DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue Visual Analytics in Healthcare · Volume · 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-44647

Visual Analytics in Healthcare

Turchioe, Meghan Reading; Myers, Annie; Isaac, Samuel; Baik, Dawon; Grossman, Lisa V.; Ancker, Jessica S.; Creber, Ruth Masterson: A Systematic Review of Patient-Facing Visualizations of Personal Health Data
Rogers, Jen; Spina, Nicholas; Neese, Ashley; Hess, Rachel; Brodke, Darrel; Lex, Alexander: Composer—Visual Cohort Analysis of Patient Outcomes
Dolan, Jenny E.; Lonsdale, Hannah; Ahumada, Luis M.; Patel, Amish; Samuel, Jibin; Jalali, Ali; Peck, Jacquelin; DeRosa, JoAnn C.; Rehman, Mohamed; Varughese, Anna M.; Fernandez, Allison M.: Quality Initiative Using Theory of Change and Visual Analytics to Improve Controlled Substance Documentation Discrepancies in the Operating Room
Harle, Christopher A.; DiIulio, Julie; Downs, Sarah M.; Danielson, Elizabeth C.; Anders, Shilo; Cook, Robert L.; Hurley, Robert W.; Mamlin, Burke W.; Militello, Laura G.: Decision-Centered Design of Patient Information Visualizations to Support Chronic Pain Care
Nelson, Olivia; Sturgis, Brian; Gilbert, Keri; Henry, Elizabeth; Clegg, Kelly; Tan, Jonathan M.; Wasey, Jack O.; Simpao, Allan F.; Gálvez, Jorge A.: A Visual Analytics Dashboard to Summarize Serial Anesthesia Records in Pediatric Radiation Treatment
Arcia, Adriana; George, Maureen; Lor, Maichou; Mangal, Sabrina; Bruzzese, Jean-Marie: Design and Comprehension Testing of Tailored Asthma Control Infographics for Adults with Persistent Asthma
Ahmed, Ryan; Toscos, Tammy; Rohani Ghahari, Romisa; Holden, Richard J.; Martin, Elizabeth; Wagner, Shauna; Daley, Carly; Coupe, Amanda; Mirro, Michael: Visualization of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Data for Older Adults Using Participatory Design
Wu, Danny T. Y.; Vennemeyer, Scott; Brown, Kelly; Revalee, Jason; Murdock, Paul; Salomone, Sarah; France, Ashton; Clarke-Myers, Katherine; Hanke, Samuel P.: Usability Testing of an Interactive Dashboard for Surgical Quality Improvement in a Large Congenital Heart Center