DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 08 · Volume 46 · 1981 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40627

Original Article

Bengmark, Stig; Elmér, Olle; Göransson, Göran; Zoucas, Evita: In Vitro Effect of Ethanol on ADP and Collagen-Induced Platelet Aggregation
Frommel, D; Allain, J P; Saint-Paul, E; Bosser, C; Noël, B; Mannucci, P M; Pannicucci, F; Blombäck, M; Prou-Wartelle, O; Muller, J Y: HLA Antigens and Factor VIII Antibody in Classic Hemophilia
Gomperts, Edward D; Jordan, Stanley; Berg, Debbie; Sakai, Rebecca; Boylen, Lois: Circulating Immune Complexes Pre and Post Clotting Factor Infusion in Hemophilia
Kernoff, Leslie M; Rose, Alan G; Hughes, Jane; Jacobs, Peter: Autopsy Findings in an Elderly Man Suffering from Severe von Willebrand’s Disease
Khanduri, U; Pulimood, R; Sudarasanam, A; Carman, R H; Jadhav, M; Pereira, S: Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia
Khanduri, U; Pulimood, R; Sudarasanam, A; Carman, R H; Jadhav, M; Pereira, S; Pulimood, B M: Essential Athrombia
Kennedy, P S; Ware, J; Horak, J K; Solis, R: Factors Affecting the Size of Platelet Aggregates in Blood
Coots, M C; Miller, M A; Glueck, H I: The Lupus Inhibitor: A Study of Its Heterogeneity
Andrassy, K; Salzmann, W; Saggau, W; Storch, H; Ritz, E: Is More Heparin Necessary for Low-Dose Heparin Prophylaxis in Uremic Patients?
Ludlam, C A; Allan, N; blandford, R B; Dowdle, R; Bentley, N J; Bloom, A L: Platelet and Coagulation Function in Patients with Abnormal Cardiac Valves Treated with Sulphinpyrazone
Zuckerman, L; Cohen, E; Vagher, J P; Woodward, E; Caprini, J A: Comparison of Thrombelastography with Common Coagulation Tests

Letter to the Editor

Castillo, R; Maragall, S; Monteagudo, J; Ordinas, A: Transitoriness of the Alteration of Factor VIII in von Willebrand’s Disease