DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 12 · Volume 27 · December 2006 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5395

Physiology & Biochemistry

Connes, P.; Racinais, S.; Sara, F.; Marlin, L.; Hertogh, C.; Saint-Martin, C.; Etienne-Julan, M.; Hue, O.: Does the Pattern of Repeated Sprint Ability Differ between Sickle Cell Trait Carriers and Healthy Subjects?
Rivera-Brown, A. M.; Rowland, T. W.; Ramírez-Marrero, F. A.; Santacana, G.; Vann, A.: Exercise Tolerance in a Hot and Humid Climate in Heat-Acclimatized Girls and Women
Hand, B. D.; McCole, S. D.; Brown, M. D.; Park, J. J.; Ferrell, R. E.; Huberty, A.; Douglass, L. W.; Hagberg, J. M.: NOS3 Gene Polymorphisms and Exercise Hemodynamics in Postmenopausal Women
Cottin, F.; Leprêtre, P.-M.; Lopes, P.; Papelier, Y.; Médigue, C.; Billat, V.: Assessment of Ventilatory Thresholds from Heart Rate Variability in Well-Trained Subjects during Cycling
Abellan, R.; Ventura, R.; Pichini, S.; Di Giovannandrea, R.; Bellver, M.; Olive, R.; Pacifici, R.; Pascual, J. A.; Zuccaro, P.; Segura, J.: Effect of Physical Fitness and Endurance Exercise on Indirect Biomarkers of Recombinant Growth Hormone Misuse: Insulin-Like Growth Factor I and Procollagen Type III Peptide

Training & Testing

Lucía, A.; Rabadán, M.; Hoyos, J.; Hernández-Capilla, M.; Pérez, M.; San Juan, A. F.; Earnest, C. P.; Chicharro, J. L.: Frequency of the V·O2max Plateau Phenomenon in World-Class Cyclists
Turley, K. R.; Stanforth, P. R.; Rankinen, T.; Bouchard, C.; Leon, A. S.; Rao, D. C.; Skinner, J. S.; Wilmore, J. H.; Spears, F. M.: Scaling Submaximal Exercise Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume: The HERITAGE Family Study
Naranjo, J.; Centeno, R. A.; Carranza, M. D.; Cayetano, M.: A Test for Evaluation of Exercise with Apneic Episodes in Synchronized Swimming
Berger, N. J. A.; Rittweger, J.; Kwiet, A.; Michaelis, I.; Williams, A. G.; Tolfrey, K.; Jones, A. M.: Pulmonary O2 Uptake On-Kinetics in Endurance- and Sprint-Trained Master Athletes

Behavioral Sciences

Acevedo, E. O.; Webb, H. E.; Weldy, M. L.; Fabianke, E. C.; Orndorff, G. R.; Starks, M. A.: Cardiorespiratory Responses of Hi Fit and Low Fit Subjects to Mental Challenge during Exercise