DOI: 10.1055/s-00040444

Journal of Morphological Sciences

Issue 01 · Volume 35 · March 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40768

Review Article

Magaldi, C.M.; Saraiva, A.; Franciulli, P.M.; Magaldi, F.M.; Moreno, M.; Miranda, M.L.J.; Maifrino, L.B.M.: The Influence of Physical Activity on Functional Performance and Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Women

Case Report

Bansal, S.; Budhiraja, V.; Swami, S.; Gupta, R.; Gaur, N.: Biceps Brachii Muscle with Third Head a Case Study

Original Article

Campos, D.; Páfaro, J.N.; Goulart, G.R.; Silveira, C.H.; Cella, P.A.M.; Malysz, T.; Jotz, G.P.: Degree of Myelination (g-ratio) of the Human Hypoglossal Nerve
Duque Parra, J.E.; Barco Ríos, J.; García Aguirre, J.F.: Atlanto-Occipital Synostosis in a Colombian Population Sample
Fazel Shooraki, H.; Saadatfar, Z.; Shahsavani, D.: Skin Development in H. huso Larvae
Silva, F.A.; Silva, T.S.; Souza, P.R.F.B.; Reis, R.S.; Ferreira, M.R.S.; Magalhães, C.P.: Morphological and Morphometric Study of the Supratrochlear Foramen
Capote, T. S. O.; Barroso, R. A. A.; Pinto, S. T. P.; Conte, M. B.; Campos, J. A. D. B.; Bolini, P. D. A.; Gonçalves, M. A.: A Contribution to the Anatomical Study of the Mandibular Premolars
Soares, B. O.; Ribeiro, F. S.; Santos, I. F.; Silva, A. C. A. A.; Amorim, M.; Shiosaki, R. K.; Bettencourt Pires, M. A.; Schwingel, P. A.; Silva Júnior, E. X.: Are Corpses the Best Method for Practical Anatomy Assessment, According to Health Course Students?
Tironi, L. M. T.; Beraldi, E. J.; Borges, S. C.; Massocato, C. L.; Vieira, S. L. V.; Sant'ana, D. M. G.; Araújo, E. J. A.; Buttow, N. C.: Toxoplasmic Infection-induced Injury in the Ileal Myenteric Plexus in Rats Depends on the Dose of Toxoplasma gondii Oocysts