DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 11 · Volume 90 · 2003 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-36004

Editorial Focus

Fujiwara, Masakazu; Ghazizadeh, Mohammad; Kawanami, Oichi: Up and down with PARs in vivo

Review Article

Lowe, Harry C.; Jang, Ik-Kyung; Khachigian, Levon M.: Animal models of vulnerable plaque

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Siegemund, Thomas; Petros, Sirak; Siegemund, Annelie; Scholz, Ute; Engelmann, Lothar: Thrombin generation in severe haemophilia A and B: the endogenous thrombin potential in platelet-rich plasma
Fernando, Lawrence P.; Natesan, Snehlatha; Joseph, Kusumam; Kaplan, Allen P.: High molecular weight kininogen and factor XII binding to endothelial cells and astrocytes
Österlund, Barbro; Jern, Christina; Seeman-Lodding, Helene; Johansson, Göran; Häggmark, Sören; Broomé, Michael; Biber, Björn: Intracoronary β2 receptor activation induces dynamic local t-PA release in the pig
Vlasuk, George P.; Bradbury, Annette; Lopez-Kinninger, Lily; Colón, Sonia; Bergum, Peter W.; Maki, Steven; Rote, William E.: Pharmacokinetics and anticoagulant properties of the factor VIIa-tissue factor inhibitor recombinant Nematode Anticoagulant Protein c2 following subcutaneous administration in man
Misra, Namita; Bayry, Jagadeesh; Pashov, Anastas; Kaveri, Srini V.; d’Oiron, Roseline; Stieltjes, Natalie; Roussel-Robert, Valeri; Kazatchkine, Michel D.; Boyer, Olivier; Lacroix-Desmazes, Sébastien: Restricted BV gene usage by factor VIII-reactive CD4+ T cells in inhibitor-positive patients with severe hemophilia A
Kenet, Gili; Maayan-Metzger, Ayala; Rosenberg, Nurit; Sela, Ben-Ami; Mazkereth, Ram; Ifrah, Aviyah; Kuint, Jacob: Thrombophilia does not increase risk for neonatal complications in preterm infants
Wells, Philip S.; Rodger, Marc A.; Forgie, Melissa A.; Langlois, Nicole J.; Armstrong, Linlea; Carson, Nancy L.; Jaffey, James: The ACE D/D genotype is protective against the development of idiopathic deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
Patel, Raj K.; Ford, Elizabeth; Thumpston, Jill; Arya, Roopen: Risk factors for venous thrombosis in the black population

Platelets and Blood Cells

Veljkovic, Dragoslava Kika; Cramer, Elisabeth M.; Alimardani, Gulie; Fichelson, Serge; Massé, Jean-Marc; Hayward, Catherine P. M.: Studies of α-granule proteins in cultured human megakaryocytes
Fleming, Ingrid; Schulz, Christian; Fichtlscherer, Birgit; Kemp, Bruce E.; Fisslthaler, Beate; Busse, Rudi: AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) regulates the insulin-induced activation of the nitric oxide synthase in human platelets
Montrucchio, Giuseppe; Bosco, Ornella; Sorbo, Lorenzo Del; Pecetto, Paolo Fascio; Lupia, Enrico; Goffi, Alberto; Omedè, Paola; Emanuelli, Giorgio; Camussi, Giovanni: Mechanisms of the priming effect of low doses of lipopolysaccharides on leukocyte-dependent platelet aggregation in whole blood
Lindenblatt, Nicole; Schareck, Wolfgang; Belusa, Lorenz; Nickels, Ruth Maria; Menger, Michael Dieter; Vollmar, Brigitte: Anti-oxidant ebselen delays microvascular thrombus formation in the rat cremaster muscle by inhibiting platelet P-selectin expression
Favier, Remi; Jondeau, Katayoun; Boutard, Patrice; Grossfeld, Paul; Reinert, Philippe; Jones, Christopher; Bertoni, Francesco; Cramer, Elisabeth M.: Paris-Trousseau syndrome : clinical, hematological, molecular data of ten new cases
Reiter, Rosemarie; Derhaschnig, Ulla; Spiel, Alexander; Keen, Priska; Cardona, Francesco; Mayr, Florian; Jilma, Bernd: Regulation of protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR1) on platelets and responsiveness to thrombin receptor activating peptide (TRAP) during systemic inflammation in humans

Wound Healing and Inflammation/Infection

Vascular Development and Vessel Remodeling

Bardin, Nathalie; Moal, Valérie; Anfosso, Francine; Daniel, Laurent; Brunet, Philippe; Sampol, José; George, Françoise Dignat: Soluble CD146, a novel endothelial marker, is increased in physiopathological settings linked to endothelial junctional alteration

Cellular Proteolysis and Oncology

Hensbergen, Yvette van; Broxterman, Henk J.; Peters, Erna; Rana, Sareena; Elderkamp, Yvonne W.; van Hinsbergh, Victor W. M.; Koolwijk, Pieter: Aminopeptidase inhibitor bestatin stimulates microvascular endothelial cell invasion in a fibrin matrix

New Technologies and Diagnostic Tools

Ahnadi, Charaf E.; Chapman, Sabrinah E.; Lépine, Mariette; Okrongly, David; Pujol-Moix, Nuria; Hernández, Angel; Boughrassa, Faiza; Grant, Andrew M.: Assessment of platelet activation in several different anticoagulants by the Advia 120 Hematology System, fluorescence flow cytometry, and electron microscopy
Schmidt, Benjamin; Michler, Ronny; Klein, Martin; Faulmann, Grit; Weber, Christian; Schellong, Sebastian: Ultrasound screening for distal vein thrombosis is not beneficial after major orthopedic surgery.

Case Report

Bestetti, Giovanna; Stellari, Alessia; Lattuada, Antonella; Corbellino, Mario; Parravicini, Carlo; Calzarossa, Cinzia; Cenzuales, Salvatore; Moroni, Mauro; Galli, Massimo; Rossi, Edoardo: ADAMTS 13 genotype and vWF protease activity in an Italian family with TTP
Micco, Pierpaolo Di; D’Uva, Maristella; Romano, Marco; Micco, Biagio Di; Niglio, Alferio: Stroke due to left carotid thrombosis in moderate ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Letters to the Editor

Spiezia, Luca; Bernardi, Enrico; Tormene, Daniela; Simioni, Paolo; Girolami, Antonio; Prandoni, Paolo: Recurrent thromboembolism in fertile women with venous thrombosis: incidence and risk factors