DOI: 10.1055/s-00032099

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Khemawoot, Phisit; Hengjumrut, Patcharaporn; Anukunwithaya, Tosapol; Chang, Leng Chee; Wongwiwatthananukit, Supakit; Tantisira, Mayuree H.: Comparison of the Pharmacokinetic Profiles of a Standardized Extract of Centella asiatica and A Mixture of Madecassoside and Asiaticoside in Rats
Han, Jong-Heon; Park, Kyuhee; Lee, Jong Suk; Nam, Yeon-Ju; Yang, Jungeun; Song, Myung-Jin; Ko, Sung-Jin; Kim, Su-Gyeong; Byun, Hoo-Dhon; Kim, Young Ho; Park, Ji-Gweon; Choi, Yongmun: Anti-inflammatory Effects of Distylium racemosum Extract in a Mouse Model of Allergic Asthma
Pereira, Ana Maria S.; Guimarães, Camila C.; Pereira, Sarazete I. V.; Crevelin, Eduardo J.; Pinto, Gustavo H. T.; Morel, Lucas J. F.; Bertoni, Bianca W.; França, Suzelei C.; Taleb-Contini, Silvia H.: Isolation and Identification of Phenylethanoid Glycosides from Aloysia polystachya and Its Activity as Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase-A
Merdivan, Simon; Jenett-Siems, Kristina; Siems, Karsten; Niedermeyer, Timo; Solis, Michael J.; Unterseher, Martin; Lindequist, Ulrike: Inhibition of Degranulation of RBL-2H3 Cells by Extracts and Compounds from Armillaria ostoyae