DOI : 10.1055/s-00000036


Issue S 02 · Volume 100 · May 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-50823

HNO-Online-Kongress, 12.05 - 16.05.2021

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie e.V., Bonn

Präsident: Prof. Dr. med. Stefan K. Plontke, Halle (Saale)

Günther, S; Lakner, T; Zahnert, T; Neudert, M: Complication register to describe the quality of treatment in otosurgery
Seyedahmadi, P; Jovanovic, S; Schönfeld, U; Gruhlke, A; Hofmann, VM.; Albers, AE.: Development of the air-bone gap in the long-term course after primary and revision CO2 laser stapedotomy
Sudhoff, H; Ay, N; Todt, I; Scholtz, L-U: A new technique for patulous Eustachian tube treatment
Thomas, JP; Dazert, S; Prescher, A; Völter, C: Etiology of Ludwig van Beethoven's hearing disorder - A systematic review
Tüpker, S; Ay, N; Gehl, H-B; Sudhoff, H; Todt, I: Vestibular schwannoma after cochlear implantation
Adams, D; Giourgas, A; Esser-Leyding, B; Büchner, A; Lesinski-Schiedat, A; Lenarz, T; Illg, A: Understanding of Instructions in Pupils after Cochlear Implantation
Aschendorff, A; Arndt, S; Ketterer, MC; Hassepaß, F; Beck, RL: Design of electrode array and insertion technique are important for hearing preservation
Bradler, M; Helmstädter, V; Maier, H; Salcher, R-B; Lenarz, T; Haumann, S: Intraoperative cochlear monitoring by use of an extracochlear electrode for the prediction of residual hearing loss
Brückerhoff, K; Aschendorff, A; Arndt, S; Beck, RL; Ketterer, MC: Reimplanting the cochlea with a second electrode array - a rare cause of necessity
Dohr, D; Fiedler, N; Schmidt, W; Weiss, N; Martin, H; Langner, S; Grabow, N; Mlynski, R; Schraven, S: Frictional Behavior of Cochlea Electrode Array is dictated by Insertion Speed and impacts Insertion Force
Giourgas, A; Kludt, E; Lenarz, T: Problematic Compliance after Cochlear Implantation
Götze, L; Dazert, S; Thomas, JP; Völter, C: Depressive symptoms and the impact on hearing rehabilitation
Helbig, S; Baumann, U; Leinung, M; Stöver, T; Weißgerber, T: Electric-acoustic Stimulation in Contralateral Normal Hearing
Höing, B; Kirchhoff, L; Steinmann, J; Hussain, T; Holtmann, L; Lang, S; Buer, J; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Reduction of bacterial biofilm on cochlear implants - an experimental in vitro analysis using scanning electron microscopy
Holtmann, L; Hans, S; Lang, S; Strahlenbach, A; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Contralateral suppression in bimodal patients
Hussain, T; Hans, S; Holtmann, L; Höing, B; Lang, S; Arweiler-Harbeck, D: Cochlear implant revisions: Causes and implications
Issing, PR; Atanasova-Koch, S; Schneider, J: Cochlea Implantation in Chronic Otitis Media
Ivanauskaite, J; Morgenstern, A; Büchner, A; Lenarz, T: Successful compensation of facial nerve stimulation after cochlear implantation
Kanaan, O; Höing, B; Holtmann, L; Möller-Hartmann, C; Arweiler-Harbeck, D; Lang, S: Superficial skin burns in the area of ??Cochlea implants after MRI examination
Kral, A; Hajduk, M; Tillein, J; Hubka, P: Unilateral congenital deafness affects binaural cues differently
Leinung, M; Loth, AG; Gröger, M; Weiss, R; Stöver, T: Low-cost CI electrode and cochlea dummies for minimally-invasive insertion training
Lenz, A; Lailach, S; Günther, S; Zahnert, T; Neudert, M: Results after speech processor replacement in patients with cochlear implants
Preyer, TA; Buck, A; Arndt, S; Schnupp, Jan W; Rosskothen-Kuhl, N: Asynchronous bilateral CI stimulation impairs the development of interaural time difference sensitivity
Roßberg, W; Zanoni, A; Matin, F; Giourgas, A; Krüger, O; Nogueira, W; Kral, A; Lenarz, T; Lesinski-Schiedat, A: Reimplantation as an upgrade with extension of the cochlear coverage
Rottmann, T; Lenarz, T; Büchner, A: Noise in everyday life situations of CI users
