DOI: 10.1055/s-00035026

Applied Clinical Informatics

Issue 01 · Volume 06 · 2015 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-36115

Research Article

Kaushal, R.; Edwards, A.; Kern, L.M.; with the HITEC Investigators: Association between Electronic Health Records and Health Care Utilization
Sarkies, M.N.; Bowles, K.-A.; Skinner, E.H.; Mitchell, D.; Haas, R.; Ho, M.; Salter, K.; May, K.; Markham, D.; O’Brien, L.; Plumb, S.; Haines, T.P.: Data Collection Methods in Health Services Research
Evans, R.S.; Olson, J.A.; Stenehjem, E.; Buckel, W.R.; Thorell, E.A.; Howe, S.; Wu, X.; Jones, P.S.; Lloyd, J.F.: Use of Computer Decision Support in an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP)
Tanner, C.; Gans, D.; White, J.; Nath, R.; Pohl, J.: Electronic Health Records and Patient Safety
Garg, N.; Husk, G.; Nguyen, T.; Onyile, A.; Echezona, S.; Kuperman, G.; Shapiro, J.S.: Hospital Closure and Insights into Patient Dispersion


Invited Editorial

Case Report

Pantaleoni, J.L.; Stevens, L.A.; Mailes, E.S.; Goad, B.A.; Longhurst, C.A.: Successful Physician Training Program for Large Scale EMR Implementation
Valerius, J.; Mohan, V.; Doctor, D.; Hersh, W.: Collaboration Leads to Enhanced Curriculum

Research Article – Health Information Management Special Series

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