DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 06 · Volume 50 · 1983 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45120

Original Article

Mulley, G P; Heptinstall, S; Taylor, P M; Mitchell, J R A: ADP-Induced Platelet Release Reaction in Acute Stroke
Douglas, J T; Lowe, G D O; Forbes, C D; Prentice, C R M: Plasma Fibrinopeptide A and Beta-Thromboglobulin in Patients with Chest Pain
Lechner, K; Niessner, H; Bettelheim, P; Deutsch, E; Fasching, I; Fuhrmann, M; Hinterberger, W; Korninger, C; Neumann, E; Liszka, K; Knapp, W; Mayr, W R; Stingl, G; Zeitlhuber, U: T-Cell Alterations in Hemophiliacs Treated with Commercial Clotting Factor Concentrates
Dejan, E; Cazenave, J-P; Hatton, M W C; Richardson, M; Groves, H M; Kinlough-Rathbone, R L; Packham, M A; Mustard, J F: The Effect of Thrombin on Platelet Accumulation on the Vessel Wall - Influence of Heparin and Aspirin
Boogaerts, M A; Vermylen, J; Deckmyn, H; Roelant, C; Verwilghen, R L; Jacob, H S; Moldow, C F: Enkephalins Modify Granulocyte-Endothelial Interactions by Stimulating Prostacyclin Production
Boogaerts, M A; Hammerschmidt, D E; Roelant, C; Verwilghen, R L; Jacob, H S: Mechanisms of Vascular Damage in Gout and Oxalosis: Crystal Induced, Granulocyte Mediated, Endothelial Injury
Elms, M J; Bunce, I H; Bundesen, P G; Rylatt, D B; Webber, A J; Masci, P P; Whitaker, A N: Measurement of Crosslinked Fibrin Degradation Products – An Immunoassay Using Monoclonal Antibodies

International Committee Communications

Latallo, Z S; Participants of the trial: S. Balkuv-Ulutin, Istanbul, Turkey; J. F. Donahoe, North Chicago, USA; K. Fukutake, Tokyo, Japan; P. Griguerand M. Brochier, Tours, France; H. C. Kwaan, Chicago, U.S.A.; S. Lopaciukand J. A. Meissner, Warsaw, Poland; M. Martin, Engelskirchen, FRG; C. R. M. Prentice, G. D. 0. Lowe and C. D. Forbes, Glasgow, UK; A. A. Sharp, Oxford, UK; H. Vi nazzer, Linz, Austria; H. Wegner, Leipzig, GDR; E. Wenzel, Homburg/Saar, FRG; Data Processing and Computer Analysis: W. Borkowski, B. Swiatczak-Szenk, J. Kukowska and J. Labanowski: Retrospective Study on Complications and Adverse Effects of Treatment with Thrombin-Like Enzymes - A Multicentre Trial

Letter to the Editor

Fabris, F; Randi, M; Casonato, A; Luzzato, G; Mazzucato, M; Girolami, A: The Significance of Plasma and/or Platelet Activated Products After Apheresis Procedures
Garcia, V Vicente; Silva, I Alberca; Borrasca, A López: Does Subunit A of Factor XIII Regulate the Plasma Concentration of Subunit B?
Mari, Daniela; Vigotti, G; Vergani, C; Mannucci, P M: Hemostatic Functions in Hypoalpha and Hyperbetalipoproteinemias