DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 05 · Volume 12 · October 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-52125

Research Article

Kumah-Crystal, Yaa A.; Stein, Preston M.; Chen, Qingxia; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Novak, Laurie L.; Roth, Sydney; Rosenbloom, S. Trent: Before-Visit Questionnaire: A Tool to Augment Communication and Decrease Provider Documentation Burden in Pediatric Diabetes

Case Report

Bass, Michael; Oncken, Christian; McIntyre, Allison W.; Dasilva, Chris; Spuhl, Joshua; Rothrock, Nan E.: Implementing an Application Programming Interface for PROMIS Measures at Three Medical Centers

Research Article

Narayanan, Maya; Starks, Helene; Tanenbaum, Eric; Robinson, Ellen; Sutton, Paul R.; Schleyer, Anneliese M.: Harnessing the Electronic Health Record to Actively Support Providers with Guideline-Directed Telemetry Use
Harrington, Linda; Parker, Cheryl; Ulanday, Kathleen; Harrington, Craig: Heuristic Evaluation of a Top-Rated Diabetes Self-Management App
Meer, Elana A.; Herriman, Maguire; Lam, Doreen; Parambath, Andrew; Rosin, Roy; Volpp, Kevin G.; Chaiyachati, Krisda H.; McGreevey, John D.: Design, Implementation, and Validation of an Automated, Algorithmic COVID-19 Triage Tool
Kinlay, Madaline; Ho, Lai Mun Rebecca; Zheng, Wu Yi; Burke, Rosemary; Juraskova, Ilona; Moles, Rebekah; Baysari, Melissa: Electronic Medication Management Systems: Analysis of Enhancements to Reduce Errors and Improve Workflow

Special Section on Workflow Automation

Gordon, William J.; Blood, Alexander J.; Chaney, Kira; Clark, Eugene; Glynn, Corey; Green, Remlee; Laurent, John St.; Mailly, Charlotte; McPartlin, Marian; Murphy, Shawn; Nichols, Hunter; Oates, Michael; Subramaniam, Samantha; Varugheese, Matthew; Wagholikar, Kavishwar; Aronson, Samuel; Scirica, Benjamin M.: Workflow Automation for a Virtual Hypertension Management Program

Research Article

Moy, Amanda J.; Schwartz, Jessica M.; Withall, Jennifer; Lucas, Eugene; Cato, Kenrick D.; Rosenbloom, S. Trent; Johnson, Kevin; Murphy, Judy; Detmer, Don E.; Rossetti, Sarah Collins: Clinician and Health Care Leaders' Experiences with—and Perceptions of—COVID-19 Documentation Reduction Policies and Practices
McDonald, Samuel; Basit, Mujeeb A.; Toomay, Seth; McLarty, Christopher; Hernandez, Susan; Rubio, Chris; Brown, Bruce J.; Rauschuber, Mark; Lai, Ki; Saleh, Sameh N.; Willett, DuWayne L.; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Medford, Richard J.: Rolling Up the Sleeve: Equitable, Efficient, and Safe COVID-19 Mass Immunization for Academic Medical Center Employees
Nanji, Karen C.; Garabedian, Pamela M.; Shaikh, Sofia D.; Langlieb, Marin E.; Boxwala, Aziz; Gordon, William J.; Bates, David W.: Development of a Perioperative Medication-Related Clinical Decision Support Tool to Prevent Medication Errors: An Analysis of User Feedback
Penev, Yordan; Dunlap, Kaitlyn; Husic, Arman; Hou, Cathy; Washington, Peter; Leblanc, Emilie; Kline, Aaron; Kent, John; Ng-Thow-Hing, Anthony; Liu, Bennett; Harjadi, Christopher; Tsou, Meagan; Desai, Manisha; Wall, Dennis P.: A Mobile Game Platform for Improving Social Communication in Children with Autism: A Feasibility Study