DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 06 · Volume 34 · May 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-33877

Original Article

Theilen, Lauren H.; Mellnick, Vincent M.; Shanks, Anthony L.; Tuuli, Methodius G.; Odibo, Anthony O.; Macones, George A.; Cahill, Alison G.: Acute Appendicitis in Pregnancy: Predictive Clinical Factors and Pregnancy Outcomes
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Cahill, Alison G.; Macones, George A.; Smyser, Christopher D.; López, Julia D.; Inder, Terrie E.; Mathur, Amit M.: Umbilical Artery Lactate Correlates with Brain Lactate in Term Infants
Nitsche, Joshua F.; Patil, Avinash S.; Langman, Loralie J.; Penn, Hannah J.; Derleth, Douglas; Watson, William J.; Brost, Brian C.: Transplacental Passage of Acetaminophen in Term Pregnancy
Rhoades, Janine S.; Rampersad, Roxane M.; Tuuli, Methodius G.; Macones, George A.; Cahill, Alison G.; Stout, Molly J.: Delivery Outcomes after Term Induction of Labor in Small-for-Gestational Age Fetuses
Siegel, Anne M.; Coxwell, Carrie A.; Biggio, Joseph R.; Tita, Alan; Harper, Lorie M.: Impact of Interval between Screening and Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes on Pregnancy Outcomes
McPherson, Jessica A.; Smid, Marcela C.; Smiley, Sarah; Stamilio, David M.: Association of Maternal Obesity with Child Cerebral Palsy or Death
Venkatesh, Kartik K.; Cantonwine, David E.; Zera, Chloe; Arjona, Melanie; Smith, Nicole A.; Robinson, Julian N.; McElrath, Thomas F.: Is There an Association between Body Mass Index and Cervical Length? Implications for Obesity and Cervical Length Management in Pregnancy
Hudson, Jennifer; Mayo, Rachel; Dickes, Lori; Chen, Liwei; Sherrill, Windsor Westbrook; Summey, Julie; Dalton, Bradley; Dankovich, Kindal: Early Treatment for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: A Palliative Approach
Colaizy, Tarah T.; Kummet, Gary J.; Kummet, Colleen M.; Klein, Jonathan M.: Noninvasive Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist in Premature Infants Postextubation

Invited Commentary

Baeva, Sonia; Archer, Natalie P.; Ruggiero, Karen; Hall, Manda; Stagg, Julie; Interis, Evelyn Coronado; Vega, Rachelle; Delgado, Evelyn; Hellerstedt, John; Hankins, Gary; Hollier, Lisa M.; Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force: Maternal Mortality in Texas