Rupp, R; Hornung, J; Balk, M; Traxdorf, M; Sievert, M; Hoppe, U; Iro, H; Gostian, A-O: Ultrasound-controlled manual magnet repositioning: a new therapy option of magnet dislocation in patients with cochlear implant
Salcher, R; Hoffmann, J; Timm, M; Kludt, E; Gärtner, L; Prenzler, N; Lenarz, T; Athanasia Warnecke, A: First clinical experience with the Fibrotic Obliteration Probe - a new instrument to support CI implantation in fibrosis of the cochlea
Schendzielorz, P; Ilgen, L; Neun, T; Zabler, S; Althoff, D; Täger, J; Völker, J; Müller-Graf, T; Hagen, R; Rak, K: Improved measurement of the cochlea length using the flat-panel volume CT with secondary reconstructions
Schraven, SP.; Dohr, D; Fiedler, N; Weiss, N; Grabow, N; Mlynski, R: The insertion speed of the CI electrode array essentially determines the insertion pressure
Schulz, KV; Gauer, J; Nagathil, A; Martin, R; Thomas, JP; Völter, C: Audiometric and radiologic measured frequency mismatch in SSD patients
Schulz, T; Beck, R; Aschendorff, A; Arndt, S; Ketterer, M: Clinical and radiological evaluation of a new straight electrode array
Shiraliyev, K; Beck, R; Aschendorff, A; Arndt, S; Ketterer, MC: Scalar position, dislocation analysis and outcome in CI reimplantation due to device failure.
Speck, I; Blazhenets, G; Aschendorff, A; Thurow, J; Meyer, PT.; Frings, L; Arndt, S: Does neural activity in the auditory cortex predict speech recognition with CI?
Strieth, S; Siemer, S; Gül, D; Heinrich, UR.; Stauber, RH.; Ernst, B: Effects of electrode assay insertions on the microcirculation of the cochlear lateral wall in vivo
Thangavelu, K; Nitzge, M; Mueller-Mazzota, J; Stuck, BA.; Weiß, R; Reimann, K: Influence of cochlear reserve on the outcome of hearing rehabilitation with cochlear implantation in adult patients
Vazzana, C; Leinung, M; Guderian, D; Loth, A; Stöver, T: The use of guidelines and registers for CI treatment in the EU
Völter, C; Oberländer, K; Dazert, S; Thomas, JP: Speech perception in CI recipients: What`s the input of top-down mechanisms?
Weiss, R; Linke, A; Loth, A; Leinung, M; Stöver, T; Helbig, S: Systematic examination of complications after MRI in patients with hearing implants
Weißgerber, T; Stöver, T; Baumann, U: Listening effort in CI users with electric-acoustic stimulation
Knölke, N; Murawski, D; Wardenga, N; Maier, H; Busch, S; Lenarz, T: The Hannover Coupler V2: Audiological outcomes of a round window coupler for vibrant soundbridge
Koitschev, A; Berger, N; Ulmer, A; Amrhein, P; Koitschev, C: First experience with an active bone conduction implant system fixed by selfdrilling screws
Petkova, D; Nikiforova, L; Sapundzhiev, N: Congenital stapes and oval window dysplasia: a case report
Raufer, S; Busch, S; Gamm, UA.; Grossöhmichen, M; Lenarz, T; Maier, H: Preclinical Testing for Evaluating the Performance of a Direct Acoustic Cochlear Implant
Sakmen, KD; Stöver, T; Leinung, M; Diensthuber, M; Helbig, S; Weißgerber, T; Weiss, R: Long-term hearing results and evaluation of stability with an active bone conduction device
Abdelrasol, H; Chopra, A; Shvachiy, L; Outeiro, T F.; Beutner, D; Setz, C: Stress granule formation in HEI-OC1 auditory cells and the organ of Corti
Andrianakis, A; Moser, U; Wolf, A; Kiss, P; Holzmeister, C; Tomazic, P V; Graupp, M: Efficacy of intratympanic applied triamcinolone acetonide as salvage therapy for idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss
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Durisin, M; Makowski, E; Schmitt, H; Harre, J; Pich, A; Kaiser, O; Warnecke, A; Lenarz, T: Neuroprotective Complement Factors in human Perilymph
Hassepass, F; Arndt, S; Aschendorff, A; Speck, I; Schulz, T: Case report: Azathioprine - rescue of the only hearing ear in recurrent hearing loss?
Kampshoff, C A; Duque Afonso, C; Schaeper, J; Beutner, D; Moser, T; Salditt, T; Meyer, A: Investigating age-related hearing loss in the primate cochlea
