DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 12 · January 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-50148

Research Article

Baig, Mirza Mansoor; GholamHosseini, Hamid; Gutierrez, Jairo; Ullah, Ehsan; Lindén, Maria: Early Detection of Prediabetes and T2DM Using Wearable Sensors and Internet-of-Things-Based Monitoring Applications
Joseph, Amy; Mullett, Charles; Lilly, Christa; Armistead, Matthew; Cox, Harold J.; Denney, Michael; Varma, Misha; Rich, David; Adjeroh, Donald A.; Doretto, Gianfranco; Neal, William; Pyles, Lee A.: Coronary Artery Disease Phenotype Detection in an Academic Hospital System Setting
Görges, Matthias; Rush, Kathy L.; Burton, Lindsay; Mattei, Mona; Davis, Selena; Scott, Heidi; Smith, Mindy A.; Currie, Leanne M.: Preferred Functions of Personal Health Records in Rural Primary Health Clinics in Canada: Health Care Team Perspectives
Ikoma, Shohei; Furukawa, Meg; Busuttil, Ashley; Ward, Dawn; Baldwin, Kevin; Mayne, Jeffrey; Clarke, Robin; Ziman, Alyssa: Optimizing Inpatient Blood Utilization Using Real-Time Clinical Decision Support
Maier, Christian; Kapsner, Lorenz A.; Mate, Sebastian; Prokosch, Hans-Ulrich; Kraus, Stefan: Patient Cohort Identification on Time Series Data Using the OMOP Common Data Model
Grout, Randall W.; Buchhalter, Jeffrey; Patel, Anup D.; Brin, Amy; Clark, Ann A.; Holmay, Mary; Story, Tyler J.; Downs, Stephen M.: Improving Patient-Centered Communication about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy through Computerized Clinical Decision Support
Glancova, Alzbeta; Do, Quan T.; Sanghavi, Devang K.; Franco, Pablo Moreno; Gopal, Neethu; Lehman, Lindsey M.; Dong, Yue; Pickering, Brian W.; Herasevich, Vitaly: Are We Ready for Video Recognition and Computer Vision in the Intensive Care Unit? A Survey

Case Report

Ward, Michael J.; Chavis, Bryson; Banerjee, Ritu; Katz, Sophie; Anders, Shilo: User-Centered Design in Pediatric Acute Care Settings Antimicrobial Stewardship

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Qiu, Ji; Deng, Tingting; Wang, Zhuo; Yang, Zhangwei; Liu, Ting; Liu, Yunjie; Li, Rui; Dai, Fu: Development and Evaluation of an Intravenous Infusion Sequence Annotation System

Invited Editorial

Sockolow, Paulina S.; Bowles, Kathryn H.; Topaz, Maxim; Koru, Gunes; Hellesø, Ragnhild; O'Connor, Melissa; Bass, Ellen J.: The Time is Now: Informatics Research Opportunities in Home Health Care

Special Section on Care Transitions

Review Article

Papautsky, Elizabeth Lerner; Patterson, Emily S.: Patients Are Knowledge Workers in the Clinical Information Space