DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Accepted Manuscripts

Publication Date: 07 November 2023

Original Thoracic

Lianyong, Jiang; Fengqing, Hu; Xie, Xiao; Xuefeng, Zhang; Rui, Bi: Single-stage surgical procedure for patients with primary esophageal and lung cancers

Publication Date: 01 November 2023

Original Thoracic

Merhej, Hayan; Ali, Mohammed; Nakagiri, Tomoyuki; Zinne, Norman; Selman, Alaa; Golpon, Heiko; Goecke, Tobias; Zardo, Patrick: Long-Term outcome of Chest Wall and Diaphragm repair with Biological Materials

Publication Date: 26 October 2023

Original Cardiovascular

Ostovar, Roya; Schroeter, Filip; Seifi Zinab, Farzaneh; Fritzsche, Dirk; Minden, Hans-Heinrich; Lasheen, Nirmeen; Hartrumpf, Martin; Ritter, Oliver; Dörr, Gesine; Albes, Johannes Maximilian: Mortality related risk factors: Results from the Brandenburg Endocarditis Register

Original Cardiovascular

Sohn, Suk Ho; Kang, Yoonjin; Kim, Ji Seong; Choi, Jae Woong; Lee, Jae Hang; Kim, Jun Sung; Lim, Cheong; Hwang, Ho Young: A Randomized Trial Comparing One-year Hemodynamics of Two Bovine Pericardial Valves

Original Thoracic

Herrmann, Dominik; Starova, Urim; Oggiano, Melanie; Luta, Luiza Alexandra; Hamouri, Shadi; Ewig, Santiago; Hecker, Erich; Scheubel, Robert: Pneumonectomy with carinal sleeve resection in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Publication Date: 25 October 2023

Original Cardiovascular

Petrov, Asen; Taghizadeh-Waghefi, Ali; Diab, Abdel-Hannan; Breuer, Linda; Arzt, Sebastian; Matschke, Klaus Ehrhard; Alexiou, konstantin: Acquired thrombocytopenia in contemporary transcatheter aortic valve prostheses

Publication Date: 16 October 2023

Letters to the Editor

Publication Date: 13 April 2023

Original Thoracic

Ahmed-Issap, Amber; Jain, Shubham; Habib, Akolade; Mantio, Kim; Spence, Angelica; Raseta, Marko; Abah, Udo: Impact of Extremes of BMI on Outcomes Following Lung Resection