DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 09 · Volume 98 · 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-36077

Theme Issue Editorial

Frutos, Pablo García de: Mechanisms of thrombophilia

Theme Issue Article

Nitsche-Schmitz, Patric D.; Rohde, Manfred; Chhatwal, Gursharan S.: Invasion mechanisms of Gram-positive pathogenic cocci
Rivera, Jose; Vannakambadi, Ganesh; Höök, Magnus; Speziale, Pietro: Fibrinogen-binding proteins of Gram-positive bacteria
Aepfelbacher, Martin; Trasak, Claudia; Ruckdeschel, Klaus: Effector functions of pathogenic Yersinia species
Segers, Kenneth; Dahlbäck, Björn; Nicolaes, Gerry A. F.: Coagulation factor V and thrombophilia: Background and mechanisms
Frutos, Pablo García de; Fuentes-Prior, Pablo; Hurtado, Begoña; Sala, Núria: Molecular basis of protein S deficiency
Hernández-Espinosa, David; Ordóñez, Adriana; Vicente, Vicente; Corral, Javier: Factors with conformational effects on haemostatic serpins: Implications in thrombosis
Medina, Pilar; Navarro, Silvia; Estellés, Amparo; España, Francisco: Polymorphisms in the endothelial protein C receptor gene and thrombophilia
Oldenburg, Johannes; Bevans, Carville G.; Fregin, Andreas; Geisen, Christof; Müller-Reible, Clemens; Watzka, Matthias: Current pharmacogenetic developments in oral anticoagulation therapy: The influence of variant VKORC1 and CYP2C9 alleles

Review Article

Cornet, Alexander D.; Smit, Ellen G. M.; Beishuizen, Albertus; Groeneveld, A. B. Johan: The role of heparin and allied compounds in the treatment of sepsis

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Hommais, Antoine; Rayes, Julie; Houllier, Anne; Obert, Bernadette; Legendre, Paulette; Veyradier, Agnes; Girma, Jean-Pierre; Ribba, Anne-Sophie: Molecular characterization of four ADAMTS13 mutations responsible for congenital thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (Upshaw-Schulman syndrome)
Devreese, Katrien; Wijns, Walter; Combes, Isabelle; Vankerckhoven, Soetkin; Hoylaerts, Marc F.: Thrombin generation in plasma of healthy adults and children: Chromogenic versus fluorogenic thrombogram analysis
Desbuards, Nicolas; Rochefort, Gaël Y.; Schlecht, Deborah; Machet, Marie-Christine; Halimi, Jean-Michel; Eder, Véronique; Hyvelin, Jean-Marc; Antier, Daniel: Heme oxygenase-1 inducer hemin prevents vascular thrombosis
Vayá, Amparo; Falcó, Cristina; Simó, María; Ferrando, Fernando; Mira, Yolanda; Todolí, José; España, Francisco; Corella, Dolores: Influence of lipids and obesity on haemorheological parameters in patients with deep vein thrombosis

Endothelium and Vascular Development

Iorio, Alfonso; Federici, Marco Orsini; Mourvaki, Evangelia; Ferolla, Piero; Piroddi, Marta; Stabile, Anna; Timi, Alessandra; Celleno, Roberta; Benedetti, Massimo Massi: Impaired endothelial antithrombotic activity following short-term interruption of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion in type1 diabetic patients

Cardiovascular Biology and Cell Signalling

Nisio, Marcello Di; Febbo, Concetta Di; Moretta, Valeria; Guglielmi, Maria Domenica; Stuppia, Liborio; Cuccurullo, Franco; Porreca, Ettore: Effects of toll-like receptor-4 gene polymorphisms on soluble P-selectin and von Willebrand factor levels in hypercholesterolemic patients
Castelnuovo, Augusto Di; Quacquaruccio, Gianni; Jozef, Arnout; Cappuccio, Francesco Paolo; Lorgeril, Michel de; Dirckx, Carla; Donati, Maria Benedetta; Krogh, Vittorio; Siani, Alfonso; van Dongen, Marten C. J. M.; Zito, Francesco; Gaetano, Giovanni de; Iacoviello, Licia; European Collaborative Group of the Project; on behalf of: Cardiovascular risk factors and global risk of fatal cardiovascular disease are positively correlated between partners of 802 married couples from different European countries

Cellular Proteolysis and Oncology

Seddighzadeh, Ali; Shetty, Ranjith; Goldhaber, Samuel Z.: Venous thromboembolism in patients with active cancer

Animal Models

Spek, Arnold C.; ten Kate, Fiebo J. W.; te Velde, Anje A.: Factor V Leiden and the etiology of inflammatory bowel disease

New Technologies, Diagnostic Tools and Drugs

Dommke, Christoph; Haase, Karl K.; Süselbeck, Tim; Streitner, Ines; Haghi, Dariush; Metz, Jürgen; Borggrefe, Martin; Herdeg, Christian: Local paclitaxel delivery after coronary stenting in an experimental animal model

Case Report

Letters to the Editor

Milojkovic, Dragana; Patel, Raj; Ford, Elizabeth; Arya, Roopen; Mufti, Ghulam: Acquired factor V inhibitor after haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Gatt, Alex; van Veen, Joost J.; Cooper, Peter; Kitchen, Steve; Makris, Michael: Protein C deficiency screening using a thrombin generation assay – An upgrade
André, Elisabeth; Hacquard, Marie; Alnot, Yveline; Maistre, Emmanuel de; Lecompte, Thomas: Activated protein C resistance test using factor VIII-deficient plasma: A new approach to the venous thrombotic risk?
Stankiewicz, Adrian; Gromotowicz, Anna; Szemraj, Janusz; Wojewódzka-Źelezniakowicz, Marzena; Skrzypkowski, Przemyslaw; Chabielska, Ewa: Acute aldosterone infusion enhances thrombosis development in normotensive rats
Poulou, Loukia S.; Vakrinos, George; Pomoni, Anastasia; Michalakis, Kostis; Karianakis, George; Voulgarelis, Michael; Ziakas, Panayiotis D.: Stroke in paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria: Patterns of disease and outcome
Randi, Maria L.; Lombardi, Anna Maria; Scapin, Margherita; Tezza, Fabiana; Scandellari, Raffaella; Ruzzon, Elisabetta; Duner, Elena; Fabris, Fabrizio: Haemostatic proteins gene polymorphisms in patients with unusual vein thrombosis and Ph-myeloproliferative disorders