DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

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Barbalho, Matheus; Coswig, Victor; Souza, Daniel; Serrão, Julio Cerca; Campos, Mário Hebling; Gentil, Paulo: Back Squat vs. Hip Thrust Resistance-training Programs in Well-trained Women
Kilgas, Matthew A.; Lytle, Lydia L.M.; Drum, Scott N.; Elmer, Steven J.: Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction to Improve Quadriceps Function Long After ACL Reconstruction
Rose, Catriona; Edwards, Kate M.; Siegler, Jason; Graham, Kenneth; Caillaud, Corinne: Whole-body Cryotherapy as a Recovery Technique after Exercise: A Review of the Literature
Vitale, Kenneth C.; Owens, Roberts; Hopkins, Susan R.; Malhotra, Atul: Sleep Hygiene for Optimizing Recovery in Athletes: Review and Recommendations
Rivière, Jean Romain; Rossi, Jérémy; Jimenez-Reyes, Pedro; Morin, Jean-Benoit; Samozino, Pierre: Where does the One-Repetition Maximum Exist on the Force-Velocity Relationship in Squat?
Stokes, Keith A.; Jones, Ben; Bennett, Mark; Close, Graeme L.; Gill, Nicholas; Hull, James H.; Kasper, Andreas M.; Kemp, Simon P.T.; Mellalieu, Stephen D.; Peirce, Nicholas; Stewart, Bob; Wall, Benjamin T.; West, Stephen W.; Cross, Matthew: Returning to Play after Prolonged Training Restrictions in Professional Collision Sports