DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Aktuelle Ausgabe 02 · Volume 11 · März 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-46099

Research Article

Becker, Matthias; Böckmann, Britta; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz; Stuschke, Martin; Paul, Andreas; Kasper, Stefan; Virchow, Isabel: Mapping Patient Data to Colorectal Cancer Clinical Algorithms for Personalized Guideline-Based Treatment
Williams, Amy; Turer, Christy; Smith, Jamie; Nievera, Isabelle; McCulloch, Laura; Wareg, Nuha; Clary, Megan; Rajagopalan, Anuradha; Brownson, Ross C.; Koopman, Richelle J.; Hampl, Sarah: Adoption of an Electronic Medical Record Tool for Childhood Obesity by Primary Care Providers
Dewan, Maya; Vidrine, Rhea; Zackoff, Matthew; Paff, Zachary; Seger, Brandy; Pfeiffer, Stephen; Hagedorn, Philip; Stalets, Erika L.: Design, Implementation, and Validation of a Pediatric ICU Sepsis Prediction Tool as Clinical Decision Support
Pfeifer, Ethan; Lozovatsky, Margaret; Abraham, Joanna; Kannampallil, Thomas: Effect of an Alternative Newborn Naming Strategy on Wrong-Patient Errors: A Quasi-Experimental Study