DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 09 · April 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39539

Research Article

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Mai, Mark V.; Luo, Brooke T.; Orenstein, Evan W.; Luberti, Anthony A.: A Model for Clinical Informatics Education for Residents: Addressing an Unmet Need

Research Article

Lesselroth, Blake J.; Adams, Kathleen; Church, Victoria L.; Tallett, Stephanie; Russ, Yelizaveta; Wiedrick, Jack; Forsberg, Christopher; Dorr, David A.: Evaluation of Multimedia Medication Reconciliation Software: A Randomized Controlled, Single-Blind Trial to Measure Diagnostic Accuracy for Discrepancy Detection
Couture, Brittany; Lilley, Elizabeth; Chang, Frank; DeBord Smith, Ann; Cleveland, Jessica; Ergai, Awatef; Katsulis, Zachary; Benneyan, James; Gershanik, Esteban; Bates, David W.; Collins, Sarah A.: Applying User-Centered Design Methods to the Development of an mHealth Application for Use in the Hospital Setting by Patients and Care Partners
Smith, Joshua C.; Chen, Qingxia; Denny, Joshua C.; Roden, Dan M.; Johnson, Kevin B.; Miller, Randolph A.: Evaluation of a Novel System to Enhance Clinicians' Recognition of Preadmission Adverse Drug Reactions
Khairat, Saif; Burke, Gary; Archambault, Heather; Schwartz, Todd; Larson, James; Ratwani, Raj M.: Focus Section on Health IT Usability: Perceived Burden of EHRs on Physicians at Different Stages of Their Career
Deakyne Davies, Sara J.; Grundmeier, Robert W.; Campos, Diego A.; Hayes, Katie L.; Bell, Jamie; Alessandrini, Evaline A.; Bajaj, Lalit; Chamberlain, James M.; Gorelick, Marc H.; Enriquez, Rene; Casper, T. Charles; Scheid, Beth; Kittick, Marlena; Dean, J. Michael; Alpern, Elizabeth R.; the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network: The Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network Registry: A Multicenter Electronic Health Record Registry of Pediatric Emergency Care
Zapletal, Eric; Bibault, Jean-Emmanuel; Giraud, Philippe; Burgun, Anita: Integrating Multimodal Radiation Therapy Data into i2b2
Turner, Kea; Renfro, Chelsea; Ferreri, Stefanie; Roberts, Kim; Pfeiffenberger, Trista; Shea, Christopher M.: Supporting Community Pharmacies with Implementation of a Web-Based Medication Management Application
O'Connor, Stacy D.; Khorasani, Ramin; Pochebit, Stephen M.; Lacson, Ronilda; Andriole, Katherine P.; Dalal, Anuj K.: Semiautomated System for Nonurgent, Clinically Significant Pathology Results
D'Amore, John D.; Li, Chun; McCrary, Laura; Niloff, Jonathan M.; Sittig, Dean F.; McCoy, Allison B.; Wright, Adam: Using Clinical Data Standards to Measure Quality: A New Approach
Elkin, Peter L.; Schlegel, Daniel R.; Anderson, Michael; Komm, Jordan; Ficheur, Gregoire; Bisson, Leslie: Artificial Intelligence: Bayesian versus Heuristic Method for Diagnostic Decision Support
Groat, Danielle; Soni, Hiral; Grando, Maria Adela; Thompson, Bithika; Kaufman, David; Cook, Curtiss B.: Design and Testing of a Smartphone Application for Real-Time Self-Tracking Diabetes Self-Management Behaviors

Review Article

Research Article

Jahn, Michelle A.; Porter, Brian W.; Patel, Himalaya; Zillich, Alan J.; Simon, Steven R.; Russ, Alissa L.: Usability Assessment of Secure Messaging for Clinical Document Sharing between Health Care Providers and Patients
Smith, Michael W.; Brown, Charnetta; Virani, Salim S.; Weir, Charlene R.; Petersen, Laura A.; Kelly, Natalie; Akeroyd, Julia; Garvin, Jennifer H.: Incorporating Guideline Adherence and Practice Implementation Issues into the Design of Decision Support for Beta-Blocker Titration for Heart Failure