DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 02 · Volume 14 · March 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-56950

Research Article

Tanny, Sharman P. Tan; Hsu, Rebecca P.; Teague, Warwick J.; Truong, Diana; Cheng, Daryl R.: Workflow Improvement of Electronic Health Record Usage in a Tertiary Pediatric Burns Clinic
Shear, Kristen; Rice, Hannah; Garabedian, Pamela M.; Bjarnadottir, Ragnhildur; Lathum, Nancy; Horgas, Ann L.; Harle, Christopher A.; Dykes, Patricia C.; Lucero, Robert: Usability Testing of an Interoperable Computerized Clinical Decision Support Tool for Fall Risk Management in Primary Care
Tan, Hung-Jui; Chung, Arlene E.; Gotz, David; Deal, Allison M.; Heiling, Hillary M.; Teal, Randall; Vu, Maihan B.; Meeks, William D.; Fang, Raymond; Bennett, Antonia V.; Nielsen, Matthew E.; Basch, Ethan: Electronic Health Record Use and Perceptions among Urologic Surgeons
Schepens, Maike H. J.; Trompert, Annemarie C.; van Hooff, Miranda L.; van der Velde, Erik; Kallewaard, Marjon; Verberk-Jonkers, Iris J. A. M.; Cense, Huib A.; Somford, Diederik M.; Repping, Sjoerd; Tromp, Selma C.; Wouters, Michel W. J. M.: Using Existing Clinical Information Models for Dutch Quality Registries to Reuse Data and Follow COUMT Paradigm
Rajamani, Geetanjali; Diethelm, Molly; Gunderson, Melissa A.; Talluri, Venkata S. M.; Motz, Patricia; Steinhaus, Jennifer M.; LaFlamme, Anne E.; Jarabek, Bryan; Christiaansen, Tori; Blade, Jeffrey T.; Badlani, Sameer; Melton, Genevieve B.: Crowdsourcing Electronic Health Record Improvements at Scale across an Integrated Health Care Delivery System
Lane, Sarah; Fitzsimmons, Emma; Zelefksy, Abraham; Klein, Jonathan; Kaur, Savneet; Viswanathan, Shankar; Garg, Madhur; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Jariwala, Sunit P.: Assessing Electronic Health Literacy at an Urban Academic Hospital
Langevin, Raina; Berry, Andrew B. L.; Zhang, Jinyang; Fockele, Callan E.; Anderson, Layla; Hsieh, Dennis; Hartzler, Andrea; Duber, Herbert C.; Hsieh, Gary: Implementation Fidelity of Chatbot Screening for Social Needs: Acceptability, Feasibility, Appropriateness
Martin, Blake; Mulhern, Brendan; Majors, Melissa; Rolison, Elise; McCombs, Tiffany; Smith, Grant; Fisher, Colin; Diaz, Elizabeth; Downen, Dana; Brittan, Mark: Improving Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Discharge Timeliness of Infants with Bronchiolitis Using Clinical Decision Support

Special Section on Patient Engagement in Informatics

Turchioe, Meghan Reading; Mangal, Sabrina; Goyal, Parag; Axsom, Kelly; Myers, Annie; Liu, Lisa G.; Lee, Jessie; Campion, Thomas R.; Creber, Ruth Masterson: A RE-AIM Evaluation of a Visualization-Based Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome System
Morse, Brad; Allen, Marvyn; Schilling, Lisa M.; Soares, Andrey; DeSanto, Kristen; Holliman, Brooke Dorsey; Lee, Rita S.; Kwan, Bethany M.: Community Engagement in Research and Design of a Transgender Health Information Resource
Armstrong, Misha; Benda, Natalie C.; Seier, Kenneth; Rogers, Christopher; Ancker, Jessica S.; Stetson, Peter D.; Peng, Yifan; Diamond, Lisa C.: Improving Cancer Care Communication: Identifying Sociodemographic Differences in Patient Portal Secure Messages Not Authored by the Patient

Case Report

Xie, James; Hogan, Adam; McPherson, Tom; Pageler, Natalie; Lee, Tzielan; Carlson, Jennifer: Creating a Guardrail System to Ensure Appropriate Activation of Adolescent Portal Accounts
Brewster, Ryan C.L.; Zhang, Jessica; Stewart, Melissa; Kaur, Ravneet; Arellano, Marlíse; Bourgeois, Fabienne: A Prescription for Internet: Feasibility of a Tablet Loaner Program to Address Digital Health Inequities
Rasmussen, Luke V.; Agrawal, Akansha H.; Botsford, Paul; Powers, Andrew; Schnoebelen, Jeffrey; Xinos, Stavroula; Harper, Gail; Thanner, Jane; McCabe, Sarah; Moore, Stephen; Wicklund, Catherine A.; Duquette, Debra; Gordon, Elisa J.: Challenges of Integrating APOL1 Genetic Test Results into the Electronic Health Record
Miller, Steven D.; Murphy, Zachary; Gray, Joshua H.; Marsteller, Jill; Oliva-Hemker, Maria; Maslen, Andrew; Lehmann, Harold P.; Nagy, Paul; Hutfless, Susan; Gurses, Ayse P.: Human-Centered Design of a Clinical Decision Support for Anemia Screening in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Invited Editorial

Payne, Thomas H.; Lehmann, Christoph U.; Zatzick, Alina K.: The Voice of the Patient and the Electronic Health Record

State of the Art/Best Practice Paper

Adolescent Privacy and the Electronic Health Record

Bedgood, Michael; Rabbani, Naveed; Brown, Conner; Goldstein, Rachel; Carlson, Jennifer L.; Steinberg, Ethan; Powell, Austin; Pageler, Natalie M.; Morse, Keith: The Prevalence of Confidential Content in Adolescent Progress Notes Prior to the 21st Century Cures Act Information Blocking Mandate

Response to the Letter to the Editor