DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

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Haux, Reinhold; Ammenwerth, Elske; Koch, Sabine; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Park, Hyeoun-Ae; Saranto, Kaija; Wong, C. P.: A Brief Survey on Six Basic and Reduced eHealth Indicators in Seven Countries in 2017
Rahimi, Bahlol; Nadri, Hamed; Lotfnezhad Afshar, Hadi; Timpka, Toomas: A Systematic Review of the Technology Acceptance Model in Health Informatics
Willett, Duwayne L.; Kannan, Vaishnavi; Chu, Ling; Buchanan, Joel R.; Velasco, Ferdinand T.; Clark, John D.; Fish, Jason S.; Ortuzar, Adolfo R.; Youngblood, Josh E.; Bhat, Deepa G.; Basit, Mujeeb A.: SNOMED CT Concept Hierarchies for Sharing Definitions of Clinical Conditions Using Electronic Health Record Data
Masterson Creber, Ruth M.; Dayan, Peter S.; Kuppermann, Nathan; Ballard, Dustin W.; Tzimenatos, Leah; Alessandrini, Evaline; Mistry, Rakesh D.; Hoffman, Jeffrey; Vinson, David R.; Bakken, Suzanne; for the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) and the Clinical Research on Emergency Services and Treatments (CREST) Network: Applying the RE-AIM Framework for the Evaluation of a Clinical Decision Support Tool for Pediatric Head Trauma: A Mixed-Methods Study
Denton, Courtney A.; Soni, Hiral C.; Kannampallil, Thomas G.; Serrichio, Anna; Shapiro, Jason S.; Traub, Stephen J.; Patel, Vimla L.: Emergency Physicians' Perceived Influence of EHR Use on Clinical Workflow and Performance Metrics
D'Amore, John D.; Li, Chun; McCrary, Laura; Niloff, Jonathan M.; Sittig, Dean F.; McCoy, Allison B.; Wright, Adam: Using Clinical Data Standards to Measure Quality: A New Approach
Huang, Michael Z.; Gibson, Candace J.; Terry, Amanda L.: Measuring Electronic Health Record Use in Primary Care: A Scoping Review
Tremoulet, Patrice; Krishnan, Ramya; Karavite, Dean; Muthu, Naveen; Regli, Susan Harkness; Will, Amy; Michel, Jeremy: A Heuristic Evaluation to Assess Use of After Visit Summaries for Supporting Continuity of Care