DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 26 · August 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36157

Research Article

Mattar, Ahmed; Carlston, David; Sariol, Glen; Yu, Tongle; Almustafa, Ahmad; Melton, Genevieve B.; Ahmed, Adil: The prevalence of obesity documentation in Primary Care Electronic Medical Records
Kiatchai, Taniga; Colletti, Ashley A.; Lyons, Vivian H.; Grant, Rosemary M.; Vavilala, Monica S.; Nair, Bala G.: Development and Feasibility of a Real-Time Clinical Decision Support System for Traumatic Brain Injury Anesthesia Care
Adnan, Mehnaz; Peterkin, Donald; Lopez, Liza; Mackereth, Graham: Electronic Sentinel Surveillance of Influenza-like Illness
Scheitel, Marianne R; Kessler, Maya E; Shellum, Jane L; Peters, Steve G; Milliner, Dawn S; Liu, Hongfang; Elayavilli, Ravikumar Komandur; Poterack, Karl A; Miksch, Timothy A; Boysen, Jennifer J; Hankey, Ron A; Chaudhry, Rajeev: Effect of a Novel Clinical Decision Support Tool on the Efficiency and Accuracy of Treatment Recommendations for Cholesterol Management
Dixon, Brian E; Barboza, Katherine; Jensen, Ashley E; Bennett, Katelyn J; Sherman, Scott E; Schwartz, Mark D: Measuring Practicing Clinicians’ Information Literacy
Militello, Laura G.; Diiulio, Julie B.; Borders, Morgan R.; Sushereba, Christen E.; Saleem, Jason J.; Haverkamp, Donald; Imperiale, Thomas F.: Evaluating a Modular Decision Support Application For Colorectal Cancer Screening
Werner, Nicole E.; Stanislawski, Barbara; Marx, Katherine A.; Watkins, Daphne C.; Kobayashi, Marissa; Kales, Helen; Gitlin, Laura N.: Getting what they need when they need it
Nguyen, Khoa A.; Haggstrom, David A.; Ofner, Susan; Perkins, Susan M.; French, Dustin D.; Myers, Laura J.; Rosenman, Marc; Weiner, Michael; Dixon, Brian E.; Zillich, Alan J.: Medication Use among Veterans across Health Care Systems
Williamson, Rebecca S; Cherven, Brooke O; Marchak, Jordan Gilleland; Edwards, Paula; Palgon, Michael; Escoffery, Cam; Meacham, Lillian R; Mertens, Ann C: Meaningful Use of an Electronic Personal Health Record (ePHR) among Pediatric Cancer Survivors
Kelly, Michelle M.; Dean, Shannon M.; Carayon, Pascale; Wetterneck, Tosha B.; Hoonakker, Peter L.T.: Healthcare Team Perceptions of a Portal for Parents of Hospitalized Children Before and After Implementation
Murphy, Daniel R.; Meyer, Ashley N.D.; Vaghani, Viralkumar; Russo, Elise; Sittig, Dean F.; Richards, Kyle A.; Wei, Li; Wu, Louis; Singh, Hardeep: Application of Electronic Algorithms to Improve Diagnostic Evaluation for Bladder Cancer
Sorbello, Alfred; Ripple, Anna; Tonning, Joseph; Munoz, Monica; Hasan, Rashedul; Ly, Thomas; Francis, Henry; Bodenreider, Olivier: Harnessing scientific literature reports for pharmacovigilance


Case Report

Fong, Allan; Howe, Jessica L.; Adams, Katharine T.; Ratwani, Raj M.: Using Active Learning to Identify Health Information Technology Related Patient Safety Events

Erratum to:

Ferrão, José Carlos; Oliveira, Mónica Duarte; Janela, Filipe; Martins, Henrique M. G: Preprocessing structured clinical data for predictive modeling and decision support