DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Current Issue 02 · Volume 99 · 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35411

Editorial Focus


Augustin, Hellmut G.; Breier, Georg: Judah Folkman

Theme Issue Editorial

Theme Issue Article

Denis, Cécile V.; Christophe, Olivier D.; Oortwijn, Beatrijs D.; Lenting, Peter J.: Clearance of von Willebrand factor
Kanse, Sandip M.; Parahuleva, Mariana; Muhl, Lars; Kemkes-Matthes, Bettina; Sedding, Daniel; Preissner, Klaus T.: Factor VII-activating protease (FSAP): Vascular functions and role in atherosclerosis
Christiaens, Valerie; Scroyen, Ilse; Lijnen, H. Roger: Role of proteolysis in development of murine adipose tissue
Hughes, Michael; Lip, Gregory Y. H.; on behalf of the Guideline Development Group for the NICE national clinical guideline for management of atrial fibrillation in primary and secondary care; on behalf of: Stroke and thromboembolism in atrial fibrillation: A systematic review of stroke risk factors, risk stratification schema and cost effectiveness data

Review Article

Martorell, Lluis; Martínez-González, José; Rodríguez, Cristina; Gentile, Maurizio; Calvayrac, Olivier; Badimon, Lina: Thrombin and protease-activated receptors (PARs) in atherothrombosis

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Inomo, Akifumi; Sugi, Toshitaka; Fujita, Yoshimi; Matsubayashi, Hidehiko; Izumi, Shun-ichiro; Mikami, Mikio: The antigenic binding sites of autoantibodies to factor XII in patients with recurrent pregnancy losses
Zhang, Chuanling; Yu, Aiping; Yuan, Bin; Dong, Chunna; Yu, Hongyang; Wang, Lisheng; Wu, Chutse: Construction and functional evaluation of hirudin derivatives with low bleeding risk
Rosenkranz, Andrea; Hiden, Michael; Leschnik, Bettina; Eva-Christine, Weiss; Schlembach, Dietmar; Lang, Uwe; Gallistl, Siegfried; Muntean, Wolfgang: Calibrated automated thrombin generation in normal uncomplicated pregnancy
Meier, Thomas R.; Myers, Daniel D.; Wrobleski, Shirley K.; Zajkowski, Paul J.; Hawley, Angela E.; Bedard, Patricia W.; Ballard, Nicole E.; Londy, Frank J.; Kaila, Neelu; Vlasuk, George P.; Schaub, Robert G.; Wakefield, Thomas W.: Prophylactic P-selectin inhibition with PSI-421 promotes resolution of venous thrombosis without anticoagulation
Kinik, Sibel Tulgar; Özbek, Namik; Yuce, Muammer; Yazici, Ayse Canan; Verdi, Hasibe; Ataç, F. Belgin: PAI-1 gene 4G/5G polymorphism, cytokine levels and their relations with metabolic parameters in obese children

Platelets and Blood Cells

Endothelium and Vascular Development

Cardiovascular Biology and Cell Signalling

Dorweiler, Bernhard; Torzewski, Michael; Dahm, Manfred; Kirkpatrick, Charles James; Lackner, Karl J.; Vahl, Christian-Friedrich: Subendothelial infiltration of neutrophil granulocytes and liberation of matrix-destabilizing enzymes in an experimental model of human neo-intima
Orbe, Josune; Zudaire, Maite; Serrano, Rosario; Coma-Canella, Isabel; de Sizarrondo, Sara Martínez; Rodríguez, Jose A.; Páramo, Jose A.: Increased thrombin generation after acute versus chronic coronary disease as assessed by the thrombin generation test
Carty, Cara L.; Cushman, Mary; Jones, Daniel; Lange, Leslie A.; Hindorff, Lucia A.; Rice, Kenneth; Jenny, Nancy S.; Durda, J. Peter; Walston, Jeremy; Carlson, Christopher S.; Nickerson, Debbie; Tracy, Russell P.; Reiner, Alex P.: Associations between common fibrinogen gene polymorphisms and cardiovascular disease in older adults

Cellular Proteolysis and Oncology

Stender, Mogens Tornby; Frøkjær, Jens Brøndum; Nielsen, Tina Sandie Hagedorn; Larsen, Torben Bjerregaard; Lundbye-Christensen, Søren; Elbrønd, Henrik; Thorlacius-Ussing, Ole: Combined use of clinical pre-test probability and D-dimer test in the diagnosis of preoperative deep venous thrombosis in colorectal cancer patients

Animal Models

Souri, Masayoshi; Koseki-Kuno, Shiori; Takeda, Naoki; Yamakawa, Mitsunori; Takeishi, Yasuchika; Degen, Jay L.; Ichinose, Akitada: Male-specific cardiac pathologies in mice lacking either the A or B subunit of factor XIII

New Technologies, Diagnostic Tools and Drugs

Jakubowski, Joseph A.; Payne, Christopher D.; Li, Ying G.; Brandt, John T.; Small, David S.; Farid, Nagy A.; Salazar, Daniel E.; Winters, Kenneth J.: The use of the VerifyNow P2Y12 point-of-care device to monitor platelet function across a range of P2Y12 inhibition levels following prasugrel and clopidogrel administration
Tymvios, Charalambos; Jones, Sarah; Moore, Christopher; Pitchford, Simon C.; Page, Clive P.; Emerson, Michael: Real-time measurement of non-lethal platelet thromboembolic responses in the anaesthetized mouse

Case Report

De Paulis, Stefano; Rossi, Elena; Zamparelli, Roberto; Scapigliati, Andrea; Corrado, Michele; De Stefano, Valerio: Early postoperative obstructive prosthetic mitral valve thrombosis in a patient double heterozygous for factor V Leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutation
Barba, Pere; Santamaría, Amparo; Tirado, Isabel; Martí, Edelmira; Fontcuberta, Jordi: Antithrombin Cambridge II mutation as a risk factor to develop cerebral venous thrombosis
Jeanneret, Christina; Reutlinger, Christian; Hirsch, Hans H.; Cathomas, Gieri; Rothen, Madeleine; Martius, Ferdinand; Biedermann, Barbara C.: Multifocal thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis in primary cytomegalovirus infection – A histopathological analysis

Letters to the Editor

Morel, Olivier; Bernhard, Nicolas; Desprez, Dominique; Grunebaum, Lelia; Freyssinet, Jean-Marie; Toti, Florence; Bareiss, Pierre: Residual prothrombotic status in low responder patients to clopidogrel identified by Vasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein Phosphorylation (VASP) analysis?