DOI: 10.1055/s-00000054



Publication Date: 26 April 2017

Letter to the Editor

Dirks, Henrike; Esser, Stefan; Brockmeyer, Norbert; Bonnet, Udo; Schifano, Fabrizio; Scherbaum, Norbert: Dramatic Changes Over Time of Methamphetamine Intake in a German, HIV-Positive, Sample of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)


Härtel-Petri, Roland; Krampe-Scheidler, Anne; Braunwarth, Wolf-Dietrich; Havemann-Reinecke, Ursula; Jeschke, Peter; Looser, Winfried; Mühlig, Stephan; Schäfer, Ingo; Scherbaum, Norbert; Bothe, Lydia; Schaefer, Corinna; Hamdorf, Willem: Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Pharmacologic Management of Methamphetamine Dependence, Relapse Prevention, Chronic Methamphetamine-Related, and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Post-Acute Settings

Publication Date: 25 April 2017

Original Paper

Eyre, Harris; Siddarth, Prabha; Cyr, Natalie; Yang, Hongyu; Cole, Steve; Forbes, Malcolm; Lavretsky, Helen: Comparing the Immune-Genomic Effects of Vilazodone and Paroxetine in Late-Life Depression: A Pilot Study


Publication Date: 24 April 2017

Publication Date: 18 April 2017

Publication Date: 28 March 2017

Publication Date: 27 March 2017

Letter to the Editor

Buschkamp, Jens-Armin; Frohn, Corinna; Juckel, Georg: Mirtazapine Induces Nightmares in Depressed Patients

Publication Date: 15 March 2017


Wodarz, Norbert; Krampe-Scheidler, Anne; Christ, Michael; Fleischmann, Heribert; Looser, Winfried; Schoett, Katharina; Vilsmeier, Frank; Bothe, Lydia; Schaefer, Corinna; Gouzoulis-Mayfrank, Euphrosyne: Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Pharmacological Management of Acute Methamphetamine-Related Disorders and Toxicity

Publication Date: 14 March 2017

Publication Date: 09 March 2017

Original Article

Mauri, Massimo Carlo; Paletta, Silvia; Di Pace, Chiara; Reggiori, Alessandra; Rovera, Chiara; Fiorentini, Alessio; Altamura, Carlo Alfredo: Paliperidone Long-Acting Plasma Level Monitoring and a New Method of Evaluation of Clinical Stability

Publication Date: 08 February 2017


Dinger, Jürgen; Hinner, Patricia; Reichert, Jörg; Rüdiger, Mario: Methamphetamine Consumption during Pregnancy – Effects on Child Health

Publication Date: 04 October 2016

Original Paper

Ghajar, A.; Neishabouri, S. M.; Velayati, N.; Jahangard, L.; Matinnia, N.; Haghighi, M.; Ghaleiha, A.; Afarideh, M.; Salimi, S.; Meysamie, A.; Akhondzadeh, S.: Crocus sativus L. versus Citalopram in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress: A Double-Blind, Controlled Clinical Trial