DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 03 · Volume 08 · July 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36222

Research Article

Wieland, Daryl; Gibeau, Anne; Dewey, Caitlin; Roshto, Melanie; Frankel, Hilary: Patient portal readiness among postpartum patients in a safety net setting
Ai, Angela C; Maloney, Francine L; Hickman, Thu-Trang; Wilcox, Allison R; Ramelson, Harley; Wright, Adam: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
Gülkesen, Kemal Hakan; Işleyen, Filiz; Cinemre, Buket; Samur, Mehmet Kemal; Kaya, Semiha Şen; Zayim, Neşe: A Web-based Game for Teaching Facial Expressions to Schizophrenic Patients
Bush, Ruth A.; Connelly, Cynthia D.; Pérez, Alexa; Barlow, Halsey; Chiang, George J.: Extracting autism spectrum disorder data from the electronic health record
Sharp, Karen; Williams, Michele; Aldrich, Alison; Bogacz, Adrienne; Denier, Sighle; McAlearney, Ann S.: Conversion of Provider EMR Training from Instructor-Led Training to eLearning at an Academic Medical Center
Jeffery, Alvin D.; Kennedy, Betsy; Dietrich, Mary S.; Mion, Lorraine C.; Novak, Laurie L.: A Qualitative Exploration of Nurses’ Information-Gathering Behaviors Prior to Decision Support Tool Design
Steitz, Bryan D.; Cronin, Robert M.; Davis, Sharon E.; Yan, Ellen; Jackson, Gretchen P.: Long-term Patterns of Patient Portal Use for Pediatric Patients at an Academic Medical Center
Dattilo, Jonathan R.; Gittings, Daniel J.; Sloan, Matthew; Hardaker, William M.; Deasey, Matthew J.; Sheth, Neil P.: “Is There An App For That?” Orthopaedic Patient Preferences For A Smartphone Application
Sanchez-Pinto, L. Nelson; Mosa, Abu S. M.; Fultz-Hollis, Kate; Tachinardi, Umberto; Barnett, William K.; Embi, Peter J.: The Emerging Role of the Chief Research Informatics Officer in Academic Health Centers
Tang, Chunlei; Zhou, Li; Plasek, Joseph; Rozenblum, Ronen; Bates, David: Comment Topic Evolution on a Cancer Institution’s Facebook Page
Gong, Yang; Kang, Hong; Wu, Xinshuo; Hua, Lei: Enhancing Patient Safety Event Reporting
Kassakian, Steven Z.; Yackel, Thomas R.; Gorman, Paul N.; Dorr, David A.: Clinical decisions support malfunctions in a commercial electronic health record
Webster, Gregory; Ward, Kendra; Deal, Barbara J.; Anderson, Jeffrey B.; Tsao, Sabrina: Adaptation of Radiology Software to Improve Cardiology Results Reporting
Baysari, Melissa T.; Del Gigante, Jessica; Moran, Maria; Sandaradura, Indy; Li, Ling; Richardson, Katrina L.; Sandhu, Anmol; Lehnbom, Elin C.; Westbrook, Johanna I.; Day, Richard O.: Redesign of computerized decision support to improve antimicrobial prescribing
Walker, Katherine J.; Wang, Andrew; Dunlop, William; Rodda, Hamish; Ben-Meir, Michael; Staples, Margaret: The 9-Item Physician Documentation Quality Instrument (PDQI-9) score is not useful in evaluating EMR (scribe) note quality in Emergency Medicine

Case Report

Sendak, Mark P.; Balu, Suresh; Schulman, Kevin A.: Barriers to Achieving Economies of Scale in Analysis of EHR Data
Stevens, Lindsay A.; DiAngi, Yumi T.; Schremp, Jonathan D.; Martorana, Monet J.; Miller, Roberta E.; Lee, Tzielan C.; Pageler, Natalie M.: Designing An Individualized EHR Learning Plan For Providers


Poikonen, John; Fotsch, Edward; Lehmann, Christoph U.: Response to Lapkoff and Sittig