DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 15 · January 2024 · Sample Issue DOI: 10.1055/s-013-58813

Research Article

Doi, Shunsuke; Yokota, Shinichiroh; Nagae, Yugo; Takahashi, Koichi; Aoki, Mitsuhiro; Ohe, Kazuhiko: Mapping Injection Order Messages to Health Level 7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources to Collate Infusion Pump Data
Tang, Kevin; Labagnara, Kevin; Babar, Mustufa; Loloi, Justin; Watts, Kara L.; Jariwala, Sunit; Abraham, Nitya: Electronic Health Record Usage Patterns Across Surgical Subspecialties
Jolliff, Anna; Coller, Ryan J.; Kearney, Hannah; Warner, Gemma; Feinstein, James A.; Chui, Michelle A.; O'Brien, Steve; Willey, Misty; Katz, Barbara; Bach, Theodore D.; Werner, Nicole E.: An mHealth Design to Promote Medication Safety in Children with Medical Complexity
Subbaraman, Bhavani; Ahmed, Kamran; Heller, Matthew; Essary, Alison C.; Patel, Vimla L.; Wang, Dongwen: Evaluation of a Patient Decision Aid for Refractive Eye Surgery
Rödle, Wolfgang; Prokosch, Hans-Ulrich; Neumann, Eva; Toni, Irmgard; Haering-Zahn, Julia; Neubert, Antje; Eberl, Sonja: Creating a Medication Therapy Observational Research Database from an Electronic Medical Record: Challenges and Data Curation
Xie, Serena J.; Mah, Nicholas R.; Chew, Lisa; Ruud, Julia; Hernandez, Jennifer; Lowery, Jessica; Hartzler, Andrea L.: Improving Vaccine Equity: How Community Engagement and Informatics Facilitate Health System Outreach to Underrepresented Groups
Patel, Tushar N.; Chaise, Aaron J.; Hanna, John J.; Patel, Kunal P.; Kochendorfer, Karl M.; Medford, Richard J.; Mize, Dara E.; Melnick, Edward R.; Hron, Jonathan D.; Youens, Kenneth; Pandita, Deepti; Leu, Michael G.; Ator, Gregory A.; Yu, Feliciano; Genes, Nicholas; Baker, Carrie K.; Bell, Douglas S.; Pevnick, Joshua M.; Conrad, Steven A.; Chandawarkar, Aarti R.; Rogers, Kendall M.; Kaelber, David C.; Singh, Ila R.; Levy, Bruce P.; Finnell, John T.; Kannry, Joseph; Pageler, Natalie M.; Mohan, Vishnu; Lehmann, Christoph U.: Structure and Funding of Clinical Informatics Fellowships: A National Survey of Program Directors

Review Article

Shafi, Obeid; Liu, Daniel; Thompson, Cori; Margo, Todd; Bennett, Timothy; Suresh, Srinivasan; Yu, Feliciano: Defining Electronic Health Record Standards for Child Health: A State-of-the-Art Review

Case Report

Gao, Grace; Vaclavik, Lindsay; Jeffery, Alvin D.; Koch, Erica C.; Schafer, Katherine; Cimiotti, Jeannie P.; Pathak, Neha; Duva, Ingrid; Martin, Christie L.; Simpson, Roy L.: Developing a Quality Improvement Implementation Taxonomy for Organizational Employee Wellness Initiatives
Nolla, Kyle; Rasmussen, Luke V.; Rothrock, Nan E.; Butt, Zeeshan; Bass, Michael; Davis, Kristina; Cella, David; Gershon, Richard; Barnard, Cynthia; Chmiel, Ryan; Almaraz, Federico; Schachter, Michael; Nelson, Therese; Langer, Michelle; Starren, Justin: Seamless Integration of Computer-Adaptive Patient Reported Outcomes into an Electronic Health Record
Hekman, Daniel J.; Barton, Hanna J.; Maru, Apoorva P.; Wills, Graham; Cochran, Amy L.; Fritsch, Corey; Wiegmann, Douglas A.; Liao, Frank; Patterson, Brian W.: Dashboarding to Monitor Machine-Learning-Based Clinical Decision Support Interventions
Black, Kameron Collin; Snyder, Nicole Ashley; Zhou, Mengyu; Zhu, Zhen; Uptegraft, Colby; Chintalapani, Ani; Orwoll, Benjamin: An Electronic Health Record Alert for Inpatient Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccinations Increases Vaccination Ordering and Uncovers Workflow Inefficiencies

Letter to the Editor

Strasberg, Howard R.; Weinstein, David; Borbolla, Damian; McClure, Robert C.: Health IT Regulation: Report of an Implementation Challenge