DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 04 · Volume 06 · 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36147

Research Article

Flatow, V. H.; Ibragimova, N.; Divino, C. M.; Eshak, D. S. A.; Twohig, B. C.; Bassily-Marcus, A. M.; Kohli-Seth, R.: Quality Outcomes in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit after Electronic Health Record Implementation
Martin, D.B.; Kaemingk, D.; Frieze, D.; Hendrie, P.; Payne, T.H.: Safe Implementation of Computerized Provider Order Entry for Adult Oncology
McLean, T.A.; Lewkowitz, A.K.; Test, E.; Zlatnik, M.G.: Does an Electronic Health Record Improve Completeness of Prenatal Studies?
Jagos, H.; David, V.; Haller, M.; Kotzian, S.; Hofmann, M.; Schlossarek, S.; Eichholzer, K.; Winkler, M.; Frohner, M.; Reichel, M.; Mayr, W.; Rafolt, D.: A Framework for (Tele-) Monitoring of the Rehabilitation Progress in Stroke Patients
Utidjian, L.H.; Hogan, A.; Michel, J.; Localio, A.R.; Karavite, D.; Song, L.; Ramos, M.J.; Fiks, A.G.; Lorch, S.; Grundmeier, R.W.: Clinical Decision Support and Palivizumab

Case Report

Michelson, K.A.; Ho, T.; Pelletier, A.; Al Ayubi, S.; Bourgeois, F.: A Mobile, Collaborative, Real Time Task List for Inpatient Environments

State of the Art Paper

Gellert, G.A.; Hill, V.; Bruner, K.; Maciaz, G.; Saucedo, L.; Catzoela, L.; Ramirez, R.; Jacobs, W.J.; Nguyen, P.; Patel, L.; Webster, S.L.: Successful Implementation of Clinical Information Technology