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Fiorelli, Alfonso; Carlucci, Annalisa; Cascone, Roberto; Santini, Mario: Hemopatch to Fix Mobile Lobe after Thoracoscopic Lobectomy
Hata, Masatoshi; Bleiziffer, Sabine; Schramm, René; Gummert, Jan F.: Papillary Muscle Heads Focalization for Functional Mitral Regurgitation with Severe Tethering
Lee, Seok In; Choi, Chang Hyu; Park, Kook Yang; Park, Chul-Hyun: “Wings of a Butterfly” Technique in Modified Bentall's Procedure
Wilbring, Manuel; Matschke, Klaus Ehrhard; Alexiou, Konstantin; Di Eusanio, Marco; Kappert, Utz: Surgery without Scars: Right Lateral Access for Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement
Hata, Mitsumasa; Wakui, Shinji; Ishii, Yusuke; Hinoura, Rei; Isaka, Susumu; Tanaka, Masashi: Suturing Fenestration of the Left Subclavian Artery Orifice in Frozen Elephant Trunk Procedure

Issue 02/2021

Zeng, Bo; Zou, Jianyong; Yang, Weixiong; Liu, Zhenguo; Xie, Chunying; Cheng, Chao: A Modified VATS Procedure for Treating Adult Intralobar Pulmonary Sequestration

Issue 08/2020

Issue 06/2020

El Beyrouti, Hazem; Kornberger, Angela; Oberhoffer, Martin; Vahl, Christian-Friedrich: T-shaped Transseptal Approach for Mitral Valve Surgery

Issue 03/2020

Issue 07/2019

Issue 05/2019

Estevez-Cid, Francisco; Herrera-Norena, Jose María; de Sierra, Carlos Velasco-García: The “Auto-sliding Graft” Aortic Wrapping Technique

Issue 02/2019

Issue 08/2018

de Sierra, C. Velasco Garcia; Estevez-Cid, F.; Cuenca-Castillo, J. J.: High-Definition Video Recording: Taking Sport Technology to the Operating Room

Issue 07/2018

Hecker, Matthias; Hecker, Andreas; Mayer, Konstantin; Witte, Biruta: Management of Persistent Air Leaks with Intrabronchial Valves

Issue 05/2018

Issue 03/2018

Issue 02/2018

Issue 07/2017

Rabiou, Sani; Younssa, Hama; Didier, James; Ibrahim, Magagi; Harissou, Adamou; Adakal, Ousseini; Sani, Rachid: A Simplified Technique for Drainage of Chronic Calcified Pleural Empyema

Issue 05/2017

Issue 03/2017

Issue 02/2017

Issue 06/2016

Turtiainen, Johanna; Räsänen, Jari V.; Hiippala, Seppo; Tukiainen, Erkki; Salo, Jarmo A.: Amplatzer Device in Bronchial Stump Fistula after Extrapleural Pneumonectomy

Issue 04/2016

Issue 03/2016

Issue 02/2016

Issue 01/2016

Issue 06/2015

Issue 08/2014

Issue 06/2014

Issue 05/2014

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Issue 01/2014

Issue 08/2013

Galvin, Ivor F.; Haji Mohd Yasin, Nur Azri Bin; Saxena, Pankaj: Kinky Circumflex Grafts: The Left Appendage Flip Maneuver

Issue 07/2013

Issue 06/2013

Issue 04/2013

Issue 02/2013

Issue 08/2012

Issue 05/2012

Singh, Aditya Kumar; Agarwal, Saket; Satsangi, Deepak Kumar: Autograft Mitral Valve Replacement: A New Technique

Issue 02/2012

Issue 01/2003

Issue 04/2001

Vogt, P. R.; Akinturk, H.; Bettex, D. A.; Schmidlin, D.; Lachat, M. L.; Turina, M. I.: Modification of Surgical Aortoatrial Shunts for Inaccessible Bleeding in Aortic Surgery
Seita, J.; Sakakibara, Y.; Jikuya, T.; Shigeta, O.; Nakata, H.; Tsunoda, H.; Mitsui, T.: Surgical Management of a Penetrated Greenfield Inferior Vena Cava Filter

Issue 03/2001

Issue 01/1998