DOI: 10.1055/s-00029352

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open

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Massada, Karen E. M.; Wu, Meagan; Webster, Theresa K.; Panichella, Juliet; Coronado, Michael C.; Talemal, Lindsay; Elmer, Nicholas; Araya, Sthefano; Brebion, Rohan; Baltodano, Pablo A.; Patel, Sameer A.: Fibrin Sealants Do Not Reduce the Rate of Seroma Formation in Postmastectomy Breast Reconstruction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Mizuta, Haruki; Motomura, Hisashi; Hatano, Takaharu: Effective surgical approach for Breast cancer-related lymphedema using high-quality vein viewer surgical approach for lymphedema using vein viewer
Manganiello, Marc Damian; Knaus, William J.; Cohen, Justin B.; Lee, Bernard T.: Penile Self-amputation
Falola, Reuben A.; Rodriguez-Unda, Nelson A.; Probe, Robert A.; Papaconstantinou, Harry T.; Saint-Cyr, Michel H.; Altman, Andrew M.: Improving Preoperative Communication and First Case On-Time Starts with the Surgical Flight Plan: A Pilot Study
Palacios, Julio Juarez; Hanson, Erik Viana; Rendon, Marco Aurelio Medina; Infante, Raúl-Saldaña López: Reconstruction of Head and Neck Mucormycosis: A Literature Review and Own Experience in Immediate Reconstruction