DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 12 · Volume 43 · December 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22495

Original article

Chung, A.; Bourke, M. J.; Hourigan, L. F.; Lim, G.; Moss, A.; Williams, S. J.; McLeod, D.; Fanning, S.; Kariyawasam, V.; Byth, K.: Complete Barrett’s excision by stepwise endoscopic resection in short-segment disease: long term outcomes and predictors of stricture
Tsuji, Y.; Ohata, K.; Sekiguchi, M.; Ito, T.; Chiba, H.; Gunji, T.; Yamamichi, N.; Fujishiro, M.; Matsuhashi, N.; Koike, K.: An effective training system for endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric neoplasm
Kida, M.; Miyazawa, S.; Iwai, T.; Ikeda, H.; Takezawa, M.; Kikuchi, H.; Watanabe, M.; Imaizumi, H.; Koizumi, W.: Endoscopic management of malignant biliary obstruction by means of covered metallic stents: primary stent placement vs. re-intervention
Gross, S. A.; Buchner, A. M.; Crook, J. E.; Cangemi, J. R.; Picco, M. F.; Wolfsen, H. C.; DeVault, K. R.; Loeb, D. S.; Raimondo, M.; Woodward, T. A.; Wallace, M. B.: A comparison of high definition-image enhanced colonoscopy and standard white-light colonoscopy for colorectal polyp detection
Rondagh, E. J. A.; Masclee, A. A. M.; Bouwens, M. W. E.; Winkens, B.; Riedl, R. G.; de Bruïne, A. P.; de Ridder, R.; Kaltenbach, T.; Soetikno, R. M.; Sanduleanu, S.: Endoscopic red flags for the detection of high-risk serrated polyps: an observational study
Khalid-de Bakker, C.; Jonkers, D.; Smits, K.; Mesters, I.; Masclee, A.; Stockbrügger, R.: Participation in colorectal cancer screening trials after first-time invitation: a systematic review
Doi, S.; Yasuda, I.; Nakashima, M.; Iwashita, T.; Toda, K.; Mukai, T.; Iwata, K.; Itoi, T.; Moriwaki, H.: Carbon dioxide insufflation vs. conventional saline irrigation for peroral video cholangioscopy
Kuiper, T.; van den Broek, F. J. C.; van Eeden, S.; Wallace, M. B.; Buchner, A. M.; Meining, A.; van Hee, K.; Fockens, P.; Dekker, E.: New classification for probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy in the colon
Ohnishi, R.; Yasuda, I.; Kato, T.; Tanaka, T.; Kaneko, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Yasuda, S.; Sano, K.; Doi, S.; Nakashima, M.; Hara, T.; Tsurumi, H.; Murakami, N.; Moriwaki, H.: Combined endobronchial and endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration for mediastinal nodal staging of lung cancer
Fritscher-Ravens, A.; Cuming, T.; Olagbaiye, F.; Holland, C.; Milla, P.; Seehusen, F.; Hadeler, K. G.; Arlt, A.; Mannur, K.: Endoscopic transesophageal vs. thoracoscopic removal of mediastinal lymph nodes: a prospective randomized trial in a long term animal survival model


Domagk, D.; Mensink, P.; Aktas, H.; Lenz, P.; Meister, T.; Luegering, A.; Ullerich, H.; Aabakken, L.; Heinecke, A.; Domschke, W.; Kuipers, E.; Bretthauer, M.: Single- vs. double-balloon enteroscopy in small-bowel diagnostics: a randomized multicenter trial
Coriat, R.; Mozer, M.; Caux, F.; Chryssostalis, A.; Terris, B.; Grandjouan, S.; Benamouzig, R.; Martin, A.; Chaussade, S.: Endoscopic findings in Cowden syndrome

Case report/series

Suzuki, G.; Mellander, M. R.; Suzuki, A.; Rubio, C. A.; Lambert, R.; Björk, J.; Schmidt, P. T.: Usefulness of colonoscopic examination with indigo carmine in diagnosing microscopic colitis

Letters to the editor

Mori, H.; Kobara, H.; Fujihara, S.; Nishiyama, N.; Masaki, T.: Reply to Linghu et al.