DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Ausgabe 02 · Volume 06 · 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36143

Research Article

Dorsey, A.D.; Clements, K.; Garrie, R.L.; Houser, S.H.; Berner, E.S: Bridging the Gap
Alexander, G.L.; Rantz, M.; Galambos, C.; Vogelsmeier, A.; Flesner, M.; Popejoy, L.; Mueller, J.; Shumate, S.; Elvin, M.: Preparing Nursing Homes for the Future of Health Information Exchange
Cronin, R.M.; Davis, S.E.; Shenson, J.A.; Chen, Q.; Rosenbloom, S.T.; Jackson, G.P.: Growth of Secure Messaging Through a Patient Portal as a Form of Outpatient Interaction across Clinical Specialties
Vinson, D.R.; Morley, J.E.; Huang, J.; Liu, V.; Anderson, M.L.; Drenten, C. E.; Radecki, R.P.; Nishijima, D.K.; Reed, M.E.; the Kaisers Permanente CREST Network; on behalf of: The accuracy of an electronic Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index auto-populated from the electronic health record
McCoy, A. B.; Wright, A.; Krousel-Wood, M.; Thomas, E. J.; McCoy, J. A.; Sittig, D. F.: Validation of a Crowdsourcing Methodology for Developing a Knowledge Base of Related Problem-Medication Pairs
Wu, Y.; Denny, J. C.; Rosenbloom, S. T.; Miller, R. A.; Giuse, D. A.; Song, M.; Xu, H.: A Preliminary Study of Clinical Abbreviation Disambiguation in Real Time


Lehmann, C.U.; Longhurst, C. A.; Hersh, W.; Mohan, V.; Levy, B.P.; Embi, P.J.; Finnell, J.T.; Turner, A.M.; Martin, R.; Williamson, J.; Munger, B.: Clinical Informatics Fellowship Programs: In Search of a Viable Financial Model

Point-of-Care Knowledge-Based Resource Needs of Clinicians

Ellsworth, M.A.; Homan, J.M.; Cimino, J.J.; Peters, S.G.; Pickering, B.W.; Herasevich, V.: A Survey from a Large Academic Medical Center

Case Report

Crotty, B.H.; Mostaghimi, A.; O’Brien, J.; Bajracharya, A.; Safran, C.; Landon, B.E.: Prevalence and Risk Profile Of Unread Messages To Patients In A Patient Web Portal