DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Accepted Manuscripts

Publication Date: 03 August 2022

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Varillas, David; Gutierrez-Hellín, Jorge; Maestro, Antonio: Genetic profile in genes associated with sports injuries in elite endurance athletes

Publication Date: 25 July 2022

Publication Date: 20 July 2022

Training & Testing

Atakan, Muhammed Mustafa; Koşar, Şükran Nazan; Turnagöl, Hüseyin Hüsrev: Six Sessions of Low-volume High-intensity Interval Exercise improves Resting Fat Oxidation

Publication Date: 12 July 2022

Training & Testing

González-García, Jaime; Latella, Cristopher; Aguilar, Millan; Romero-Moraleda, Blanca: Effects of resistance priming on same-day jumping performance: influence of strength level

Publication Date: 01 July 2022

Physiology & Biochemistry

Snape, Daniel; Wainwright, Barney; Woods, David R; O'Hara, John Paul: Reliability of biomarkers of physiological stress at rest and post-exertional heat stress.

Publication Date: 20 June 2022

Training & Testing

Grossmann, Fabian; Perret, Claudio; Roelands, Bart; Meeusen, Romain; Flueck, Joelle Leonie: Reliability of a submaximal field-test in wheelchair rugby

Publication Date: 07 June 2022

Training & Testing

Talpey, Scott W; Axtell, Robert; Gardner, Elizabeth; Maloney, Maggie; Newman, Thomas; Cordone, Jason; O'Grady, Mathew: Discriminative Ability of Lower limb Strength and Power Measures in Lacrosse Athletes

Publication Date: 02 May 2022

Physiology & Biochemistry

Ribeiro, Felipe Alves; Dellavechia de Carvalho, Carlos; Andreossi, Júlia Causin; Miranda, Douglas Rodrigues Messias; Papoti, Marcelo: Effects of training and taper on neuromuscular fatigue profile in 100-m swimming performance

Publication Date: 30 March 2022

Training & Testing

Bossi, Arthur Henrique; Mesquida, Cristian; Hopker, James; Ronnestad, Bent R.: Adding intermittent vibration to varied-intensity work intervals: no extra benefit

Publication Date: 12 January 2022

Training & Testing

Poon, Eric Tsz-Chun; Tomkinson, Grant; Huang, Wendy Yajun; Wong, Stephen H.S.: Temporal trends in the physical fitness of Hong Kong adolescents between 1998 and 2015

Publication Date: 12 October 2021


Zouhal, Hassane; Rhibi, Fatma; Salhi, Amal; Jayavel, Ayyappan; Hackney, Anthony C; Saeidi, Ayoub; Govindasamy, Karuppasamy; Tourny-Chollet, Claire; Clark, Cain C. T.; Ben Abderrahmane, Abderraouf: The effects of exercise training on plasma volume variations: A systematic review