DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 02 · Volume 63 · April 1997 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5372


Pharmacology and Molecular Biology

Keawprdub, Niwat; Houghton, P. J.; Eno-Amooquaye, E.; Burke, P. J.: Activity of Extracts and Alkaloids of Thai Alstonia Species Against Human Lung Cancer Cell Lines
Hayashi, Kyoko; Hayashi, Hiroaki; Hiraoka, Noboru; Ikeshiro, Yasumasa: Inhibitory Activity of Soyasaponin II on Virus Replication in vitro
Trute, Andreas; Gross, Jan; Mutschler, Ernst; Nahrstedt, Adolf: In Vitro Antispasmodic Compounds of the Dry Extract Obtained from Hedera helix*
Jeong, Tae Cheon; Kim, Hyun Ju; Park, Jong Il; Ha, Chang Su; Park, Jong Dae; Kim, Shin Il; Roh, Jung Koo: Protective Effects of Red Ginseng Saponins against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Sprague Dawley Rats
Rao, V. S. N.; Santos, F. A.; Sobreira, T. T.; Souza, M. F.; Melo, C. L.; Silveira, E. R.: Investigations on the Gastroprotective and Antidiarrhoeal Properties of Ternatin, a Tetramethoxyflavone from Egletes viscosa

Biochemistry, Physiology, in vitro cultures

Dufresne, Christiane; Cormier, François; Dorion, Sonia: In Vitro Formation of Crocetin Glucosyl Esters by Crocus sativus Callus Extract

Natural Product Chemistry

Chen, Ih-Sheng; Chen, Jih-Jung; Duh, Chang-Yih; Tsai, Ian-Lih; Chang, Chin-Teng: New Aporphine Alkaloids and Cytotoxic Constituents of Hernandia nymphaeifolia
He, Kan; Shi, Guoen; Zeng, Lu; Ye, Qing; McLaughlin, Jerry L.: Konishiol, A New Sesquiterpene, and Bioactive Components from Cunninghamia konishii
Hu, Ke; Dong, Aijun; Yao, Xinsheng; Kobayashi, Hisayoshi; Iwasaki, Shigeo: Antineoplastic Agents II: Four Furostanol Glycosides from Rhizomes of Dioscorea collettii var. hypoglauca

Çaliş, İhsan; Yürüker, Ayşen; Tanker, Nevin; Wright, Anthony D.; Sticher, Otto: Triterpene Saponins from Cyclamen coum var. coum

Phytochemical Analysis

Baghdikian, B.; Lanhers, M. C.; Fleurentin, J.; Ollivier, E.; Maillard, C.; Balansard, G.; Mortier, F.: An Analytical Study and Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Effects of Harpagophytum procumbens and Harpagophytum zeyheri


Afsharypour, Suleiman; Sajjadi, S. Ebrahim; Erfan-Manesh, Mahboobeh: Volatile Constituents of Origanum vulgare ssp. viride (syn. O. heracleoticum) from Iran
Chinou, Ioanna B.; Roussis, Vassilios; Perdetzoglou, Demitrios; Tzakou, Olga; Loukis, Anargiros: Chemical and Antibacterial Studies of two Helichrysum Species of Greek Origin1
Çaliş, ihsan; Yürüker, Ayşen; Taşdemir, Deniz; Wright, Anthony D.; Sticher, Otto; Luo, Ying-De; Pezzuto, John M.: Cycloartane Triterpene Glycosides from the Roots of Astragalus melanophrurius
Majinda, Runner R. T.; Waigh, Roger D.; Waterman, Peter G.: Bufadienolides and Other Constituents of Urginea sanguinea


Murtaza, Najma; Husain, Shaheen A.; Sarfaraz, Tahira B.; Sultana, Naheed; Faizi, Shaheen: Isolation and Identification of Vermistatin, Ergosterol, Stearic Acid and Mannitol, Metabolic Products of Penicillium verruculosum
Singh, Bikram; Gujral, Rajeev K.; Sood, Ram P.; Duddeck, Helmut: Constituents from Taxus Species
Taoubis, K.; Fauvel, M. T.; Gleye, J.; Moulis, C.; Fourasté, I.: Phenylpropanoid Glycosides from Lantana camara and Lippia multiflora
Ahmad, Farediah; Bakar, Sohana A.; Ibrahim, A. Zainuddin; Read, R. W.: Constituents of the Leaves of Piper caninum
Galeffi, Corrado; Cometa, M. Francesca; Tomassini, Lamberto; Nicoletti, Marcello: Canadinic Acid: An Alkaloid from Hydrastis canadensis