DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 05 · Volume 83 · 2000 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35829


Review Article

d’Oiron, R.; Ménart, C.; Trzeciak, M. C.; Nurden, P.; Fressinaud, E.; Dreyfus, M.; Laurian, Y.; Négrier, C.: Use of Recombinant Factor VIIa in 3 Patients with Inherited Type I Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia Undergoing Invasive Procedures
Björgell, Ola; Nilsson, Paul E.; Nilsson, Jan-Åke; Svensson, Peter J.: Location and Extent of Deep Vein Thrombosis in Patients with and without FV:R 506Q Mutation
Heymans, Stephane; Vanderschueren, Steven; Verhaeghe, Raymond; Stockx, Luc; Lacroix, Hendrik; Nevelsteen, André; Laroche, Yves; Collen, Désiré: Outcome and One Year Follow-up of Intra-arterial Staphylokinase in 191 Patients with Peripheral Arterial Occlusion
Rauch, Ralf; Ries, Martin; Hofbeck, Michael; Buheitel, Gernot; Singer, Helmut; Klinge, Jens: Hemostatic Changes following the Modified Fontan Operation (Total Cavopulmonary Connection)
Dangas, George; Smith, Donald A.; Unger, Allen H.; Shao, John H.; Meraj, Perwaiz; Fier, Carl; Cohen, Adam M.; Fallon, John T.; Badimon, Juan J.; Ambrose, John A.: Pravastatin: An Antithrombotic Effect Independent of the Cholesterol-lowering Effect
Gosselin, Robert; Owings, John T.; White, Richard H.; Hutchinson, Rose; Branch, Jennifer; Mahackian, Kathy; Johnston, Marilyn; Larkin, Edward C.: A Comparison of Point-of-Care Instruments Designed for Monitoring Oral Anticoagulation with Standard Laboratory Methods
Munakata, Yasuhiko; Saito, Takako; Matsuda, Kumiko; Seino, Jin; Shibata, Shinobu; Sasaki, Takeshi: Detection of Complement-fixing Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Association with Thrombosis
Cooper, Adrian; Liang, Zhong; Castellino, Francis J.; Rosen, Elliot D.: Cloning and Characterization of the Murine Coagulation Factor X Gene
Sahni, Abha; Baker, Christopher A.; Sporn, Lee Ann; Francis, Charles W.: Fibrinogen and Fibrin Protect Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 from Proteolytic Degradation
Schousboe, Susanne L.; Egelund, Rikke; Kirkegaard, Tove; Preissner, Klaus T.; Rodenburg, Kees W.; Andreasen, Peter A.: Vitronectin and Substitution of a β-Strand 5A Lysine Residue Potentiate Activity-neutralization of PA Inhibitor-1 by Monoclonal Antibodies against α-Helix F
Le Quan Sang, Kim-Hanh; Le Feuvre, Claude; Brunet, Annie; Do Pham, Thuc; Metzger, Jean-Philippe; Vacheron, André; Devynck, Marie-Aude: Influence of SIN-1 on Platelet Ca2+ Handling in Patients with Suspected Coronary Artery Disease: Ex Vivo and In Vitro Studies
Vitrat, Natacha; Letestu, Rémi; Massé, Aline; Lazar, Vladimir; Vainchenker, William; Debili, Najet: Thromboxane Synthase Has the Same Pattern of Expression as Platelet Specific Glycoproteins during Human Megakaryocyte Differentiation
Sheu, Joen-Rong; Lee, Cheng-Rong; Lin, Chien-Huang; Hsiao, George; Ko, Wun-Chang; Chen, Yao-Chang; Yen, Mao-Hsiung: Mechanisms Involved in the Antiplatelet Activity of Staphylococcus aureus Lipoteichoic Acid in Human Platelets

Letters to the Editor

Mezzano, Diego; Muñoz, Blanca; Pais, Edgar; Downey, Patricio; Pereira, Jaime: Fast Decrease of Bleeding Time by Tranexamic Acid in Uremia
Yanai, Hidekatsu; Chiba, Hitoshi; Morimoto, Mie; Jamieson, G. A.; Matsuno, Kazuhiko: Type ICD36 Deficiency in Humans Is not Associated with Insulin Resistance Syndrome
González-Conejero, Rocío; Lozano, María L.; Corral, Javier; Martínez, Constantino; Vicente, Vicente: The TFPI 536C →T Mutation Is not Associated with Increased Risk for Venous or Arterial Thrombosis
Albertengo, Maria Elisa; Barrowcliffe, Trevor W.; Oliva, Liliana; Bevan, Sally; Raut, Sanjeev: New Recombinant Standard for FVIII Concentrate Gives Same Results as Previous Plasma Derived Standards on a Range of FVIII Products
Bevers, Edouard M.; Janssen, Marie P.; Willems, George M.; Zwaal, Robert F. A.: No Evidence for Enhanced Thrombin Formation through Displacement of Annexin V by Antiphospholipid Antibodies
Silingardi, M.; Ghirarduzzi, A.; Tincani, E.; Iorio, A.; Iori, I.: Miconazole Oral Gel Potentiates Warfarin Anticoagulant Activity
Biron-Andréani, C.; Mallol, C.; Séguret, F.; Schved, J.-F.: Plastic versus Siliconized Glass Tubes: Evaluation in Current Laboratory Practice