DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 06 · Volume 21 · August 2004 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-3531

Wax, Joseph R.; Pinette, Michael G.; Cartin, Angelina; Blackstone, Jacquelyn: Gravid Uterus Exteriorization at Cesarean Delivery for Prenatally Diagnosed Placenta Previa-Accreta
Lurie, Samuel; Sadan, Oscar; Glezerman, Marek; Ezri, Tiberiu: Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency Associated with HELLP Syndrome
Gardella, Carolyn; Riley, Donald E.; Hitti, Jane; Agnew, Kathy; Krieger, John N.; Eschenbach, David: Identification and Sequencing of Bacterial rDNAs in Culture-Negative Amniotic Fluid from Women in Premature Labor
Rais-Bahrami, K.; Majd, Massoud; Veszelovszky, Edina; Short, Billie L.: Use of Furosemide and Hearing Loss in Neonatal Intensive Care Survivors
Black, Steven B.; Shinefield, Henry R.; France, Eric K.; Fireman, Bruce H.; Platt, Sharon T.; Shay, David; the Vaccine Safety Datalink Workgroup: Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine during Pregnancy in Preventing Hospitalizations and Outpatient Visits for Respiratory Illness in Pregnant Women and Their Infants
Green, David W.; Elliott, Karen; Mandel, Dror; Dollberg, Shaul; Mimouni, Francis B.; Littner, Yoav: Neonatal Nucleated Red Blood Cells in Discordant Twins
Palomäki, Outi; Jansson, Miia; Huhtala, Heini; Kirkinen, Pertti: Severe Cardiotocographic Pathology at Labor: Effect of Acute Intravenous Tocolysis
Bryant, Ann E.; Genc, Mehmet; Hurtado, Rocío M.; Chen, Katherine T.: Pulmonary Kaposi's Sarcoma In Pregnancy