, David; Sutherland, Scott M.; Lu, Jonathan; Watkins, Brendan; Shah, Nigam H.; Pageler, Natalie M.; Palma, Jonathan P.: Monitoring Approaches for a Pediatric Chronic Kidney Disease Machine Learning Model
Liu, Yifan; Hao, Haijing; Sharma, Mohit M.; Harris, Yonaka; Scofi, Jean; Trepp, Richard; Farmer, Brenna; Ancker, Jessica S.; Zhang, Yiye: Clinician Acceptance of Order Sets for Pain Management: A Survey in Two Urban Hospitals
Greenberg, Jacob K.; Otun, Ayodamola; Kyaw, Pyi Theim; Carpenter, Christopher R.; Brownson, Ross C.; Kuppermann, Nathan; Limbrick, David D; Foraker, Randi E.; Yen, Po-Yin: Usability and Acceptability of Clinical Decision Support Based on the KIIDS-TBI Tool for Children with Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries and Intracranial Injuries
Richardson, Joshua E.; Rasmussen, Luke V.; Dorr, David A.; Sirkin, Jenna T.; Shelley, Donna; Rivera, Adovich; Wu, Winfred; Cykert, Samuel; Cohen, Deborah J.; Kho, Abel N.: Generating and Reporting Electronic Clinical Quality Measures from Electronic Health Records: Strategies from EvidenceNOW Cooperatives

Review Article

Lim, Han Chang; Austin, Jodie A.; van der Vegt, Anton H.; Rahimi, Amir Kamel; Canfell, Oliver J.; Mifsud, Jayden; Pole, Jason D.; Barras, Michael A.; Hodgson, Tobias; Shrapnel, Sally; Sullivan, Clair M.: Toward a Learning Health Care System: A Systematic Review and Evidence-Based Conceptual Framework for Implementation of Clinical Analytics in a Digital Hospital

CIC 2021

Hobensack, Mollie; Levy, Deborah R.; Cato, Kenrick; Detmer, Don E.; Johnson, Kevin B.; Williamson, Jeffrey; Murphy, Judy; Moy, Amanda; Withall, Jennifer; Lee, Rachel; Rossetti, Sarah Collins; Rosenbloom, Samuel Trent: 25 × 5 Symposium to Reduce Documentation Burden: Report-out and Call for Action

Letter to the Editor

Case Report

Cifra, Christina L.; Tigges, Cody R.; Miller, Sarah L.; Curl, Nathaniel; Monson, Christopher D.; Dukes, Kimberly C.; Reisinger, Heather S.; Pennathur, Priyadarshini R.; Sittig, Dean F.; Singh, Hardeep: Reporting Outcomes of Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Patients to Referring Physicians via an Electronic Health Record-Based Feedback System