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The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 07 · Volume 62 · October 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27867


Heinemann, Markus K.: Weighty Matters

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Original Basic Science

Rothe, Susanne; Busch, Andrea; Bittner, Hartmuth; Kostelka, Martin; Dohmen, Pascal Maria; Mohr, Friedrich-Wilhelm; Dhein, Stefan: Body Mass Index Affects Connexin43 Remodeling in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Original Cardiovascular

Ivanovic, Branislava; Tadic, Marijana; Bradic, Zeljko; Zivkovic, Nevenka; Stanisavljevic, Dejana; Celic, Vera: The Influence of the Metabolic Syndrome on Atrial Fibrillation Occurrence and Outcome after Coronary Bypass Surgery: A 3-Year Follow-up Study

Short Communication

Schulz-Stübner, Sebastian; Schorer, Cornelia; Ennker, Jürgen; Bauer, Stefan; Schaumann, Reiner: 72 Hours Standby Time of Wet-Primed Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuits: A Microbiological Quality Assurance Study

Original Thoracic

Fiorelli, Alfonso; Vicidomini, Giovanni; Mazzella, Antonio; Messina, Gaetana; Milione, Roberta; Di Crescenzo, Vincenzo Giuseppe; Santini, Mario: The Influence of Body Mass Index and Weight Loss on Outcome of Elderly Patients Undergoing Lung Cancer Resection
Jo, Kyung-Wook; Kim, Hyeong Ryul; Kim, Dong Kwan; Kim, Yong-Hee; Park, Seung-Il; Choi, Se Hoon; Choi, Chang-Min: Value of Flexible Bronchoscopy for the Preoperative Assessment of NSCLC Diagnosed Using Percutaneous Core Needle Biopsy
Jeon, Hyun Woo; Moon, Mi Hyung; Kim, Kyung Soo; Kim, Young Du; Wang, Young Pil; Park, Hyung Joo; Park, Jae Kil: Extent of Removal for Mediastinal Nodal Stations for Patients with Clinical Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Effect on Outcome
Yuksel, Cabir; Bozkurt, Melih; Yenigun, Bulent Mustafa; Enon, Serkan; Ozkan, Murat; Kose, S. Kenan; Cangir, Ayten Kayı: The Outcome of Bifocal Surgical Resection in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Synchronous Brain Metastases: Results of a Single Center Retrospective Study
Cheufou, Danjouma Housmanou; Welter, Stefan; Chalvatzoulis, Eleftherios; Christof, Daniel; Theegarten, Dirk; Stamatis, Georgios: Surgery of Primary Lung Cancer with Oligometastatic M1b Synchronous Single Brain Metastasis: Analysis of 37 Cases
Shin, Sumin; Park, Joon Suk; Kim, Hong Kwan; Choi, Yong Soo; Shim, Young Mog; Lee, Ho Yun; Kim, Jhingook: Approach to Metastasis-Suspected Nodule Accompanying Operable Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Citak, Necati; Buyukkale, Songul; Kok, Abdulaziz; Celikten, Alper; Metin, Muzaffer; Sayar, Adnan; Gurses, Atilla: Does Video-Assisted Mediastinoscopy Offer Lower False-Negative Rates for Subcarinal Lymph Nodes Compared with Standard Cervical Mediastinoscopy?

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