DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 15 · March 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59306

Research Article

Kumah-Crystal, Yaa A.; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Albert, Dan; Coffman, Tim; Alaw, Hala; Roth, Sydney; Manoni, Alexandra; Shave, Peter; Johnson, Kevin B.: Vanderbilt Electronic Health Record Voice Assistant Supports Clinicians
Musser, Robert Clayton; Senior, Rashaud; Havrilesky, Laura J.; Buuck, Jordan; Casarett, David J.; Ibrahim, Salam; Davidson, Brittany A.: Randomized Comparison of Electronic Health Record Alert Types in Eliciting Responses about Prognosis in Gynecologic Oncology Patients
Overhage, J. Marc; Qeadan, Fares; Choi, Eun Ho Eunice; Vos, Duncan; Kroth, Philip J.: Explaining Variability in Electronic Health Record Effort in Primary Care Ambulatory Encounters
Carlsson, Sigrid V.; Preston, Mark A.; Vickers, Andrew; Malhotra, Deepak; Ehdaie, Behfar; Healey, Michael J.; Kibel, Adam S.: A Provider-Facing Decision Support Tool for Prostate Cancer Screening in Primary Care: A Pilot Study
Carlsson, Sigrid V.; Preston, Mark; Vickers, Andrew; Malhotra, Deepak; Ehdaie, Behfar; Healey, Michael; Kibel, Adam S.: Provider Perceptions of an Electronic Health Record Prostate Cancer Screening Tool
Hobensack, Mollie; Withall, Jennifer; Douthit, Brian; Cato, Kenrick; Dykes, Patricia; Cho, Sandy; Lowenthal, Graham; Ivory, Catherine; Yen, Po-Yin; Rossetti, Sarah: Identifying Barriers to The Implementation of Communicating Narrative Concerns Entered by Registered Nurses, An Early Warning System SmartApp
Spotnitz, Matthew; Idnay, Betina; Gordon, Emily R.; Shyu, Rebecca; Zhang, Gongbo; Liu, Cong; Cimino, James J.; Weng, Chunhua: A Survey of Clinicians' Views of the Utility of Large Language Models
Chen, July; Chi, Wei Ning; Ravichandran, Urmila; Solomonides, Anthony; Trimark, Jeffrey; Patel, Shilpan; McNulty, Bruce; Shah, Nirav S.; Brown, Stacy: Sprint-inspired One-on-One Post-Go-Live Training Session (Mini-Sprint) Improves Provider Electronic Health Record Efficiency and Satisfaction
Molloy, Matthew J.; Zackoff, Matthew; Gifford, Annika; Hagedorn, Philip; Tegtmeyer, Ken; Britto, Maria T.; Dewan, Maya: Usability Testing of Situation Awareness Clinical Decision Support in the Intensive Care Unit
Voronov, Anton; Jafari, Mohammad; Zhao, Lin; Soliz, Melissa; Hong, Qixuan; Pope, John; Chern, Darwyn; Lipman, Megan; Grando, Adela: Pediatric Consent on FHIR
Chen, Fangyi; Bokhari, Syed Mohtashim Abbas; Cato, Kenrick; Gürsoy, Gamze; Rossetti, Sarah: Examining the Generalizability of Pretrained De-identification Transformer Models on Narrative Nursing Notes
Braddock, Amy S.; Bosworth, K. Taylor; Ghosh, Parijat; Proffitt, Rachel; Flowers, Lauren; Montgomery, Emma; Wilson, Gwendolyn; Tosh, Aneesh K.; Koopman, Richelle J.: Clinician Needs for Electronic Health Record Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Management Tools: A Mixed-Methods Study
Dolin, Robert H.; Shenvi, Edna; Alvarez, Carla; Barrows, Randolph C.; Boxwala, Aziz; Lee, Benson; Nathanson, Brian H.; Kleyner, Yelena; Hagemann, Rachel; Hongsermeier, Tonya; Kapusnik-Uner, Joan; Lakdawala, Adnan; Shalaby, James: PillHarmonics: An Orchestrated Pharmacogenetics Medication Clinical Decision Support Service
Evans, Christopher S.; Bunn, Barry; Reeder, Timothy; Patterson, Leigh; Gertsch, Dustin; Medford, Richard J.: Standardization of Emergency Department Clinical Note Templates: A Retrospective Analysis across an Integrated Health System

Invited Editorial

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper


CIC 2023

Craig, Kelly J. T.; Zaleski, Amanda L.; MacKenzie, Shannon M.; Butler, Brenda L.; Youngerman, Rebecca A.; McNutt, Sherrie L.; Baquet-Simpson, Alena M.: Pharmacoinformatics-enabled Interventions Improved Care Coordination and Identified Pharmacy-Related Safety Issues in a Multicultural Medicare Population

Special Section on Patient-Reported Outcomes and Informatics

Kansara, Bhargav; Basta, Ameer; Mikhael, Marian; Perkins, Randa; Reisman, Phillip; Hallanger-Johnson, Julie; Rollison, Dana E.; Nguyen, Oliver T.; Powell, Sean; Gilbert, Scott M.; Turner, Kea: Suicide Risk Screening for Head and Neck Cancer Patients: An Implementation Study