DOI: 10.1055/s-00000017

Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes

Issue 04/05 · Volume 94 · 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-19229 Note: In Print published as 1989, Vol. 94, Issue 1/2


Rohde, W.; Ohkawa, T.; Götz, F.; Stahl, F.; Tönjes, R.; Takeshita, S.; Arakawa, S.; Kambegawa, A.; Arai, K.; Okinaga, S.; Dörner, G.: Sex-Specific Effects on the Fetal Neuroendocrine System during Acute Stress in Late Pregnancy of Rat and the Influence of a Simultaneous Treatment by Tyrosine1)
Döcke, F.; Ledwon, P.; Stürzebecher, B.; Rohde, W.; Dörner, G.: Oestrogen Priming for the Positive Oestrogen Feedback: Site of Action*)
Jarzab, Barbara; Gubala, Elzbieta; Achtelik, W.; Lindner, Grazyna; Pogorzelska, Ewa; Döhler, K.-D.: Postnatal Treatment of Rats with Beta-adrenergic Agonists or Antagonists Influences Differentiation of Sexual Brain Functions*)
Hesse, V.; Vilser, C.; Scheibe, J.; Jahreis, G.; Foley, T.: Thyroid Hormone Metabolism under Extreme Body Exercises*)
Macho, L.; Kvetňtnský, R.; Ficková, Mária: Activation of the Sympathoadrenal System in Rats during Hypokinesia*)
Knappe, G.; Gerl, Helga; Rückert, R.-I.; Rückert, Yvonne; Rohde, W.; Stahl, F.: Paradoxical Response of Plasma ß-Endorphin to Combined Administration of TRH and GnRH in Adrenal Disorders *)
Julius, U.; Leonardt, W.; Noack, D.; Schulze, J.; Nikulcheva, Nina G.; Jaross, W.; Hanefeld, M.: Pathogenetic Role of Adipose Tissue Lipase Deficit for Development of Hypertriglyceridaemia*)
Hillesheim, H. G.; Ritter, Petra; Valentin, Ulrike; Hobe, G.: Pharmacokinetics of the Progestin Dienogest (STS 557) in Rabbits*)
Hobe, G.; Schön, Renate; Wehrberger, K.; Schade, W.; Ritter, Petra; Hillesheim, H. G.: Studies on the Biotransformation of the Progestagen Dienogest in the Rabbit *)

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