DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 07 · Volume 54 · 1985 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45126

Original Article

Hols, Hans; Sixma, Jan J; Leunissen-Bijvelt, J; Verkley, Arie: Freeze-Fracture Studies of Human Blood Platelets Activated by Thrombin Using Rapid Freezing
Ishihara, Noriko; Nagao, Kunihiro; Kobayashi, Bonro: Tyrosine Phosphorylation of Platelet Protein Induced by Phorbol Ester
Nordfang, O; Ezban, M; Favaloro, J M; Dahl, H H M; Hansen, J J: Specificity of Monoclonal Antibodies to Factor VIII: C
Sette, H; Hughes, R D; Langley, P G; Gimson, A E S; Williams, R: Heparin Response and Clearance in Acute and Chronic Liver Disease
Peters, A M; Saverymuttu, S H; Malik, F; Ind, P W; Lavender, J P: Intrahepatic Kinetics of lndium-111-Labelled Platelets
Léon Alhenc-Gelas, M; Aiach, M; Gorenflot, A; Andreux, J P: Antithrombin III Antigen in Human Platelets
Kirchheimer, J C; Huber, K; Polterauer, P; Binder, B R: Urokinase Antigen in Plasma of Patients with Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatoma
Reyers, Ine; Hennissen, Adje; Donati, Maria Benedetta; Hornstra, Gerard; de Gaetano, Giovanni: Aspirin and the Prevention of Experimental Arterial Thrombosis: Difficulty in Establishing Unequivocal Effectiveness
Blamey, S L; Lowe, G D O; Bertina, R M; Kluft, C; Sue-Ling, H M; Davies, J A; Forbes, C D: Protein C Antigen Levels in Major Abdominal Surgery: Relationships to Deep Vein Thrombosis, Malignancy and Treatment with Stanozolol
Sié, P; Dopouy, D; Pichon, J; Boneu, B: Turnover Study of Heparin Cofactor II in Healthy Man
Mertens, K; van Wijngaarden, A; Bertina, R M; Veltkamp, J J: The Functional Defect of Factor VIII Leiden, a Genetic Variant of Coagulation Factor VIII
Emeis, J J; van den Hoogen, C M; Jense, D: Hepatic Clearance of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator in Rats
Rodeghiero, F; Castaman, G C; Chisesi, T; De Rossi, A; Dalla Gassa, O; Del Mistro, A; Dini, E; Castronovo, S; Pornaro, E; Chieco-Bianchi, L: One Year Follow-Up Study of T-Cell Subsets and Incidence of Seropositivity for HTLV-I and HTLV-III Antibodies in Patients Treated “On Demand” or Sporadically with Clotting Concentrates
Barrowcliffe, T W; Curtis, A D; Tomlinson, T P; Hubbard, A R; Johnson, E A; Thomas, D P: Standardization of Low Molecular Weight Heparins : A Collaborative Study
Angles-Cano, E; Rondeau, E; Delarue, F; Hagege, J; Sultan, Y; Sraer, J D: Identification and Cellular Localization of Plasminogen Activators from Human Glomeruli
Langley, P G; Hughes, R D; Williams, Roger: Increased Factor VIII Complex in Fulminant Hepatic Failure
Batlle, J; del Río, F; López Fernández, M F; Martín, R; López Borrasca, A: Effect of Dextran on Factor Vlll/von Willebrand Factor Structure and Function
Han, Yangsook; Lawson, William B; Jean Dodds, W; Lawrence, Charles E: Prothrombin Time Proficiency Testing: A Robust Grading Method
Alving, Barbara M; Baldwin, Phillip E; Richards, Roberta L; Jackson, Beverly J: The Dilute Phospholipid APTT: A Sensitive Assay for Verification of Lupus Anticoagulants
Ding, Yu-An; MacIntyre, D Euan; Kenyon, Christopher J; Semple, Peter F: Potentiation of Adrenaline-Induced Platelet Aggregation by Angiotensin II

Letter to the Editor

Sas, Géza; Blaskó, György; Petrö, Iván; Griffin, John H: A Protein S Deficient Family with Portal Vein Thrombosis
Samama, M; Nguyen, G; Szwarcer, E; Conard, J: Problems on t-PA Specific Inhibitor Determination in Human Plasma
Pogliani, E M; Cofrancesco, E; Salvatore, M; Boschetti, C; Cortellaro, M: High Fibrinopeptide A Levels Modified by Heparin in Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia
Sié, P; Caranobe, C; Benalioua, M; Boneu, B: Homozygous Hemophilia A in a Female
Kirchheimer, Johannes C; Binder, Bernd R; Pflueger, Heinz; Hienert, Gregor: Does Plasma Urokinase Antigen Reflect Tumor Urokinase in Prostatic Carcinoma?
Páramo, J A; Rocha, E; Cuesta, B; Arejola, J M; Montejo, M; Aguirre, J; Prieto, J; Hernando, E Rocha: Fibrinolysis in Degos’ Disease
Parkin, J D; Smith, I L: Sex and Bleeding Time