DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 14 · January 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-56159

Research Article

Weiner, Michael; Adeoye, Philip; Boeh, Margaret J.; Bodke, Kunal; Broughton, Jessica; Butler, Anietra R.; Dafferner, Mackenzie L.; Dirlam, Lindsay A.; Ferguson, Denisha; Keegan, Amanda L.; Keith, NiCole R.; Lee, Joy L.; McCorkle, Corrina B.; Pino, Daniel G.; Shan, Mu; Srinivas, Preethi; Tang, Qing; Teal, Evgenia; Tu, Wanzhu; Savoy, April; Callahan, Christopher M.; Clark, Daniel O.: Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Other Wearable Devices to Assess Hypoglycemia among Older Adult Outpatients with Diabetes Mellitus
Khademi Habibabadi, Sedigheh; Palmer, Christopher; Dimaguila, Gerardo L.; Javed, Muhammad; Clothier, Hazel J.; Buttery, Jim: Australasian Institute of Digital Health Summit 2022–Automated Social Media Surveillance for Detection of Vaccine Safety Signals: A Validation Study

Special Section on Patient Engagement in Informatics

Rizk, Sabrin; Kaelin, Vera C.; Sim, Julia Gabrielle C.; Murphy, Natalie J.; McManus, Beth M.; Leland, Natalie E.; Stoffel, Ashley; James, Lesly; Barnekow, Kris; Papautsky, Elizabeth Lerner; Khetani, Mary A.: Implementing an Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome and Decision Support Tool in Early Intervention

Original Article

Research Article

Morse, Brad; Anstett, Tyler; Mistry, Neelam; Porter, Samuel; Pincus, Sharon; Lin, Chen-Tan; Novins-Montague, Sylvie; Ho, P. Michael: User-Centered Design to Reduce Inappropriate Blood Transfusion Orders


Levy, Deborah R.; Sloss, Elizabeth A.; Chartash, David; Corley, Sarah T.; Mishuris, Rebecca G.; Rosenbloom, S. Trent; Tiase, Victoria L.: Reflections on the Documentation Burden Reduction AMIA Plenary Session through the Lens of 25 × 5

Research Article

Chen, Qiyu; Li, Ranran; Lin, ChihChe; Lai, Chiming; Huang, Yaling; Lu, Wenlian; Li, Lei: SEPRES: Intensive Care Unit Clinical Data Integration System to Predict Sepsis
Knox, Melissa K.; Mehta, Paras D.; Dorsey, Lynette E.; Yang, Christine; Petersen, Laura A.: A Novel Use of Bar Code Medication Administration Data to Assess Nurse Staffing and Workload
Mora, Sara; Giannini, Barbara; Di Biagio, Antonio; Cenderello, Giovanni; Nicolini, Laura Ambra; Taramasso, Lucia; Dentone, Chiara; Bassetti, Matteo; Giacomini, Mauro: Ten Years of Medical Informatics and Standards Support for Clinical Research in an Infectious Diseases Network

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper