DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

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Abbassi-Ghanavati, Mina; Alexander, James M.; McIntire, Donald D.; Savani, Rashmin C.; Leveno, Kenneth J.: Neonatal Effects of Magnesium Sulfate Given to the Mother American Journal of Perinatology; Issue 10, 2012
Rhoades, Janine S.; Bierut, Tatiana; Conner, Shayna N.; Tuuli, Methodius G.; Vesoulis, Zachary A.; Macones, George A.; Cahill, Alison G.: Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping at <32 Weeks' Gestation: Implementation and Outcomes American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst
Dixon, C. Luke; Marrs, Caroline; Costantine, Maged M.; Pacheco, Luis D.; Saade, George R.; Chiossi, Giuseppe: Effect of Low-Dose Aspirin on the Time of Onset of Preeclampsia and Time of Delivery American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst
Cuna, Alain; Lewis, Tamorah; Oschman, Alexandra; Dai, Hong Ying; Brophy, Katie; Norberg, Michael; Nyp, Michael; Truog, William: Outcomes of Infants Who Failed to Extubate despite Systemic Corticosteroids American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst
Beltempo, Marc; Piedboeuf, Bruno; Platt, Robert W.; Barrington, Keith; Bizgu, Victoria; Shah, Prakesh S.; on behalf of the Canadian Neonatal Network Investigators: Association of Resident Duty Hour Reform and Neonatal Outcomes of Very Preterm Infants American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst
Rossen, Larissa; Hutchinson, Delyse; Wilson, Judy; Burns, Lucinda; Allsop, Steve; Elliott, Elizabeth J.; Jacobs, Sue; Macdonald, Jacqui A.; Olsson, Craig; Mattick, Richard P.: Maternal Bonding through Pregnancy and Postnatal: Findings from an Australian Longitudinal Study American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst
Getahun, Darios; Fassett, Michael J.; Peltier, Morgan R.; Wing, Deborah A.; Xiang, Anny H.; Chiu, Vicki; Jacobsen, Steven J.: Association of Perinatal Risk Factors with Autism Spectrum Disorder American Journal of Perinatology; eFirst