DOI : 10.1055/s-00000054


Issue 05 · Volume 42 · September 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20375

Hiemke, C; Schlösser, B; Rupprecht, R: Editorial
Arlt, S; Brassen, S; Wilke, F; Eichenlaub, M; Apostolova, I; Buchert, R; Jahn, H: Association between FDG uptake, CSF biomarkers and cognitive performance in patients with probable Alzheimer's disease
Avrabos, C; Hambsch, B; Zieglgänsberger, W; Landgraf, R; Eder, M: Electrophysiological correlates of trait anxiety in mice
Baier, PC; Hallschmid, M; Seeck-Hirschner, M; Burkert, S; Diessner, N; Göder, R; Aldenhoff, JB; Hinze-Selch, D: Intranasal orexin A (hypocretin-1) restores the key REM-sleep abnormalities in human narcolepsy with cataplexy
Beck, J; Hemmeter, U; Brand, S; Muheim, F; Hatzinger, M; Holsboer-Trachsler, E: Modafinil reduces microsleep during partial sleep deprivation and improves antidepressant treatment response
Beitinger, PA; Fulda, S; Wehrle, R; Himmerich, H; Wetter, TC: Disturbed eating behaviour in patients with narcolepsy
Benninghoff, J; Genius, J; Möller, HJ; Vescovi, A; Rujescu, D: Impact of 5HT1A receptor subtype on adult neural stem cells derived from murine hippocampus
Bonn, M; Nietzer, SL; Jansen, F; Heiming, R; Winnig, M; Sachser, N; Lesch, KP; Asan, E; Schmitt, AG: Genotype-dependent and stress-related morphological changes of neurons in the brain of wildtype and serotonin transporter knockout mice
Born, C; Dittmann, S; Biedermann, C; Seemüller, F; Amann, B; Grunze, H; Schärer, LO: Validity of the National Institutes of Mental Health Life Chart self version (NIHM-sLCM)
Boxleitner, M; Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Genius, J; Ruppert, A; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Genetic association study in schizophrenia and intermediate phenotypes
Brand, S; Djurdjevic, A; Beck, J; Gerber, M; Hatzinger, M; Holsboer-Trachsler, E: Evidence of favorable sleep EEG patterns in adolescent male vigorous football players compared to controls
Brand, S; Gerber, M; Beck, J; Hatzinger, M; Holsboer-Trachsler, E: „Adolescent regular exercisers are better human beings!“
Brünen, S; Hiemke, C; Finger, S; Korf, F; Jahn, H; Wiedemann, K; Kiefer, F: Therapeutic drug monitoring of naltrexone in alcohol dependent patients
Bührsch, NC; Swoboda, U; Quante, A; Zeugmann, S; Bajbouj, M; Anghelescu, I; Heuser, I: Cortisol awakening reaction in depressed patients with and without early life stress
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Demiralay, C; Wiedemann, K; Kellner, M; Yassouridis, A; Jahn, H: Influence of exogenous ANP on the nocturnal HPA axis and sleep in healthy men
Devigny, C; Perez-Balderas, F; Hoogeland, B; Hausch, F: Biomimetic screening of CRHR ligands
Ditzen, C; Varadarajulu, J; Czibere, L; Gonik, M; Bunck, M; Teplytska, L; Müller-Myhsok, B; Holsboer, F; Landgraf, R; Turck, CW: Proteomic genotyping in a mouse model of trait anxiety exposes disease relevant pathways
Dodds, CM; Clark, L; Dove, A; Regenthal, R; Baumann, F; Bullmore, ET; Robbins, TW; Müller, U: Sulpiride modulates striatal BOLD signal during the manipulation of information in working memory
Dresler, M; Genzel, L; Kluge, M; Schüssler, P; Steiger, A: A double dissociation of memory impairments in major depression
Dresler, M; Genzel, L; Kluge, M; Schüssler, P; Steiger, A: A double dissociation of memory impairments in major depression
Eckert, GP; Hooff, GP; Strandjord, DM; Igbavboa, U; Volmer, DA; Müller, WE; Wood, WG: Regulation of the brain isoprenoids farnesyl- and geranylgeranyl-pyrophosphate is altered in male Alzheimer patients
Eichenlaub, M; Arlt, J; Steigert, J; Arlt, S; Yassouridis, A; Jahn, H: The influence of galantamine on heart rate variability (HRV)
Ettinger, U; Williams, SCR; Patel, D; Michel, TM; Nwaigwe, A; Caceres, A; Mehta, MA; Anilkumar, A; Kumari, V: Effects of acute nicotine on brain function in healthy smokers and non-smokers:estimation of inter-individual response heterogeneity
Filiou, MD; Zhang, YY; Bisle, B; Frank, E; Kessler, MS; Teplytska, L; Reckow, S; Haegler, K; Maccarrone, G; Hambsch, B; Landgraf, R; Turck, CW: Stable isotope metabolic labeling of a mouse model reveals synaptic biomarkers for anxiety disorders
Gassner, LM; Kiermeir, J; Siebörger, A; Adli, M: Effects of Euthymic Psychotherapy on Depression
Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Möller, HJ; van den Oord, E; Rujescu, D: Neuroticism as a risk factor for suicidal behavior
Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Schneider, B; Schnabel, A; Maurer, K; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Genetics of aggression and impulsiveness as risk factors for suicidal behavior
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