DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 05 · Volume 59 · August 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22171



Special Reports

Gummert, J. F.; Funkat, A. K.; Beckmann, A.; Ernst, M.; Hekmat, K.; Beyersdorf, F.; Schiller, W.: Cardiac Surgery in Germany during 2010: A Report on Behalf of the German Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Original Cardiovascular

Photiadis, J.; Sinzobahamvya, N.; Arenz, C.; Sata, S.; Haun, C.; Schindler, E.; Asfour, B.; Hraska, V.: Congenital Heart Surgery: Expected Versus Observed Surgical Performance According to the Aristotle Complexity Score
Martin, K.; Gertler, R.; Sterner, A.; MacGuill, M.; Schreiber, C.; Hörer, J.; Vogt, M.; Tassani, P.; Wiesner, G.: Comparison of Blood-Sparing Efficacy of ε-Aminocaproic Acid and Tranexamic Acid in Newborns Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Sha, Ji-ming; Yan, Zhong-ya; Zhu, Zheng-yan; Tan, Lin; Zheng, Li; Shen, Yun-hua; Lu, Zhong; Wu, Yi-jun; Sun, Yun; Cheng, Guang-cun: Early and Midterm Results of Repair of Ebstein's Anomaly with Autologous Pericardium
Valeske, K.; Huber, C.; Mueller, M.; Böning, A.; Hijjeh, N.; Schranz, D.; Akintuerk, H.: The Dilemma of Subaortic Stenosis – A Single Center Experience of 15 Years with a Review of the Literature
Tatar, T.; Kilic, D.; Ozkan, M.; Hatipoglu, A.; Aslamaci, S.: Management of Chylothorax with Octreotide after Congenital Heart Surgery
Stather, P.; Cheshire, H.; Bogwandas, H.; Peek, G.: Pneumothorax Post Paediatric Chest Drain Removal

Special Report

Case Reports/Cardiac

Kasnar-Samprec, J.; Schreiber, C.; Hörer, J.; Will, A.; Cleuziou, J.; Prodan, Z.; Eicken, A.; Lange, R.: Primary Resection of Kommerell's Diverticulum in a 37-Year-Old Patient
Irqsusi, M.; Waldhans, S.; Vannucchi, A.; Vogt, S.; Karatolius, K.; Noutsias, M.; Zoremba, M.; Bien, S.; Moosdorf, R.: Paradoxical Embolization of Brachiocephalic and Pulmonary Arteries in a Case of Persistent Foramen Ovale: A Case Report

Letters to the Editor