Thromb Haemost 1983; 50(02): 604-609
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1665266
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Retrospective Study on Complications and Adverse Effects of Treatment with Thrombin-Like Enzymes - A Multicentre Trial

Z S Latallo
The Department of Radiobiology, Institute of Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland
Participants of the trial: S. Balkuv-Ulutin, Istanbul, Turkey; J. F. Donahoe, North Chicago, USA; K. Fukutake, Tokyo, Japan; P. Griguerand M. Brochier, Tours, France; H. C. Kwaan, Chicago, U.S.A.; S. Lopaciukand J. A. Meissner, Warsaw, Poland; M. Martin, Engelskirchen, FRG; C. R. M. Prentice, G. D. 0. Lowe and C. D. Forbes, Glasgow, UK; A. A. Sharp, Oxford, UK; H. Vi nazzer, Linz, Austria; H. Wegner, Leipzig, GDR; E. Wenzel, Homburg/Saar, FRG, Data Processing and Computer Analysis: W. Borkowski, B. Swiatczak-Szenk, J. Kukowska and J. Labanowski› Author Affiliations
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Received 01 April 1983

Accepted 10 May 1983

Publication Date:
18 July 2018 (online)