DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 03 · Volume 53 · 1985 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40716

Original Article

Schmitz-Huebner, U; Rüschemeyer, C; Schulte, H; Loo, J van de: Influence of Low Molecular Weight Heparin on the Hemostatic System After Abdominal Surgery
Walker, Isobel D; Davidson, J F; Richards, A; Yates, R; McEwan, H P: The Effect of the Synthetic Steroid ORG OD14 on Fibrinolysis and Blood Lipids in Postmenopausal Women
Gonzalez, R; Alberca, I; Sala, N; Vicente, V: Protein C Deficiency – Response to Danazol and DDAVP
Gill, Joan C; Wheeler, Dana; Menitove, Jay E; Aster, Richard H; Casper, James T; Kirchner, Phyllis; Montgomery, Robert R: Persistence and Progression of Immunologic Abnormalities in Haemophilia
Knudsen, J Bjerre; Kjøller, E; Skagen, K; Gormsen, J: The Effect of Ticlopidine on Platelet Functions in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Keraly, C Lalau; Kinlough-Rathbone, R L; Mustard, J F: Epinephrine-Induced Aggregation of Rabbit Platelets Refractory to ADP
Vergara-Dauden, Margarita; Balconi, Giovanna; Breviario, Ferruccio; Chiabrando, Chiara; de Gaetano, Giovanni; Dejana, Elisabetta: Further Studies on the Mechanism of Action of Human Plasma in Stimulating Prostacyclin Production by Rat Smooth Muscle Cells
Greer, I A; Greaves, M; Madhok, R; McLoughlin, K; Porter, N; Lowe, G D O; Preston, F E; Forbes, C D: Effect of Stanozolol on Factors VIII and IX and Serum Aminotransferases in Haemophilia
Goudemand, Jenny; Mazurier, Claudine; Samor, B; Bouquelet, S; Montreuil, J; Goudemand, M: Effect of Carbohydrate Modifications of Factor VIII/ von Willebrand Factor on Binding to Platelets
van Dieijen, Gerbrand; van Rijn, Jan L M L; Govers-Riemslag, José W P; Hemker, H Coenraad; Rosing, Jan: Assembly of the Intrinsic Factor X Activating Complex – Interactions between Factor IXa, Factor VIIIa and Phospholipid
Forestier, F; Daffos, F; Rainaut, M; Solé, Y; Amiral, J: Vitamin K Dependent Proteins in Fetal Hemostasis at Mid Trimester of Pregnancy
Cerletti, Chiara; Latini, Roberto; Maschio, Aldo Del; Galletti, Ferruccio; Dejana, Elisabetta; de Gaetano, Giovanni: Aspirin Kinetics and Inhibition of Platelet Thromboxane Generation-Relevance for a Solution of the “Aspirin Dilemma”
Andrews, N P; Pipkin, F Broughton; Heptinstall, S: Blood Platelet Behaviour in Mothers and Neonates

Letter to the Editor

Greer, I A; Winter, J H; Gaffney, D; McLoughlin, K; Belch, J J F; Boyd, G; Forbes, C D: Platelet Activation in Allergic Asthma
Geroldi, D; Plebani, A; Gamba, G; Ippoliti, G; Avanzini, M A; Ascari, E: LAV Antibodies and IgG Subclasses in Haemophilia
Makris, P E; Louizou, C; Kapoulas, S; Markakis, C; Derveniotis, B; Tsakiris, D A: Effects of Prolonged Sitting on the Mechanism of Hemostasis – The Changes of F VII: C and the Cold Activated F VII: C
Berthier, A; Fonlupt, J; Ruffault, A; Genetet, N; Pommereuil, M: Immunity, Serum β2- Microglobulin and Interferons Production in Young Haemophiliacs
Gaffney, P J; Jespersen, J; Müller-Berghaus, G: Monoclonal Antibodies Against Fibrinogen, Fibrin and Their Fragments