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Issue eFirst

Gottardi, Roman; Berger, Tim; Voetsch, Andreas; Winkler, Andreas; Krombholz-Reindl, Philipp; Farkouh, Andre; Kondov, Stoyan; Rylski, Bartosz; Sodian, Ralf; Czerny, Martin: What Is the Best Method to Achieve Safe and Precise Stent-Graft Deployment in Patients Undergoing TEVAR?
Chen, Xingshi; Zhang, Zhengyuan; Xu, Ning; Ma, Dongchun; Li, Hecheng: Review of Approaches to Developing Intersegmental Plane during Segmentectomy

Issue 01/2021

Issue 05/2020

Doenst, Torsten; Bargenda, Steffen; Kirov, Hristo; Moschovas, Alexandros; Tkebuchava, Sophie; Safarov, Rauf; Velichkov, Ilia; Diab, Mahmoud: Cardiac Surgery 2019 Reviewed

Issue 04/2020

Kuhtin, Oleg; Veith, Marina; Alghanem, Mohammed; Martel, Ivan; Giller, Dmitrii; Haas, Viktor; Lampl, Ludwig: Thoracoplasty—Current View on Indication and Technique

Issue 01/2020

Issue 03/2019

Wachter, Kristina; Franke, Ulrich F.W.; Rustenbach, Christian J.; Baumbach, Hardy: Minimally Invasive versus Conventional LVAD-Implantation—An Analysis of the Literature

Issue 02/2019

Yamashita, Kennosuke; Hu, Nan; Ranjan, Ravi; Selzman, Craig H.; Dosdall, Derek J.: Clinical Risk Factors for Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation among Patients after Cardiac Surgery

Issue 06/2018

Issue 04/2018

Naito, Shiho; Hillebrand, Mathias; Bernhardt, Alexander Martin Justus; Jagodzinski, Annika; Conradi, Lenard; Detter, Christian; Sydow, Karsten; Reichenspurner, Hermann; Kodolitsch, Yskert von; Girdauskas, Evaldas: The Value of Circulating Biomarkers in Bicuspid Aortic Valve-Associated Aortopathy

Issue 03/2018

Yuksel, Ahmet; Cayir, Mustafa Cagdas; Kumtepe, Gencehan; Velioglu, Yusuf; Atli, Fahri Hayri; Muduroglu, Ayhan; Gurbuz, Orcun: An Overview and Update of Femorofemoral Crossover Bypass Surgery as an Extra-Anatomic Bypass Procedure

Issue 01/2018

Doenst, Torsten; Schlensak, Christian; Schibilsky, David; Faerber, Gloria: Do We Need Basic Research in Cardiac Surgery?
Charitos, Efstratios I.; Wilbring, Manuel; Treede, Hendrik: Data Science Meets the Clinician: Challenges and Future Directions
Heim, Christian; Gocht, Annika; Weyand, Michael; Ensminger, Stephan: New Targets for the Prevention of Chronic Rejection after Thoracic Organ Transplantation
Nazari-Shafti, Timo Z.; Kempfert, Jörg; Falk, Volkmar; Röll, Wilhelm; Stamm, Christof: Regenerative Medicine/Cardiac Cell Therapy: Adult/Somatic Progenitor Cells
Duran, Ana G.; Reidell, Olivia; Stachelscheid, Harald; Klose, Kristin; Gossen, Manfred; Falk, Volkmar; Röll, Wilhelm; Stamm, Christof: Regenerative Medicine/Cardiac Cell Therapy: Pluripotent Stem Cells

Issue 08/2017

Pfannmueller, Bettina; Misfeld, Martin; Haensig, Martin; Davierwala, Piroze; Mohr, Friedrich Wilhelm: Tricuspid Valve Repair after Previous Mitral Valve Surgery
Burri, Melchior; Lange, Rüdiger: Surgical Treatment of Ebstein's Anomaly

Issue 02/2017

Boening, A.; Karck, M.; Conzelmann, L.O.; Easo, J.; Krüger, T.; Rylski, B.; Weigang, E.: German Registry for Acute Aortic Dissection Type A: Structure, Results, and Future Perspectives

Issue 08/2016

Issue 07/2016

Gockel, Ines; Niebisch, Stefan; Ahlbrand, Constantin Johannes; Hoffmann, Christian; Möhler, Markus; Düber, Christoph; Lang, Hauke; Heid, Florian: Risk and Complication Management in Esophageal Cancer Surgery: A Review of the Literature

Issue 08/2015

Petricevic, Mate; Milicic, Davor; Boban, Marko; Mihaljevic, Martina Zrno; Baricevic, Zeljko; Kolic, Kresimir; Dolic, Kresimir; Konosic, Lucija; Kopjar, Tomislav; Biocina, Bojan: Bleeding and Thrombotic Events in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support: A Review of Literature

Issue 07/2015

Issue 01/2015

Petricevic, Mate; Kopjar, Tomislav; Biocina, Bojan; Milicic, Davor; Kolic, Kresimir; Boban, Marko; Skoric, Bosko; Lekic, Ante; Gasparovic, Hrvoje: The Predictive Value of Platelet Function Point-of-Care Tests for Postoperative Blood Loss and Transfusion in Routine Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review
Dimarakis, Ioannis; Grant, Stuart; Corless, Rebecca; Velissaris, Theodore; Prince, Martin; Bridgewater, Ben; Asimakopoulos, George: Impact of Hepatic Cirrhosis on Outcome in Adult Cardiac Surgery

Issue 06/2014

Doenst, Torsten; Amorim, Paulo A.; Diab, Mahmoud; Hagendorff, Andreas; Faerber, Gloria; Graff, Jürgen; Rastan, Ardawan; Deutsch, Oliver; Eichinger, Walter; PAR I Investigators: Novel Thoughts on Patient–Prosthesis Mismatch in Aortic Valve Replacement: The Rationale for the PAR I Trial

Issue 04/2014

Deppe, Antje-Christin; Adler, Christoph; Madershahian, Navid; Reuter, Hannes; Bangard, Christopher; Baldus, Stephan; Wahlers, Thorsten; Wippermann, Jens: Cardiac Liposarcoma—A Review of Outcome after Surgical Resection
Li, Shikang; Feng, Zhiqiang; Wu, Lishuo; Huang, Qiangxin; Pan, Shangling; Tang, Xianyan; Ma, Buguo: Analysis of 11 Trials Comparing Muscle-Sparing with Posterolateral Thoracotomy

Issue 01/2014

Issue 06/2013

Issue 04/2013

Ammari, Zaid A.; Mollberg, Nathan M.; Abdelhady, Khaled; Mansueto, Mario D.; Massad, Malek G.: Diagnosis and Management of Primary Effusion Lymphoma in the Immunocompetent and Immunocompromised Hosts

Issue 01/2013

Issue 05/2012

Issue 04/2001

Ehrlich, M. P.; Wolner, E.: Neuroprotection in Aortic Surgery

Issue 02/1979

Borst, H. G.; Papagiannakis, N.; Beddermann, Ch.; Oelert, H.: Cardiac Valve Replacement. Problems Solved and Unsolved