Lindner, L; Stuck, B A.; Oliver, D; Reimann, K: Phosphoinositide effector proteins in the mouse organ of Corti
Schmitt, H; Falk, C; Warnecke, A; Pich, A; Prenzler, N; Durisin, M; Lenarz, T: Immunological findings based on protein analysis of human perilymph samples
Weiss, N; Mlynski, R; Langner, S; Roland, P; Dhanasingh, A: Reevaluation of Common Cavity Cochlear Deformities Using CT Images and 3D Reconstruction
Effertz, T; Hehlert, P; Göpfert, M; Beutner, D: Probing Force Relay in Drosophila melanogaster Hearing
Hecker, D; Eckrich, S; Engel, J; Mathieu, S; Linxweiler, M; Simon, A; Metzler, P; Schick, B: Using intelligent algorithms on singlesweeps to evaluate thresholds and waveforms of brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA)
Strahlenbach, A; Hans, S; Waschkies, L; Höing, B; Arweiler-Harbeck, D; Lang, S; Holtmann, L: Visualization of contralateral suppression in auditory brainstem response (ABR)
Warken, C; Rotter, N; Servais, J; Balkenhol, T; Schell, A: Evaluation of the Oldenburg sentence test using speech recognition software
Aigner, M; Mangalo, P; Tsoures, E; Zenk, J: Bilateral hearing loss with meningitis carcinomatosa
Große, L; Schmidtmann, I; Helling, K: Order effects in caloric testing
Hofmann, VM.; Münst, J; von Bernstorff, M; Obermüller, T; Audebert, HJ.; Rose, M; Reisshauer, A; Schönfeld, U; Pudszuhn, A: Experiences with an interdisciplinary inpatient diagnostic concept in chronic vertigo syndromes
Ihler, F; Kloos, B; Spiegel, JL.; Weiß, BG.; Canis, M; Bertlich, Mattis R. O.: A possible synergistic effect of Betahistine and Selegiline on the improvement of cochlear micorcirculation
Mehlhorn, H; Pirlich, M; Karger, K; Milani, T; Dietz, A; Fuchs, M; Berger, T: The influence of acute vestibular disorder on balance control and gait characteristics
Müller, CE; Stuck, BA.; Birk, R: Of Ménière's disease and spinocerebellar ataxia
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Reinhardt, S; Schmidt, J; Leuschel, M; Schüle, C; Schipper, J: Update VertiGo - continuation of the VNG via mobile webcam
Sönnichsen, R; Bott, P; Radeloff, A; Radeloff, K: Meningiosis carcinomatosa presenting with vertigo and hearing loss
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Reich, U; Szczepek, AJ.; Somerlik, K; Uecker, FC.; Gräbel, S; Vater, J; Olze, H: Development of gold wire-based electrodes for the direct round window stimulation for tinnitus suppression
Babirsoy, D; Todt, I; Scholtz, L-U; Sudhoff, H: Vital foreign body of the external auditory canal
Bendas, A; Bornitz, M; Oßmann, S; Polk, M-L; Zahnert, T; Neudert, M: Estimation of prosthesis lengths using digital surgery microscopes - experiments in human temporal bones
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Gey, A; Reiber, J; Honigmann, R; Lautenschläger, C; Zirkler, J; Rahne, T; Plontke, SK: The number of patients with Eustachian tube dysfunction in chronic middle ear disease is overestimated
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Meyermann, S; Strenger, T; Schaller, T; Zenk, J: Actinomyces induced middle ear infection – a case report
Morgenstern, J; Tao, HY; Neudert, M; Lasurashvili, N; Beleites, T; Zahnert, T: Comparison of operation microscope and exoscope in ear surgery
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Straub, B; Aschendorff, A; Arndt, S; Speck, I; Hassepass, F: Case Report: Dislocation of a self-cutting ventilation tube into the tuba auditiva.
Wittlinger, J; Gey, A; Reiber, J; Rahne, T; Plontke, SK: Audiological results after stapedoplasty with a NiTiFLEX-prosthesis
Aldanbara, H; Specht, C; Langer, J: Unusual injury with mastoid fracture
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Trainotti, S; Wigand, MC.; Hoffmann, TK.; Goldberg-Bockhorn, E: Persistent otorrhea due to spontaneous defect of the lateral skull base – diagnostics and therapy