DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 12 · Volume 41 · December 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-20607

Original article

Peng, S.; Cui, Y.; Xiao, Y. L.; Xiong, L. S.; Hu, P. J.; Li, C. J.; Chen, M. H.: Prevalence of erosive esophagitis and Barrett’s esophagus in the adult Chinese population
Eliakim, R.; Yassin, K.; Niv, Y.; Metzger, Y.; Lachter, J.; Gal, E.; Sapoznikov, B.; Konikoff, F.; Leichtmann, G.; Fireman, Z.; Kopelman, Y.; Adler, S. N.: Prospective multicenter performance evaluation of the second-generation colon capsule compared with colonoscopy
Pattullo, V.; Bourke, M. J.; Tran, K. L.; McLeod, D.; Williams, S. J.; Bailey, A. A.; Alexander, S.; Mishra, A.; Co, J.: The suction pseudopolyp technique: a novel method for the removal of small flat nonpolypoid lesions of the colon and rectum
Turner, D.; Benchimol, E. I.; Dunn, H.; Griffiths, A. M.; Frost, K.; Scaini, V.; Avolio, J.; Ling, S. C.: Pico-Salax versus polyethylene glycol for bowel cleanout before colonoscopy in children: a randomized controlled trial
Paspatis, G. A.; Chainaki, I.; Manolaraki, M. M.; Vardas, E.; Theodoropoulou, A.; Tribonias, G.; Konstantinidis, K.; Karmiris, K.; Chlouverakis, G.: Efficacy of bispectral index monitoring as an adjunct to propofol deep sedation for ERCP: a randomized controlled trial
Sporn, E.; Astudillo, J. A.; Bachman, S. L.; Mayfield, T. P.; Thaler, K.; Miedema, B. W.: Transgastric biologic mesh delivery and abdominal wall hernia repair in a porcine model

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Case report/series

Letters to the editor

Matsushita, M.; Mori, S.; Tahashi, Y.; Okazaki, K.: Risky endoscopy for acute aortic dissection with hematemesis
Jutaghokiat, S.; Angsuwatcharakon, P.; Imraporn, B.; Rerknimitr, R.: Reply to Matsushita et al.
Abe, S.; Kondo, H.; Sumiyoshi, T.; Mizushima, T.; Sugawara, M.; Shimizu, Y.; Okushiba, S.: Treatment strategy for early gastric cancer with the risk of pyloric stenosis after endoscopic resection
Coda, S.; Oda, I.; Gotoda, T.: Reply to Abe et al.