DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 10 · Volume 37 · September 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-32471

Physiology & Biochemistry

Sugasawa, T.; Mukai, N.; Tamura, K.; Tamba, T.; Mori, S.; Miyashiro, Y.; Yamaguchi, M.; Nissato, S.; Ra, SG.; Yoshida, Y.; Hoshino, M.; Ohmori, H.; Kawakami, Y.; Takekoshi, K.: Effects of Cold Stimulation on Mitochondrial Activity and VEGF Expression in vitro
Toro-Salinas, A. H.; Fort, N.; Torrella, J. R.; Pagès, T.; Javierre, C.; Viscor, G.: Sildenafil does not Improve Exercise Capacity under Acute Hypoxia Exposure
Matelot, D.; Schnell, F.; Khodor, N.; Endjah, N.; Kervio, G.; Carrault, G.; Thillaye du Boullay, N.; Carre, F.: Does Deep Bradycardia Increase the Risk of Arrhythmias and Syncope in Endurance Athletes?

Training & Testing

Jimenez-Reyes, P.; Pareja-Blanco, F.; Cuadrado-Peñafiel, V.; Morcillo, J. A.; Párraga, J. A.; González-Badillo, J. J.: Mechanical, Metabolic and Perceptual Response during Sprint Training
Schoenell, M. C. W.; Alberton, C. L.; Tiggemann, C. L.; Noll, M.; Costa, R.; Santos, N. S.; Kruel, L. F. M.: Effects of Single Vs. Multiple Sets during 10 Weeks of Water-based Resistance Training on Neuromuscular Adaptations in Young Women
Marocolo, M.; Marocolo, I. C.; da Mota, G. R.; Simão, R.; Maior, A. S.; Coriolano, H.-J. Appell: Beneficial Effects of Ischemic Preconditioning in Resistance Exercise Fade Over Time
Shannon, O.; Barlow, M.; Duckworth, L.; Woods, D. R.; Barker, T.; Grindrod, A.; Griffiths, A.; O’Hara, J. P.: The Reliability of a Pre-Loaded Treadmill Time-Trial in Moderate Normobaric Hypoxia
Mays, R. J.; Goss, F. L.; Nagle, E. F.; Gallagher, M.; Haile, L.; Schafer, M. A.; Kim, K. H.; Robertson, R. J.: Cross-validation of Peak Oxygen Consumption Prediction Models From OMNI Perceived Exertion