DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 10 · March 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-42599

Research Article

Wu, R. Ryanne; Myers, Rachel A.; Buchanan, Adam H.; Dimmock, David; Fulda, Kimberly G.; Haller, Irina V.; Haga, Susanne B.; Harry, Melissa L.; McCarty, Catherine; Neuner, Joan; Rakhra-Burris, Teji; Sperber, Nina; Voils, Corrine I.; Ginsburg, Geoffrey S.; Orlando, Lori A.: Effect of Sociodemographic Factors on Uptake of a Patient-Facing Information Technology Family Health History Risk Assessment Platform
Rousseau, Justin F.; Ip, Ivan K.; Raja, Ali S.; Valtchinov, Vladimir I.; Cochon, Laila; Schuur, Jeremiah D.; Khorasani, Ramin: Can Automated Retrieval of Data from Emergency Department Physician Notes Enhance the Imaging Order Entry Process?
Nichols, Kristen R.; Petschke, Allison L.; Webber, Emily C.; Knoderer, Chad A.: Comparison of Antibiotic Dosing Before and After Implementation of an Electronic Order Set
Thayer, Jeritt G.; Miller, Jeffrey M.; Fiks, Alexander G.; Tague, Linda; Grundmeier, Robert W.: Assessing the Safety of Custom Web-Based Clinical Decision Support Systems in Electronic Health Records: A Case Study
Prater, Laura; Sanchez, Anthony; Modan, Gabriella; Burgess, Jennifer; Frier, Kim; Richards, Nathan; Bose-Brill, Seuli: Electronic Health Record Documentation Patterns of Recorded Primary Care Visits Focused on Complex Communication: A Qualitative Study
Ancker, Jessica S.; Mauer, Elizabeth; Kalish, Robin B.; Vest, Joshua R.; Gossey, J. Travis: Early Adopters of Patient-Generated Health Data Upload in an Electronic Patient Portal

Letter to the Editor


Special Topic: Visual Analytics in Healthcare

Rogers, Jen; Spina, Nicholas; Neese, Ashley; Hess, Rachel; Brodke, Darrel; Lex, Alexander: Composer—Visual Cohort Analysis of Patient Outcomes

Research Article

Wilder, Jayme L.; Nadar, Devin; Gujral, Nitin; Ortiz, Benjamin; Stevens, Robert; Holder-Niles, Faye; Lee, John; Gaffin, Jonathan M.: Pediatrician Attitudes toward Digital Voice Assistant Technology Use in Clinical Practice
Kitzmiller, Rebecca R.; Vaughan, Ashley; Skeeles-Worley, Angela; Keim-Malpass, Jessica; Yap, Tracey L.; Lindberg, Curt; Kennerly, Susan; Mitchell, Claire; Tai, Robert; Sullivan, Brynne A.; Anderson, Ruth; Moorman, Joseph R.: Diffusing an Innovation: Clinician Perceptions of Continuous Predictive Analytics Monitoring in Intensive Care

Case Report

Hornik, Christoph P.; Atz, Andrew M.; Bendel, Catherine; Chan, Francis; Downes, Kevin; Grundmeier, Robert; Fogel, Ben; Gipson, Debbie; Laughon, Matthew; Miller, Michael; Smith, Michael; Livingston, Chad; Kluchar, Cindy; Heath, Anne; Jarrett, Chanda; McKerlie, Brian; Patel, Hetalkumar; Hunter, Christina; on behalf of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act–Pediatric Trials Network: Creation of a Multicenter Pediatric Inpatient Data Repository Derived from Electronic Health Records

Research Article

Eckert, Carly; Nieves-Robbins, Neris; Spieker, Elena; Louwers, Tom; Hazel, David; Marquardt, James; Solveson, Keith; Zahid, Anam; Ahmad, Muhammad; Barnhill, Richard; McKelvey, T. Greg; Marshall, Robert; Shry, Eric; Teredesai, Ankur: Development and Prospective Validation of a Machine Learning-Based Risk of Readmission Model in a Large Military Hospital

Case Report

Invited Editorial

Longhurst, Christopher A.; Davis, Taylor; Maneker, Amy; Eschenroeder, H. C.; Dunscombe, Rachel; Reynolds, George; Clay, Brian; Moran, Thomas; Graham, David B.; Dean, Shannon M.; Adler-Milstein, Julia; on behalf of the Arch Collaborative: Local Investment in Training Drives Electronic Health Record User Satisfaction

Research Article

Pitts, Samantha I.; Barasch, Noah; Maslen, Andrew T.; Thomas, Bridgette A.; Dorissaint, Leonard P.; Decker, Krista G.; Kazi, Sadaf; Yang, Yushi; Chen, Allen R.: Understanding CancelRx: Results of End-to-End Functional Testing, Proactive Risk Assessment, and Pilot Implementation
Durrani, Muhammad Imran Afzal; Qureshi, Noman Sohaib; Ahmad, Nadeem; Naz, Tabbasum; Amelio, Alessia: A Health Informatics Reporting System for Technology Illiterate Workforce Using Mobile Phone